A Massive Dynamic employee is so convinced he is being attacked by
butterflies that he jumps out of a window to escape them, and the team
is called in to investigate. Although Olivia's unexplained interaction
with Agent Scott leads to breaks in the case, she is so desperate to
rid her consciousness of him that she demands to go back into the
tank. Meanwhile, the gig is up for Peter when a former friend-and some
current foes-find out he's back in Boston.

Episode 9: The Dreamscape

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I was a littl taken aback at first when we found Olivia looking for
heels to match her dress, its easy to forget she's a girl when she's
usually sporting a suit and a low voice. Of course her plans to go out
are dashed when a man by the name of Mark Young ended up dead.
She picks up Walter and Peter so they can examine the body. Young had
flung his body from a window in the Massive Dynamic Building in his
haste to escape killer butterflies, they had razor sharp wings.Walter
is able to to decipher that most of the cuts on Young's body were made
before the fall. Before they take the body to the lab Olivia looks out
into the crowd gathered to find John Scott looking back at her. Just
as she quickly as she sees him,he just as quickly vanishes. I guess
you can never escape an ex-boyfriend, dead or alive.

Olivia meets with Nina Sharp, who argues that Young may have killed
himself because of the pressures of work. She plays on Olivia's own
experiences of work to illustrate how one can get to that point. Its
not until Olivia and Charlie are going through Young's apartment do we
get a glimpse that this is more than just the average case. They find
that Young had booked a trip for Christmas, a clear sign that the man
was not planning to kill himself. Then eerily enough he has a
collection of dead butterflies on his wall. Before Olivia's eyes they
seem to come to life, their vibrating wings cause Olivia to
momentarily bug out but Charlie comes to the rescue and we discover
that its all in Olivia's head.

Back at the lab and after a classic Walterism, in which he remembers
Peters obsession with Coffee yogurt that turns out to have been his
own obsession with the food. We find out that Young had been taking a
lot of drugs. The drugs may have been used to act as a carrier to
transfer a synthetic in the blood to the brain.

A phone call from Peter's past finally reveals that he actually has a
past. On the other side of town Olivia also gets a visit from her past
in the form of an email from John Scott. The messages gives her an
address that takes her into a dark, spiderweb drenched basement. This
girl is tough because once she is confronted with blue bins that are
moving, she doesn't run away but actually opens one. She has the blue
bins that were filled with large frogs delivered to Walter's lab. At
this point she starts to think she's going crazy, she tells Charlie
about seeing John, about John calling her and then the email. She
tells him that she's thinking of taking some time off but before
Charlie can say anything Astrid calls her telling her that the frogs
may have cracked the case.

At a little coffee shop Peter awkwardly hugs Tess, the woman from the
phone call earlier. She's a woman clearly in trouble and not for the
fact that the camera seems to love Joshua Jackson more, its so wrong
that he's prettier than her. There's no small talk, she's there to
warn him with tears brimming in her eyes to leave Boston and never
come back. He gives her a smile and offers to buy her a piece of pie.
This makes her go into a fit of how she can never trust him, she's not
even sure if she ever really knew him. After he finds out that some
guy that he knows as Michael is beating her, she warns him that they
will hurt him too and storms out.

I always love it when shows do flashbacks. Here even Walter seems to
get a kick out of his hair (an awful wig) in a video in which he is
torturing a man with ice. The man has been hypnotized to believe that
the ice is actually a burning coal and once placed on the mans skin
leaves a burn mark. What does this have to do with Frogs and Young?
Walter explains that the venom from the frog is like a drug that once
altered and ingested affects the part of the brain that experiences
fear. Young had the venom in his body that made him hallucinate the
butterflies that he believed were cutting him and his belief made it
actually happen.

Remember when Olivia thought she was going crazy well even if she
wasn't she surely is now. She realizes that the frog case must be
directly connected with John because he keeps appearing to her. His
memories are still going to be a part of her. According to Walter it
could be for years. We know that John Scott's storyline is the plot of
this show and if that's wrapped up in a nice package, that pretty much
equals no more show. Olivia pleads to Walter to help her purge John's
memories from her mind, even though she knows it can only be done by
going back in the tank and the catastrophic consequences that could

Walter in his best mad scientist voice describes the tank philosophy,
"Pushing the boundaries of all that is real and possible I am not
roasting a turkey." I like the Thanksgiving reference, of course now I
am going to be picturing this scene when Dad carves the turkey on

After being hooked up to a IV of psychedelics Olivia enters the tank,
Walter begins the hypnosis and Astrid starts reading the Bible. Walter
tries to direct Olivia but its a hard start and he has to up the
voltage. This causes Olivia to see a door, she makes her way up some
stairs where she realizes she's at a restaurant, not until she sees
John and herself does she realize its their first date. Her memory
self gets up and she takes the opportunity to sit down with him. She
tries to interact with him by professing her love even though memory
John can't hear her. I guess we all feel comfortable confessing our
feelings when we know they can't hear us. Then Olivia's heart goes
erratic because she thinks memory John looked right at her. Walter is
yelling that he can't see her and she is transported to another
memory. This time there are four men, one is Young, one is a Latino
man, one is John and one is a man that John kills right in front of
her. This makes her freak out, OK she's seen bodies with parasites in
them, a body after it jumped out of 30 story window, and has even
gotten an email from her dead boyfriend but a memory of said boyfriend
stabbing a man freaks her out. Well at least Peter is there to rescue
her out of the tank.

The tank experience did lead her to find out that Young was selling
the psychedelics technology to the black market. The Latino from the
memory was the broker in the deal and is also the only survivor.

Peter the stalker has tracked down Michael, the man responsible for
giving Tess a few bruises. He beats Michael to a pulp and leaves him
with a warning. This new side of Peter makes him not only a genius in
the lab but a tough guy as well. This isn't over because of sly camera
direction we know that someone is watching him.

Olivia uses her clever detective abilities to find the telephone
number for the Latino guy. She calls him pretending to be from the
phone company.Once she verifies its actually him on the other side of
the phone she tracks his number and heads out to intercept him.

The chase scene makes me wonder how we ever got anything done without
technology. They find Morales by using, GPS, Blackberry's, headsets
and the help of a little traffic congestion. They finally capture him
when he is left immobile after his run in with a car.

Olivia visits a hysterical Morales who pleads with Olivia to protect
him from Massive Dynamics.He knows about John Scott, the pattern, the
smoke screen that Massive Dynamics has created so that they can do
anything they want. He has the holy grail of information and he will
tell Olivia everything if she gives him protection.

Instead of going to get a protection order Olivia goes to Massive
Dynamics to tell them she knows the game that they are playing and
that she will bring them down with her witness, except there is no
longer a witness. Morales had been drugged and hallucinated that John
Scott cut his throat. It all goes back to square one, no proof.

This prompts Olivia to wake up Walter in the middle night to ask him
to put her back in the tank. Even though he would love nothing more to
take or administer drugs and experiment it is not safe and he will not
let her risk her own life. She agrees to let him find a safer way to
read John's memories in her mind.

On a corner street of Boston, Michael tells som unknown guy that
Peter Bishop is back in town.In Olivia's apartment her computer turns
on by itself. She finds an email from John that says "I saw you in the

I am starting to think that Walter is the sanest one of them all. He
may have a fetish for drugs, love to experiment, gets memories
confused and talk a lot of nonsense but at least he isn't trying to
kill himself. Olivia could have had all of the answers but instead of
staying by Morales bedside until the protection order came she left
him all alone. So now she is back at square one but now with Massive
Dynamics mad at her. As for Peter its all still a mystery, we don't
know anything about any of them but it does make him more interesting.
Finally they are building his story so he's not just the side
kick/baby sitter for his dad. This episode didn't really give us any
answers, we are no closer to the truth but it did add another layer.
Is Olivia's mind playing tricks on her or is John Scott really
communication beyond the grave and not just in memories? Did Peter do
something so bad that now he has the Boston Mafia after him? Just when
I think this plot thing is just giving me the run around I find
another reason to keep watching.