I have been watching Fringe for a while. I know that something tragic will happen in the first two minutes of the show and I prepare myself for it, but honestly this is sick. Seeing a grown man turn into a monster sized porcupine makes me think that the world is running out of ideas. It also makes you think how far television has come. This makes "The Fly" look like cute. But before I get ahead of myself, lets start at the beginning, directly after the jump.

Episode 13: The Transformation
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Passengers are happily chatting in a large airplane, the flight attendants are doing there best to booze them up and everything looks like any flight that I have ever been on.Until.. you knew this was coming don't act so surprised.. a man with glasses who is diligently writing in his notebook (who does that anymore, its laptops all the way) nose starts to bleed. A little sweet lady next to him tries to comfort him with some old wives tale (don't get too attached to her, she dies) but before he can smile back at her, his nose only begins to bleed more profusely. He heads to the bathroom, there's no line - this is television remember,he looks into the mirror and starts to self-evaluate. He checks his eyes,pinches his cheeks, opens his mouth wide, pulls on his teeth and then a look of horror crosses his face. He quickly pulls out a little black case and I instantly think, oh he just forgot to take his insulin, thank god that's it! Yeah that's wishful thinking, he pulls out a swab and takes a sample of saliva, dips it into a vial of water and the water instantly turns blood red.

This is when I realize that not only is the man in glasses hyperventilating but so am I.

He goes and finds the flight attendant and yells at her to listen. She escorts him to the service side of the plane and her and her co-flight attendant listen to this man's crazy story.
He tells them that he is sick, that he doesn't have the authority to tell them what he has and then proceeds to give them orders. He wants sedatives,tranquilizers, weapons, the flight attendants give each other that look that says this man has fallen into the deep end. Crazy man doesn't care, he grabs the flight attendant and tells him that he is going to the back bathroom and to bring him sedatives.. quick.

They really should have listened to him. I have to admit when crazy man started to lose his teeth I looked away. When I heard passengers I looked up, I shouldn't have done that because all I saw were spikes exploding from crazy man's back and through his shirt. Next thing you know he's a monstrous porcupine, bursting through the bathroom door and attacking passengers.

All that happens next is a plane crash.

The Olivia family hour is still as cheery and smiley as ever. Her niece got into Olivia's jewelry and make-up, you would think that the mother would be watching her daughter like a hawk after her brain nearly became soup last week.Just saying!

This all leads to her sister finding Olivia's engagement ring from John,this causes Olivia to tell her about John's betrayal and lies.

Then the phone rings.

She meets the team, along with the Bishops at the crash site, there were no survivors. The human/animal is in one piece and smoking. Walter of course is ready to take it back to the lab, you can hear the glee in his voice. Charlie shows Olivia the passenger list, as she flipping through the booklet she recognizes a face, turns out John's memories are still alive and kicking in Olivia's brain.

Walter is back at the lab giving Astrid and Peter a lesson on animals, at the same time doing an autopsy on the animal/man. It leads to the discovery of a small glass disk in the wrist of the animal/man.

Crazy Animal man has a name, Marshall Bowman. Charlie gives Olivia a list of clients belonging to Mr.Bowman and she conveniently has another flash. This leads her to Hicks, but it also causes her to tell Charlie, the secret memory tie she has with John. He chooses not to ask any questions.

Olivia calls Peter, where he tells her that whatever Bowman ingested was some sort of virus, that completely reworked his DNA. He then sends her a picture of the disk, which she then recognizes from a previous case.

Mr.Hicks has been brought in for questioning. Charlie and Olivia quickly go into good cop/bad cop mode, can you guess which one Olivia is? Olivia shows Hicks a picture of Bowman as the porcupine. She then tells him that she knows all about their conspiring ways, but he doesn't crack.

Then his nose starts to bleed. You can see where this is going. They then try to sedate him but not before Olivia beats a name out of him. CONRAD!

Back at the lab, Walter put Hicks into a coma while he works on an antidote, that he's pretty sure won't even work. They cut open his hand and they find another glass disk.

This is where the biggest secret of the show actually is revealed. Broyles denies Olivia's request to exhume John Scott's body for the simple fact that he's not dead. He is of course at Massive Dynamic. They explain that they kept him alive in order to get the information off the disk they found in his wrist.

Instead of this news freaking out Olivia she decides to go back in the tank. She's met with little protest, I guess they've learned not to argue with her. She goes back into the tank and is transported into a hotel room, not just any hotel room, but the room where she used to meet John for a good time. In the memory she sees her and John together, when her memory self goes to the bathroom John talks directly to her, even though Walter says its not possible. Walter is wrong.
John approaches her and Olivia reaches for a gun. The FBI agent in her never dies, she starts asking him questions about the conspiracy. When he doesn't answer she shoots him. Peter wants to get her out but she's to far in to pull out.
She wakes up in an alley way only to find John waiting for her. She wants answers and John actually delivers. He shows her who Conrad is, telling her that Conrad creates weapons for fun and money. John then tells her that he was on a secret mission, part of a secret task force for the government. He can't give her any proof, just his word. His last words to her are to just to trust Hicks.

This all spirals into Olivia waking up Hicks with an antidote, under extreme protest from Peter. Broyles brief the office on a secret weapons buy that's to take place that day. They took the buyer into custody, and with the help of Hicks, and a two way radio placed in Olivia's ear, they are going to try and trap the seller and Conrad.

The hole transaction will take place in a hotel room with FBI agents standing by. They only move when Olivia uses the keyword "Christmas".

The seller shows up and the tension between the parties is making it hard to breathe, They finally convince Gavin the seller, that Ernesto was held up and they would be taking over the deal. Thank God for that ear piece or there would have been a shoot out in the lobby.

They make it up to the room, money is exchanged but this is when the real test begins. Gavin starts to question how Peter knows Ernesto, just when you think its all about to come tearing down Peter flexes his con man skills and saves the day.

Then its Money! The virus is set before them, so close they can touch it. That is until they find out that Conrad is on his way up to meet them. This is when all hell breaks loose.,.. in Hicks. The antidote that Walter made falters and Hicks starts to convulse. Gavin continues to question Peter and Olivia and with no cues they improvise. Guns come out and in walks Conrad, Olivia gives the signal and right before they are about to be killed in storms the FBI.

Olivia has captured one of the biggest chemical warfare exporters and she can't even crack a smile. The knowledge that no one will ever know that John wasn't a traitor makes it hard for her. She goes back to the lab, to find the place empty except for Walter. She asks him one last favor, she wants to go back in the tank... to say goodbye.

Its really a fairytale ending. Her and John at a calm lake, standing at the end of the dock, she apologizes for doubting him and he then pulls out the engagement ring. She smiles, her hand shakes as he places it on her finger and then its their last kiss.

She opens her eyes and he is gone, his last words being I love you.

Monster sized porcupine was unexpected and gross, so I was highly pleased. I feel like this was a great detective movie, complete with bad men dressed in black, steel brief cases, two way radio's and an almost way to close for comfort shoot out. The only thing that ruined it was the happy ending. Why did they have to make John a good guy? Sure Olivia has been angry over the whole betrayal thing, but isn't her anger feeding her determination. I was disappointed because a show that is all about the unexpected pretty much wrote itself into the cliched happy ending.