Welcome back to Dillon, Panther fans. The roller coaster that is Friday Night Lights ebbed and flowed last week as well, and we may have said some teary goodbyes to some characters while getting better introductions to others. Mac McGill collapsed on the field during practice, and has been laid up in a hospital bed ever since. Coach Taylor reluctantly hired Wade Aikman, JD’s personal quarterback coach, to be his interim Offensive Coordinator. If that weren’t enough for him to chew, Tami found her dream home and put that on his plate. Cash left for the Rodeo circuit, and he and Tyra had a falling out over his reluctance to remain faithful over the stretch. Matt became frustrated with his lack of playing time and the receivers’ inability to run the correct routes, and he decided to lobby Coach to let him tryout as a receiver. Jason and Riggins went to New York to pay Wendell’s agent a visit and perhaps get Jason’s foot in the door for that job as well. Things didn’t always go to plan, just like life, and each character was judged not by the original plan, but how they responded to adversity.

?It is too early to tell, but we may have seen the last of Mac McGill. He didn’t look very good while he was in the hospital. The boosters put a lot of pressure on Coach to hire Aikman, because of his relationship with JD McCoy. Coach, not wanting to let Joe McCoy exert any more influence, or appear to exert any more influence, wanted nothing to do with Coach Aikman. After he realized the benefits far outweighed the costs, he decided to emphasize the temporary while hiring him as an offensive coordinator. He may have lost a few hairs over this decision, considering the relationship he has with the McCoy’s.

If that weren’t stressful enough for him, his wife was shown a mansion by, of all people, Mrs. McCoy. It was her tru dream house, and it was a foreclosure so they’d have been able to get a deal on it. Even at the reduced price, Coach decided they couldn’t afford it, owing to the fickle supporters, and the lack of job security they both have. In a tender moment between Eric and Tami, he admitted he loved the house, but they truly couldn’t afford it. The animosity between them vanished after she said she was already living her dream life with him, Julie, and Gracie Belle, in the house they live in right now.

Last week, Jason Street told Lyla and company of his plans to move to New York to become a sports agent and reunite with his son and girlfriend. With the money he made by flipping the house, he and Riggins actually flew to New York this week and tried to stick to the plan. When Jason got to Wendell’s agent’s office, his plan was thrown in his face. He was told of how difficult the road to being a sports agent was, and that Wendell had string him up, spending his money while signing with a different agency after being wooed by them. Out on the street, he started drowning in self-pity when Riggins threw him a life-vest. They decided to go to Wendell and convince him to sign with his original agent, and use him as leverage in getting an entry-level job there. Wendell listened to him, and the adjustment to the plan worked, as his girlfriend agreed to move in with him.

When Cash left for the rodeo, Tyra couldn’t come with him because she had a lot of schoolwork to do, and a few college interviews. As he was leaving, she asked him if he was going to be faithful, to which he said probably not. This would have been a sign to anybody that he wasn’t worth the trouble, but apparently Tyra thought differently. She bombed her first interview, upon hearing the emotional news. This convinced her that college was truly out of the question and she decided to follow Cash on the road. The parallels to Jason Street were unmistakable. Having played football, he understood the need to make adjustments to a game plan. When trouble came his way, he responded accordingly, but Tyra gave up and took the path of least resistance.

Similarly, Matt Saracen was relegated to the bench. Rather than give up and submit to a life involving a clipboard, he decided to try his hands at receiving. Coach Taylor quickly nixed the idea, on account of his lack of depth at quarterback. After some convincing by Matt, Julie and Tami, Coach finally considered it as an option. During an emotional dinner excursion, Coach threw him ten passes, of which he caught nine, the tenth being well overthrown. It didn’t seem like Matt was going to be as good a receiver as thought though, as he caught every ball with his chest instead of his hands. It will be nice to see him back on the field though.

This week seemed to be a judgment on high school athletics, as the comparisons were inevitable between athletes and non-athletes dealing with adversity. Hopefully we haven’t seen the last of Jason Street as they didn’t make it clear if he was leaving the show or not, the same thing they did with Smash, who we haven’t seen since he left for college. Time will tell what Riggins standing is on the team, as he ditched them for Jason Street…again. Last year, when they went to Mexico, he was kicked off the team; let’s see how Coach Taylor responds this time. Even though JD has been struggling, and we hoped to see Matt back behind center, it will be nice to see him running routes and at least getting back on the field. I think Tyra is in for a rude awakening when she is on the road with Cash for such a long time. His true colors will show and she’ll realize what a mistake she’s making. It was an emotional week in Dillon and we’re all looking forward to next week when we can get back to the gridiron with clear eyes and full hearts.

Recap by Leon Phelps