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Even though this show seems fake most of the time, I’m getting more and more into it.


The episode "Das Booted" opens with Warren paring Shwayze’s car in a red zone, in front of a hydrant, on the busiest street in Malibu. This gets him the boot and the realization that he owes over  $500.00 in parking tickets.  After shooting a commercial for Pontiac he asks his manager Jordan for an advance. After a recording session, Jordan gives in and fronts Shwayze a grand to free his car, which has now been impounded.  Warren convinced Shwayze to take 400 of the money Jordan has fronted him and hit the bars in Hollywood. He also tells him to keep the other 600 in left pocket and to not touch it (this system always works well for me when I’m out getting obliterated.) There’s some great partying, and the train moves back to a suite at the Roosevelt. Shwayze ends up spending all but $12 on the hotel food and drink. Whoops!

The next morning, Dave Navarro shows up to do his studio session at Cisco’s house in Malibu. But Shwayze is still in Hollywood, car-less, and with 12 bux for cab fare. Warren steals Cisco’s car to pick up Shwayze, unknowingly leaving with the keys to the studio. Cisco does everything he can to stall Navarro, who is in a hurry.  Shwayze and Warren arrive just as Navarro is about to split. Dave heads into the studio and shreds it, thus saving the day. They complete the album, and Jordan gives Shwayze five grand. The car is freed.

Bottom Line

There’s a funny line where Cisco calls Shwayze “Shwawaye West,” which was pretty funny. And again, the whole thing seems sort of set up. But it’s entertaining either way because there are moments that whether fake or real, are still great. Watching people be irresponsible is really what modern TV is all about. So check it out, online.

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