Busey Watch: ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Episode Two

Monday, March 14 by

It’s week two of Gary Busey’s stint on “Celebrity Apprentice,” and America’s favorite brain-damaged thespian did not disappoint. Actually, he did. Although to be fair, it wasn’t all his fault. How can he be expected to compete with a nasty old bag like Dionne Warwick, or the always loathsome Star Jones? It takes a lot for me to feel bad for Lisa Rinna, but last night, it happened.

Rinna was ultimately sent home for failing to lead the women’s group (ASAPP) in a competition to create a children’s book followed by a theatrical performance. And while I’ll admit she did a bad job, imagine trying to work with Star Jones under any circumstances. Jones was fired from “The View,” a show that is solely populated by difficult, ignorant women. If you’re too stupid and, or troublesome to sit on a panel with Whoopi Goldberg and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, you clearly don’t work well with others.

Which brings us to Dionne Warwick. I could have gone my entire life without hating this dinosaur, but thanks to reality television, I’m forced to add her to the ever expanding list of celebrities I’d like to run over with a combine. Last week, it was kind of funny to watch the old hag try to work a cash register. It’s a lot less funny to watch her fight with a deaf woman over petty bullshit. I say a little prayer…that she gets kicked in the teeth by a horse.

Speaking of horse teeth, back to Busey. The men’s team (Backbone) won, so there was no danger of going home. It also meant there was relatively little drama. Despite repeatedly teasing the audience with clips of an epic Meatloaf/Busey showdown, the episode failed to produce. However, it did plant the seeds of the upcoming conflict.

After Gary and Jose Canseco were lead on a wild goose chase by Meatloaf, the pair finally returned home. When Busey tried to vent to one of Donald’s sons, Meatloaf put his foot down, asking him to focus on the task at hand and head for the costume shop. A reasonable person would have understood that Meatloaf was just trying to move things long, and not take it personally. But as you and I both know, nobody tells Gary Busey what to do. Gary didn’t take to kindly to Meatloaf’s demands. He also wasn’t too happy when the Meat Man singled him out to Trump as the most difficult team member, although in all fairness, Loaf wasn’t really criticizing Busey so much as pointing out that he’s totally insane. I’m not sure if Gary understood this or not, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Meatloaf wakes up in the woods and finds himself the victim of a deadly game of cat and mouse.

By far, the most entertaining portion of the show was watch Busey shine while doing what he does best: acting like a six-year-old-boy. He owned the role, and it was easy to see why he was once nominated for an Academy Award. Watching his performance brought a tear to my eye. It also brought tears to Meatloaf’s eyes. It was a little uncomfortable to watch a grown man cry. I’ll feel much better watching him in a fit of rage when he goes head to head with Gary Busey (hopefully next week).

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