Breaking Bad Recap: Seven Thirty-Seven

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We join Walter and Jesse where we left them at the end of last season. Our two favorite meth manufacturers are able to produce enough pure, albeit blue, crystal meth to satisfy their new sociopath dealer named Tuco. After Tuco leaves, Walter, who is suffering from terminal lung cancer, decides he will need to make about $750,000 to leave to his wife and kids.

Jesse buys a gun for protection at a fast food restaurant after he and Walter witness Tuco accidentally murder one of his lackeys. Jesse figures that Tuco will probably be coming for them to tie up all the lose ends. So Jesse and Walter contemplate murdering Tuco during an upcoming drug deal.

Hank views the video from a robbery that Walter and Jesse committed at the end of last season. Hank theorizes that they’re some new big players in town and that they should be careful not to be caught by rival dealers first. Little does Hank know that Walter is the burglar from the video.

Walter becomes worried after he sees an anonymous black SUV suspiciously driving around his neighborhood. He is worried that Tuco will soon figure out that his brother in law is Hank, the DEA officer. So Walter and Jesse hatch a plan to poison Tuco.

Meanwhile Hank stops overt to talk to Skyler about her relationship with Marie. Skyler has been avoiding Marie’s calls ever since Skyler found out Marie was shoplifting. Skyler breaks the news about the shoplifting to Hank but is surprised when she finds out that Hank already knows. It’s revealed that Marie has been seeking help about it and appears to be a kleptomaniac.

Walter and Jesse start there plan to kill Tuco by processing beans to make a seemingly undetectable poison. They mix it with a sample bag of meth that they hope Tuco will try. Meanwhile, Hank at a crime scene, calls while Walter and Jesse are planning the murder. As an aside at the end of the conversation Hank sends a photo message of the crime scene that he is investigating. The two dead bodies turn out to be two of Tuco’s cronies. This sends Walter and Jesse into a panic about their safety and their money.

It turns out that the dead bodies were leftover from the earlier murder when Tuco’s lackey was a attempting to hide the body of the man that Tuco had killed.

When Walter gets home he checks on his wife and his drug money. His wife wants to know why he’s been so distant lately. But mid conversation he gets a call which he screens. But he notices Jesse in a car outside, so he runs out to talk to him and it turns out Tuco is waiting in the back seat with a gun trained on Jesse. The episode ends with Jesse and Walter driving away under the control of Tuco.

Recap by Jackson M Norbury

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