The promise of brief nudity comes to fruition before the opening credits even role when Walter is seen walking around naked in a grocery store. In shock and in the hospital, Walter’s family is relieved to find their cancer stricken patriarch. Walter then takes to lying, giving a bogus story about where he was and covering up his knowledge of Hank’s bloodletting of Tuco from Episode 2.

Meanwhile Hank reveals to his superiors that he was busy searching for Walter when he ran into Tuco. This leads his superiors to question Walter and Jesse’s past at high school student and teacher. At Jesse’s house, Jesse and his friend Badger frantically clear out his entire crystal kitchen into the notorious Winnebago. And poof, Badger’s cousin tows away the notorious camper and Jesse thinks he is clean of that part of his life.

At the hospital, Walter lies more to Skylar and says he does not know what happened. Only saying that he felt like he was walking down a highway. Craftily, Walter convinces everyone that his episode was caused by his prescriptions and mental exhaustion. His doctors though keep him in the hospital demanding a psychological exam.

At the same time, out of town good old Hank tracks down Jesse and finds a meth whore to boot. Jesse acts like Johnny Tightlips in Hank’s interrogation. “I had a hot pocket” says Jesse. But Hank plays hardball having caught the scent of $68,000 of unclaimed drug money. “The only shootings you do are in to a Kleenex” says Hank not believing that Jesse could have shot Tuco but suspecting that he knows who did.

Walter realizes he won’t be able to get out of the hospital very easily. He cooks up a lie about feeling claustrophobic in his contentious household and his lifetime of failure in a session with a psychologist. He realizes though that he actually does feel that way. It seems that Walter has lied his way out of another one.

Hank wheels in crazy old Tio to Jesse’s dismay. He talks with a bell, on ring yes, two rings no. But Tio refuses to help the Feds with a big (shit) stinking “no”. And Jesse and Wendy, the ice whore, are able to walk free. Walter on the other hand is still caged up in the hospital but is getting out soon. Walter doesn’t want to change and insists to Jesse that they should keep cooking in a phone conversation.

In the meantime, Hank begins to connect the dots between Jesse and Walter’s robbery and the blue crystal meth, still no knowing who the robbers were. Though Hank does not suspect Walter in the least, he is getting closer and closer to the truth. Skyler also is starting to crack into Walters meth encrusted second life when she breaks the news that she knows that Walter has a second cell phone. Though the episode doesn’t end with a cliffhanger like usual, I was left wondering how old Walter was gonna lie his way out of this one.

Recap by Jack M. Norbury