Breaking Bad Recap: Breakage

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And…we’re back. Walt sits dreamily in a cancer clinic, life moves around him. His doctor says, ‘cautious optimism’. His doctor though wonders about Walt and Skyler’s relationship. Looks like we’re in line for some more husband and wife drama.
Meanwhile business at the police office is slow for Hank. Apparently Hank suspects that Heisenberg, a.k.a. Walt is the next up and comer in the business. But Hank laments, that perhaps he’s is only an urban legend. There’s good news and bad news for Hank coming next. First he gets a sweet promotion  to a position in El Paso, TX. But as he rides the elevator, he gets what appears to be a heart attack. But by the time he makes it to the bottom, he has recovered. For the first time, we a see a weakness in Hank who apparently is affected by anxiety attacks.
Finally Jesse makes his grand entrance into the episode. He pulls the Methmobile into Clovis’ scrap yard and pays the big dumb animal for the towing, storage and the broken porta-potty. Furthermore, Jesse gets Clovis to agree to let him store his meth gear at Clovis’ scrap yard. After this little victory for Jesse he goes and rents a place from a cute little black haired girl named Jane. And Jane seems to be interested in the self dubbed Jesse “James”.
At last our the crystal crew is back together as we see Jesse driving into the desert in the Methmobile. Walter and Jesse ponder how they’re gonna make some scrilla without a Tuco-type middleman. Jesse decides to take over the business side and starts making the decisions, Walt must concede because he is helpless with out Jesse’s connections. So Jesse brings a pack of cronies together to move some weight for him. He plays it real cool and careful. Though his brigade of dealers seem pretty shady Jesse nonetheless starts  acting like a real don.
Meanwhile at a BBQ with Walt and Hank’s family, Skyler finds her relationship with her sister Marie strained. She demands an apology for the shoplifting but gets nothing in return.
In a nice brightly covered montage, Jesse’s network does work, pulling in mad cash and moving a lot of glass. But by the time the Latin horns finish up, one of his little helpers, Skinny Pete, gets duped by two skeletal meth freaks and he’s forced to give up his stash at knifepoint. Jesse and Walt meet again and once again Walt is disappointed. He’s pissed that Skinny Pete lost that ounce. Walt is acting a fool claims Jesse (whom I agree with) claiming it’s just breakage, like at K-Mart.
Back at home, Walt finally confronts Skyler about her smoking. She claims that she’s only smoked three and a half cigarettes. And shit this convo only goes downhill for Walt. It ends with Skyler basically saying that Walt knows nothing about her.
After this encounter, Walt enraged and obviously wanting to take out his aggression in some form hands Jesse a gun and tells him to handle the meth freaks who jacked Skinny Pete. But you’ll have to wait til next week to see how this plays out. Will Jesse kill a meth addict? Will Hank get closer to Heisenberg’s true identity? And will Skyler cause permanent birth defects to her unborn child by smoking cigarettes, drinking or perhaps in a delectable twist, smoking meth? Only time will tell.
Recap by Mr. Mystery
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