Recap: Season 5 episode 3. You know, for a guy who is supposed to be making a come back, it sure looks like Vinny Chase is still falling further onto his hunky ass. Pretty soon, Eris is going to be the only guy in the crew with a job. Well, unless Turtle goes to work at Foot Locker or something.

The guys have a meeting with Vince's accountant who insists that it's time for Aquaman to declare bankruptcy. Because he's proud or stubborn or hates filling out paperwork or something, Vince refuses and vows to get another job right away. Since Ari can't get him anything, he hits up Shana (who is still super hot for an older chick) who books him an appearance at a sweet sixteen party that Zach Efron had to bail on. The family offer him $200k to sit in the middle of the pool in an ice throne dressed as Aquaman, but he's too proud for that too. Shana convinces the party planners to ditch the throne and let Vince sing to the birthday girl, at which point he finally accepts. I would sit on an ice throne until my ass froze off for $200k, but I guess that's the difference between me and a famous movie start.

At the party, Drama gets totally hammered and runs up to sing with Vinny, ruining a perfectly good performance. It's not a total mess until Johnny pukes all over the cake, leading us to believe that Vince won't be receiving the full amount for the appareance. He might have to sell Turtle in order to keep his house.

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Ari's wife gets him a Ferrari for their anniversary and he proceeds to drive it like a total dick. It's actually in the purchase contract that you have to drive like an asshole if you have one of those things. Check the fine print. He gets into a race with Adam Davie and ends up crunching his new ride into the back of a bus. To get back at Davies, he sends over the $100 he lost in the bet in a bag full of human shit. Davies retaliates by sending over a bunch of male strippers to Ari's office. Their prank war escalates until Davies sends Ari a naked picture of Mrs. Gold he found on the internet. Ari storms over to Adams agency and ends up slapping him right across the face. Slapping isn't exactly the most manly thing in the world, but I guess it's the way they do things in Hollywood.

Amanda sends the firefighter script E found to Ed Norton and he really likes it, but wants to make a bunch of changes. Eric seems happy, but it's pretty obvious that the eccentric writers aren't going to be too happy about it. With all of the story lines they're setting up for E, it seems like he's soon going to be more important than Vince. He'll still be kind of a pussy, though.

All of these antics have been pretty funny, but I'm really ready for Vince to get his comeback underway. I want to see him be famous again. The HBO site says that the name of next week's episode is "The Fire Sale," which can't be a good sign. It is nice, though to see that sometimes life sucks, even when you're a big star.