Buzzin: Ep. 1.04

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The episode Sticker Shock starts with Schwayze and Cisco doing a radio show with Ryan Seacrest to debut the Buzzin‘ single.  Afterwards, they head over to Jordan’s office to talk about the upcoming east coast radio tour. DP drops off some of the 40,000 new promo cd’s that are going to be used for their radio tour.

Schawayze realizes that they don’t have Cicso’s name anywhere on them, which is bad.  In order to hide this, they somehow manage to print a billion stickers at a moments notice that they decide to affix to all the cd cases that say’s “featuring Cisco Adler." The plan seems to work. They do a bunch of radio shows, at one point having Dave call in as Hugh Heffner from the hallway.

Cisco finally sees one of the cd’s and confronts Schwayze and Dave about the stickers, saying that they look like shit. Schwayze and Dave blame DP, saying the stickers were his idea.  Schwayze tries to make up for the fact that Cico’s name was left off the album, showering him with compliments at one of the radio spots. Cisco says it’s totally gay.  After kicking around a few other ideas of how to make it upt to Cisco, Schwayze decides that he wants to rent out a billboard truck and put up a shirtless photo of Cisco with the words “ Cisco Adler Presents.”

Somehow the Billboard truck magically appears the next morning. Cisco confronts Jordan about the label mishap, and they call Schwayze, who tells them to come out side the hotel and meet them at 46th street and Broadway.  When Cisco sees the billboard truck, he’s even more pissed and calls it 24 foot mistake. They talk it out and everybody is friends again.


Again, this show is a trainwreck. Its fun to watch, but the way things happen are hard to swallow.

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