Recap: Season 5, Episode 2. The Entourage world has been turned upside-down. Drama is still famous and Vince is actually working hard for the first time in his career, only to find out that no one is interested in his services. Well, no one except for his old pop star virgin girlfriend, Justine, who has dropped the chastity ac faster than a Jonas Brother after a Disney Channel party.

It's pretty weird to see Vince trying so hard. Even before he goes to meet with Ari and is told that no one wants him for so much as a toothpaste commercial, he's sitting at home reading scripts, something we've never seen out of Aquaman. It's actually a little depressing. When he meets up with his old, chaste pal Justine, she invites him to the set of her new video she's shooting with Tony Bennett. She tries to pawn him off on an incredibly hot friend of hers. Vince busts out of there to go tell Ari that he's ready to work as hard as he has to to become famous again. In the real Hollywood, those are the words you say about a half hour before you're doing porn in the Valley. Ari finally admits to Vince that he sucked in Medellin and that he might not even be that great of an actor in the first place. Even after all that, Vince still has enough game to go and lock down Justine for something "casual" that he hopes will get serious later. Something tells me all of that isn't going to last though. A show about an unemployed actor with a steady girlfriend just doesn't quite have the same appeal.

Eric tries to pitch and indie script to Ari for Vince to star in, but the super agent knows better. But, that doesn't stop E from trying to sign the writers to his little talent agency. I got pretty excited when I saw that Giovanni Ribisi was playing one of the writers. They really seem like they're setting up quite a bit of story line for him. Hopefully he screws all of it up and has to go running home with his tail between his legs. Eric really never was that good at anything.

Just like he does in every episode, Johnny gets completely out of his mind when he can't get in touch with his Frenchie girlfriend and they end up breaking up. Now, all he has to do is get kicked off of his hit TV show for refusing to play nice with the photographer last week and he'll be back in the lovable, but complete failure situation we had gotten so used to. I wish he would stop tucking his T-shirts into his jeans, too. I'm not usually the kind of guy to notice fashion, but I thought onl high school English teachers did that on dress-down day.

Of course, Turtle did literally nothing except smoke weed, watch porn, complain and hit on moderately attractive girls. At least one character is still doing what he's supposed to be.

The future:
Everyone really does love a comeback, and it sure does seem like they're setting Vince up for an epic one. Personally, I hope he ends up back on top by the end of the season. He made a lot of crappy choices and I'm glad to get to see the downside, but the show is a little more fun when he's successful. Or, they could go the totally different direction and have him fail miserably. They could all move back to New York and Turtle could work at Foot Locker. I guess that would be satisfying, too.

Next week:
Looks like we're going to get more Ari next week, which is always a good thing. That guy swears at people in a way that makes Gordon Ramsay jealous.