Another week gone by, another meth addled story of lies and close scrapes for our two favorite kingpins. “Hey Captain America”, says a bum to Jesse as he is walking into a convenience store to meet up with Walt. Walt and Jesse decide they are going to have to put cooking on hold for a little bit while Walt’s family gets less suspicious. So Walt tries to be sweet and get on Skyler’s good side. He cooks them breakfast but Skyler is skeptical, as usual.  Next, Walter reps Boz Skaggs as one of the best musicians of all time, maybe he’s been getting high on his own supply. While cleaning up, Walt attempts to cover up the his second cell phone. Skyler, though, is unimpressed and storms out to Walt’s dismay.
Meanwhile Jesse’s parents have wised up to his drug trafficking ways. So they decide to evict him from his house which they have the property rights to. Jesse’s got 72 hours to get out.
Walter, again making breakfast, but Skyler is still not buying it. She continues to act passive aggressively. She  gives Walt a dose of his own medicine by continually going out and not communicating with Walter.
Jesse, evicted elects to stay with his frien Paul. While hanging out with Paul and jamming, he realizes that his friend has grown up. Paul has a wife and kids and when the old ball and chain gets home she immediately gives Jesse the old steel toe boot out of her casa. Thus, Jesse rages. And his crotch rocket is stolen right out from under his nose. He finally resorts to staying in his portable, meth lab, the RV which was towed away to an impound lot by Badger’s sketchy cousin last episode.
Back to our sketchy little ferret of a character Jesse. Old Clovis, Badger’s cousin, wakes up and puts in a lip o’tabacco and finds Jesse in the RV. He quickly boots the worthless half man half rodent meth cooker Jesse out of his impound yard. But Jesse the rascal that he is breaks back in and steels the meth mobile back for the good guys. On a deeper note, even calling them the good guys seems like a contradiction as they are selling ice and crippling the youth of the southwest. They are not above the influence. Despite that, how can you dislike these two characters.
After the final commercia break (hopefully) we’re back and Walt is waiting downstairs in the morning. But no breakfast for his honey today, he wants to talk. He gives Skyler yet another line of crap about being sorry and wanting their relationship to be back to how it was. Skyler accepts his apology but she is not finished. She wants a confession, she wants something. Her passive aggressive actions are beginning to work. Walt starts to crack, but only a little bit. Skyler though, still isn’t buying it “no more of these obvious, desperate breakfasts”, no, she wants a confession. Walt though gives nothing up so she bounces again in her Jeep Grand Wagoneer.
Enough of this family drama the people want some tales of crystal meth. Finally rodent boy shows up at Walt’s house in the Methmobile (yes I’ve made it into a proper noun). Walter obviously wound up from his talk with Skyler takes his anger out on Jesse by verbally abusing him. Walt pushes Splinter too far and they get in a fight. Luckily our heroes realize that all they have in this cold crystal world is each other and Walt finally hooks Jesse up with some money. Inside now, Walt offers Jesse breakfast.
We leave this uplifting episode with Skyler in her Grand Wagoneeer ripping a cancer stick. Remember folks, this chick is preggers.
A little critique from the recapper: where the hell were the drugs and violence this episode? It was all family drama and straight boredom. Maybe we’ll be back in our crystally basement apartment of a show again next week though. We can only hope for that.

Recap by Jack M. Norbury