Jesse wants Spoog and he’s got murder on the mind. So he goes to Spoog’s shotgun shack. Jesse’s more scared than Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween. He breaks into to this roach infested room and a creepy little red headed brat walks in and turns on the tube. But the cute little guy is the only one home. Jesse who dubs himself Diesel (#32 to all the Shazam fans) will have to wait to get revenge on Spoog.

In the suburbs, Skyler calls Walt’s old friend Gretchen and thanks her for helping with Walt’s medical bills. Gretchen’s confused and they plan to meet up. Meanwhile, Walt busy at work, has a little talk with the principle Carmen who’s about a 12 on the babe meter and seems to have a little interest in our cue ball hero Walt. When Walt gets home there’s a hot ass Bentley sitting in the drive way. It turns out Gretchen showed up at Walt’s place but held up Walt’s lie about his medical pay. This is awkward.

Finally Spoog and his woman get home while Jesse’s playing peekaboo with Little Red (that name is made up). He hides the little guy and sticks up these two glassheads. In an unsurprising twist it turns out Spoog’s woman lost Diesel’s stash and spent his cash. Fortunately for Jesse , both methies had balloons up there asses and that’s not all, they’ve also got a stolen ATM in the backyard. “A victimless crime” says Spoog who shot a clerk during the robbery.

A little later, Walt meets up with Gretchen in a swanky restaurant. She demands an explanation but Walt only offers up an apology. Walt plays it real deadpan and refuses to give anything up. We hear a little bit about the drama from there past where Walt apparently walked out on his business with Gretchen and Elliot. Walt though feels as if they built their empire on his research. Next I truly believe that I heard Walt say “f*** you” on AMC. Sweet.

Back at methodome, the crystal couple is asleep while Jesse plays a little peekaboo with Little Red (this name is made up). And boom! Spoog’s woman smashes Jesse in the back of the head with a blunt object. Awnaw, she’s got the gun and Jesse’s KO’d.

Back in suburbia, Walt and Skyler sit down for a chat. It turns out Gretchen called Skyler and said she’s gonna cut off Walt’s treatment money. But Skyler wants to know why and she knows Walt knows. So our hero in his classic way cooks up a lie. He says that they’re broke, it’s the economy, it’s Fannie Mae’. Ha and he gets away with it.

Over at Spoog’s house Jesse awakes to the lovely coupl fighting over a little meth. Spoog is busy working on the bottom of the ATM and he calls his woman a skank one to many times. Squish! She’s pushes the ATM right on top of his head. Gross but on the upside she got some meth. Jesse frantically tries to wipe his prints off the machine and it pops open like a piñata. He hits the jackpot but we sadly have to say goodbye to Little Red. Goodbye little guy. Until next week…