This week's newest installment begins with Liz Lemon arriving at the NBC studio all
jazzed up, and ready to get through work so she can take her beloved vacation to the
island of St. Barnobies. Her happiness is quickly stifled when she runs into
Kenneth, who is sick with the flu. Liz explains to Kenneth that he can't come
near her. She fears that she will catch his flu, ruining her vacation. Liz turns
away from Kenneth and runs into her ditsy assistant Cerie. Cerie tells Liz not to
worry about the vacation, because the vacation spot was all booked up.

The episode shifts to Jack Donaghy's office. Jack newest fling is Elisa (played
by Salma Hayek), and he is enthralled with her. They met while Elisa was taking
care of Jack's mother as a home caregiver. Jack tries to convince Elisa to skip
her job for the day to hang out with him. Elisa explains to Jack that she is a
regular worker, who can't skip work on a whim to hang with Jack and his lavish
lifestyle. Jack then asks Elisa what he should call her. The color of her skin
confuses him. Elisa tells him to call her "Peurto Rican", which doesn't seem
right to Jack because people could consider that offensive.

Liz passes Kenneth on the way to Dr. Spaceman's office. Kenneth looks even worse
than before. Jack is in Dr. Spaceman's office getting a flu shot to protect himself from
the flu which getting everyone in the studio sick. He explains to Lemon that she has
to only pick five members of the crew who can get the flu shot because they have
a short supply. Lemon is disgusted at Jack's request, and exclaims she won't get
a flu shot then either, out of solidarity for her crew. What does she care? Her
vacation is canceled anyway....

Jack goes over to Elisa's work, where she is taking car of an old man named Mr.
Templeton. Jack claims that if she can't be at his work, he will come to hers. She
agrees to let him stay, only if he can deal with Mr. Templetons disgusting feet.

Meanwhile, Tracy and Jenna Maroney want to do something nice for the sick crew.
They want Kenneth to run out and get soup for the crew, but he takes a stand and
says no. Kenneth convinces them that they should go get the soup themselves, so Tracy and Jenna embark on that adventure.

Elisa tells Jack that she needs to see 'the real New York, with a real Man'. They go out on the town. And take Mr. Templeton with them.

Liz is informed by Cerie that her vacation is back on. Liz, who had been a hero among the crew for refusing the flu shot, is now in a panic. She looks around and realizes that everyone in the studio is sick. Zombie like. She runs for Dr. Spaceman's office, trying to avoid all sick people on the way. Dr. Spaceman gives her the shot, but not before he makes her dance.

Liz doesn't want anyone to know she caved in and got the flu shot. She is enjoying the new found appreciation from her crew. She runs into Tracy and Jenna, back from their soup adventure. They didn't get soup but went shopping instead. They are happy they went shopping, but still think they should do something nice for the sick crew. Liz gets a rash from the flu shot, and she needs to cover it up before the crew sees it. She runs into a ghostly-looking Kenneth, who sees the rash and asks Liz if she got the shot. Liz convinces Kenneth that he is so sick that he is hallucinating, and tells him the whole incident is a dream.

Jack goes back to visit Elisa at Mr. Templeton's house. Just as they are about to go out for another night on the town, Mr. Templeton's son knocks on the door. Jack hides. The son inquires about his father, who suddenly bursts into speech. Mr. Tempton describes Jack to his son. He says a man has been coming over and taking him out of the house. Luckily, Elisa diverts the son's attention into the other room, giving Jack enough time to run out of the house. But before he does, the old man makes Jack promise him that next time they go out, they go someplace that the old man wants to go.

Instead of buying soup, Tracy and Jenna decide to put on a clown show for the sick crew. Lemon tries to stop them, but she gets a pie thrown in her face from Tracy. She takes off her pie-stained sweatshirt in front of the crew, and they all recognize the rash caused by the flu shot. The crew realizes that she was lying about never getting the flu shot. The crew hates her once again. In the ending scene, Jack convinces her to take her vacation, even though the entire crew is upset with her. She agrees. As they stand up, a gurgling noise is heard and they both run to the bathroom sick with the flu.


Ahhhhhhh, dependable 30 Rock. One of the best shows on television. This episode funny, well-rounded, solid. Not the funniest episode of 30 Rock ever to air, but good nonetheless. The best character in this episode is Liz's assistant Cerie. She's blase and airy about everything; the the perfect antithesis for Liz. Also crucial to this episode is Selma Hayek. I like her working class style and the fact that Jack is gaga over her. I also appreciate her cleavage.

Recap by Mitch Cumstein