Slammin’ Sammy Meade here welcoming you back to another week of Panther football and Friday Night Lights. This was a tremendously eventful installment, with several setups for plot twists; it’s about as easy to read this show as trying to pick up a Smash Williams counter. There was good news and bad news on all fronts. Matt Saracen was replaced at quarterback, and he almost quit the team. Jason Street became a new father, and he, the Riggin brothers, and Herc decided to get into the real business by flipping Buddy Garrity’s house. And Tyra walked a slippery slope with her new cowboy boyfriend. There are many ways in which the writers could take this season, and each direction looks just as exciting as the others.

Coach Taylor decided last week to platoon the quarterback position between Matt Saracen and JD McCoy. That decision backfired as the offense couldn’t get running under either of them, half the time expecting to run the I-formation and the other half spent working in the spread. There were countless delay-of-game penalties, so Coach Taylor made the gut-wrenching decision to stick with McCoy. He played incredibly, leading the team to a comeback, only to have Matt Saracen, who was reading between the lines at this point, run in the winning touchdown.

Matt Saracen spent the rest of the time wallowing, even threatening to quit. As he was tearing apart the locker room, he and Taylor finally discussed the issue. Matt was convinced to stay on the team, although not in a friendly manner. He realized that it was only due to injury that he had won the starting job in the first place, and that he was merely keeping it warm for the next gamebreaker.

We were introduced to Jason Street’s new child this week, and he named it Noah. He’s an adorable baby, but there were problems on the home front. The mother, the waitress who had a one-night stand with Street to finish last season, was kind of apprehensive of the whole situation. She did not seem too interested in Jason, not least because he’s in a wheelchair, but also because money didn’t seem to be flowing into their combined households. Jason was selling it pretty hard that he wants them to become a family unit, with the two of them moving in together, but so far she has resisted, going so far as to move back east to live with her parents.

The lack of funds led Jason to team up with the Riggins brothers and Herc to buy a house, in an effort to flip it. Buddy Garrity has been slashing his price repeatedly in an effort to get the house off the market, so they pool their money, including the Riggins’ copper wire money, and get a loan for the house. Buddy Garrity almost vetoed the sale, on account of the Riggins being on the deed, but a hard sell from Jason Street convinced him to do the right thing.

This could lead to trouble down the road, because the boys are trying to flip the house. According to Jason’s research, the lower income houses are not selling, but the higher end estates are selling quickly. This point was contradicted by the fact that Buddy had to repeatedly slash his price in an effort to get the house to move. It will be very interesting to see what happens after the renovations are completed, and how they incorporate the current housing crisis in the episodes.

Against all the advice from those who seemed to care about her success, Tyra continued to see her cowboy boyfriend, Cash. He seemed gentlemanly enough, but there were so many signs that he wasn’t right for her, especially at her crossroads moment. She has lost interest in her school, bombing tests and skipping classes, in order to spend more time with him. These events lead Tami into the fray, because she has taken such an interest in Tyra’s success. Aftter an emotionsal meeting of the minds, Tyra thanks her for her compassion and tenacity, but still continues to see Cash, her apprehension of his pill habit being outweighed by his tenderness in showing her the birth of a horse.

It is difficult to judge Cash’s motives at this point. Having rooted for Landry in his pursuit of Tyra, it’s not easy to accept Cash as a replacement. His casual use of pills is also detrimental. But he’s portrayed as nothing more and nothing less than human, which is nothing short of admirable. I think his past will come out of the woodwork in the next few weeks, his true character will be shown, and he will leave Tyra with a gut wrenching decision on par with Coach’s choice to bench Saracen.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s going to feel like a perpetual bye-week because I simply can’t wait to see what happens in all these plot starts. Anxiety is brimming regarding Jason’s family and their housing investment. JD McCoy has Panther fans thinking state championship, but I don’t know if he has the maturity to lead them that far the way Matt did, only time will tell and at this point, it can’t pass fast enough. Until next week sports fans, this is Sammy Meade saying thanks for listening.

Recap by Leon Phelps