It’s a wonderful day in Korea Town. People are laughing, drinking, smiles all around! And then people get shot. Happiness turns to panic as bystanders flee from gunfire. A young boy donning blue sunglasses and blood splatters stands out from the crowd.

Investigators arrive and begin to question the dozens of witnesses; the dozens of witnesses that don’t speak English. Meanwhile Grissom and Riley work the scene. There were two victims, a man and a woman. Unable to identify her, they find release papers on the man. Sung Bang had been released from prison earlier that day. So much for being able to breathe the free air.

Also at the scene they discover the blue sunglasses decorated with bloody fingerprints. They set out to find the child. He had seen everything. Where is he? Did the killer take him? Wherever he is, he’s definitely not safe.

At the morgue, they analyze the bullets. The Jane Doe was shot twice with a semi-automati weapon. Her wounds have a steeper point of entry. Sung Bang was shot once with a revolver. Was this a gang hit? Why were there two guns used. Further inspection of her body shows she had plastic surgery on her eyelids. To the doctor’s office they go!

Detective Brass meets with the surgeon who performed her surgery. He doesn’t know her name. He shares that two men forced him to do the surgery at gunpoint and then forced him to give them 15% of his profits. He knows no names. Only that they belong to a group called the KD, Kompay Dragons. They don’t do drugs or kill people. Extortion is their game. They prefer to remain invisible.

A surveillance tape from a local department store shows Sung Bang with the boy an hour before the shooting, buying him a toy. Police records show he was unmarried with no children. So why was he with the kid, and where is the boy now?

They learn through the boys Child Protective Services Rep that his name is Park Bang. His mother is the victim Kora Sil. His father died years ago of AIDS. Both Kora and Park were HIV positive. Sung Bang is his uncle. He took over as Park’s father figure when his brother died. Catherine reveals that Kora did time previously for prostitution, with HIV. A look at her website reveals s she was also a drug dealer.  They visit the house where the computer is.  It is the home of Gin Ming, a young businessman with a wife and daughter.  He claims that he knew Parks’ father and tries to look out for them. He would let Kora and Park use his computer. He has not seen Park since the shooting.

Nick and Riley return to the scene to search for remnants of items purchased by Sung before the shooting: a shirt, candy, juice. In a trashcan Hodges discovers a bag from Dempsey’s Department store, with a bloody shirt inside it. They enter the house belonging to the trash can and find a Korean woman sitting in her chair. She pulls a gun. There’s a few tense moments until Park walks out, speaking Korean to the woman, and she lowers her gun.

Later the boy is examined by a doctor and we find he is covered in rashes and has a gastric tube in his stomach. The tube is also bloody.

Detective Brass questions the woman who had Park. She was there at the shooting. Park ran to her house, he was covered in blood. She was trying to protect him.

Grissom takes samples from under the boys’ fingernails when a doctor walks in. It is revealed he is Park’s private doctor, Dr. Eastling, who has him on a strict regimen for his HIV. Park becomes immediately upset and struggles as Eastling injects him with medication.

A drug test on the boy reveal s he is on numerous drugs, none of which are prescribed for HIV. All have serious life threatening side effects and he is on a clinical trial for one. The HIV isn’t killing him. The drugs are.

In the lab, DNA shows that Park had the skin of Gin Ming underneath his fingernails. But not just any skin. Skin tissue from Gluteus Maximus…or ass skin if you prefer. Now we wonder if the orphaned, drug addicted, HIV positive boy was also being molested by his seemingly decent family man neighbor. Nah.  That’d be too much. Turns out Gin Ming used to be a bad ass. Police records show he used to be covered in tats and did quite a bit of jail time. It’s possible he had operations to cover his tattoos with skin from his rear. Riley and Nick go to question Gin about his past and find him packed up and gone. They search the house and discover Park and Kora lived in his basement, not next door. They find a business card for a lawyer and a picture of Kora, Gin and Park together. Detective Cavalier picks it up and there is an explosion.

Greg discovers that Kora was being paid by her doctor to have Park on the clinical trial for multiple drugs. She was in the process of suing him for more money. When Dr. Eastling shows up at the hospital to give Park his daily dose Grissom says, “Oh no you didn’t.” Dr. Eastling assures the safety of the study and what they are seeing side effects. Grissom insists he will have him arrested for Reckless Endangerment if he touches Park again. Eastling leaves in a huff.

Now lets get down to the whodunit of the case. Park tells Grissom that earlier that day Sung arrived at his house. Upon seeing his rash and his gastric tube he became upset and fought with Kora. They tried to leave at that point but Gin came down and fought with Sung as well. After a scuffle, Sung took Park to the store where they bought toys and candy and headed to the BBQ. At that point, an angry Gin arrives with Kora and shoots Sung. He then turns and shoots Kora. Park says he must have been sick of having them around. Grissom recounts the story to Brass.

It all makes sense except for one thing. Sung’s release papers show that he left prison that morning with a 9mm. Each victim was shot with a different gun. Did Sung shoot back?

Tests reveal that Sung did have a gun on him at the time of the shooting. Riley speculates that maybe Kora had a gun and they shot each other. They find traces of gunpowder in her purse. Riley’s version of the shooting has Kora angrily coming for Park and shooting Sung. Sung falls down, pulls his gun and shoots her before dying. This has motive and fits the trajectory of her bullet wounds. Gin leaves so his status as a Dragon is not revealed.

But why would Park lie? Grissom takes Park to the scene and he reenacts the shooting. He places everyone appropriately, but the bullet trajectory is still wrong. “He went bang! Bang!” As he says this, Park makes a shooting motion and it is clear that he was the one who shot his mother. Kora shoots Sung. Park takes Sung’s gun and shoots his mother.

They take Park to Juvy. Brass says that really this may be the best thing for an orphan boy with HIV. He’ll get the help he needs. Grissom is haunted by the case, “I’m sorry we solved this. I really am.”

Written by Jana Moseley 24, a writer in Seattle.