Entourage “Fire Sale” Swims With Sharks

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Recap: Season 5, Episode 4 "Fire Sale." Vince still can’t really get any work, but finally the entire story they have been setting up for E is starting to pay off. It’s going to be a lot of fun watching him fall apart under the pressure.

Vince and Ari:
In order to try and drum up some work for his boy, Ari sets up general meetings with seven studio heads. They try to pitch Firejumpers with Vince in the lead, but no one is buying it. Vince gets sad and even Ari can’t figure out a way to put a positive spin on it.

Ed Norton makes an offer on the Firejumpers script, but Ari thinks he can get a lot more for his writers if they’re willing to play the game a little. Eventually, he gets an offer for $500k with Vince playing a supporting role. The writers are excited about the money, but are less enthusiastic about not having Norton involved. At the end of the episode, Amanda, who Eric had royally pissed off earlier in the show, calls with a two million dollar offer from Ed Norton, who now has a studio involved. Unfortunately, it’s the same guy who fired Vince from Aquaman, meaning that he has to choose between getting a $2 million deal for his writers, or a choice role for his best friend and the guy who made him. Brutal.

Johnny continues to be completely out of control. After puking all over some 16 year-old’s cake last week, he had to make an appearance on The View. When he’s there, he’s ambushed with questions about his breakup, at which point he has a total meltdown and cries on TV. He’s so broken up that he gets hammered on the plane and throws his pants at cop out of the limo window. He’s then put in jail, but is bailed out by Ari and his brother. That should be a pretty familiar scenario by now.

This has been the best episode of the season so far. Even though Vince is struggling, Eric is making moves, so at least someone on the show is doing something interesting. Ari’s back is against a wall, which is really when he’s at his mean, cursing best. They showed more Shana and less Turtle…it’s really everything you could want from an episode of Entourage except some gratuitous strip club scenes. But, even though it looks like E is making progress, I still have faith that he’s going to screw it up in a grand fashion. Then he can go back to concentrating on his other client, Bow Wow. No one wants that.

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