If you ever get a Venus fly trap in your body, you will live.


How It Went Down

An FBI ambush in Massachusetts proves to be a bust when cargo happens to be nothing but toy panda bears. The agent in charge meets with Broyles the next day to go over the intended target Joseph Smith, but in the midst of the debriefing the Agent clutches his heart and collapses. He in taken to the hospital where the doctor opens up his chest to reveal a parasite that resembles a Venus fly trap living in his body.

Peter, Olivia and Walter are brought in to examine the parasite. Agent Broyles informs the team that Agent Lobe had a similar experience on a operation in Frankfurt, but dismissed it as a seizure.

Walter is entranced by the parasite but confirms that it is not a product of one of his experiments. He states that it is a genetically manipulated hybrid with a root system that encompasses its hosts heart. In order to help the Agent, Walter has him moved to the lab at Harvard. There the Agent's wife Samantha enquires on her husbands condition. Olivia can do no more than assure her that the doctor is specialized in this sort of situation. Samantha gives Olivia some of her husbands things from his trip to Frankfurt.

Walter in the meantime has tested a piece of the parasites organic skin and discovers that there is a repeating pattern in the DNA. Astrid thinks it is a code and with Olivia's help figures out the code is ZFT.

Agent Broyles informs Olivia that ZFT is a privately funded cell that traffics scientific progress. This leads them to David Jones, the alleged ZFT member that Agent Lobe was investigating in Frankfurt. He is a genetic weaponry specialist that is currently in a German prison for possession of state secrets.

The parasite is growing in the Agent so fast that they have less then 48 hours before he dies. Olivia flies to Frankfurt where she enlists the help of an ex-boyfriend to help her get into the prison. The warden is off standing at first but with a little bit of persuading in German Olivia wins him over and is able to get a note to David Robert Jones.

Charlie Francis contacts Agent Broyles to alert him of a local connection to the ZFT, Joseph Smith. His phone number came up repeatedly on the document supplied by Agent Lobe's wife. In Frankfurt, David Jones has agreed to speak to Olivia on the condition that he gets to speak to a colleague of his first, Joseph Smith.

Peter informs Olivia that Agent Broyles has set up a raid on Joseph Smiths house. Peter, persuaded by Olivia, tries to stop the raid but is too late and Smith is killed instantly by a shot to the head.

"Death is an inconvenience" states Walter as he prompts the FBI to bring Joseph Smith's body to the lab. He provides electricity to the brain by powering it so that he can connect it to Peter's brain and any message from Joseph Smith will be transmitted through Peter.

As they set this up, Peter finds out that Walter used to conduct this experiment on him as a child and Olivia reconnects with her ex.

Olivia is only given 14 minutes with David Jones, who is unaware that Smith is dead. He has agreed to give them the antidote for the parasite if Smith answers one question. At the very last second and after the increase of electricity that almost kills Peter, David Jones gets his answer to "Where does the gentlemen live?"

The answer "Little Hill" came from the lingering thoughts in Smiths brain. Jones true to his word gave them the antidote recipe that instantly killed the parasite.

The next day Agent Broyles visits Agent Lobe at the hospital, who is now in full recovery, informing him that there is a mole in the Agency. Lobe claims no knowledge. At the end Lobe asks his wife, "Did it work,what we did?", she answers "Yes", which leads her to give him the answer to the question "Little Hill".

What more could you really ask from Fringe episode? There was a shootout, a dead man relaying thoughts beyond the grave, a prison, German being spoken with no subtitles, and the insane doctor once more saving the day. Ok, so maybe I called it 15 minutes in that Agent Lobe and his wife were up to no good, they never give the distraught wife that much screen time, I just knew something was up. Although I just have to say, in the words of Agent Broyles, we are left with " a million answers and a million and one new questions" and that's what keeps us coming back for more.