The episode starts with that dorky guy from Hustle and Flow trying to buy some ice from Badger (who by the way is one of my favorite characters).  It appears Heisenberg has cornered the market and jacked up the price. After the dorky guy assures Badger that he’s not a cop, he buys some glass…then arrests Badger.
Hook up side note: Jesse got a little skin from his building manager Jane.
In other news, Hank’s having a minor meltdown because Tortuga got his head blown up on that tortoise. So Walt goes over there to try to talk some sense into him. Walt tells him that “fear us the enemy” and that he should kick those responsible for the explosion right in the teeth.
Once again, Jesse and Walt are short on payments from their underlings. Guess who’s short, good old Badger. They find out that Badger got busted.
Badger is in an interrogation room getting hounded by that dorky guy (I refuse to imdb his name). And in busts Bob Odenkirk of Mr. Show and Monkeybone fame. He’s great as Saul Goodman, an ambulance chasing, fast talking lawyer. “The Jew thing, I just do for the homeboys”, says Odenkirk. Anyway, Badger picks him for legal representation. So Walt goes into Saul’s office to get the lowdown. Walt finds out that the DEA is on the case and that they’re looking for info on Heisenberg. Walt tries to bribe Saul into throwing the case but Saul refuses.
So Jesse and Walt jump Saul late that night. They take him out to the desert where a shallow gave awaits him. One thing led to another and Saul becomes their new legal representation as well. Anyway Saul finds them a fall guy but it will cost our heroes 80 large and a pound of their blue magic. “Conscious gets expensive” says Saul. They fork up the cash anyway as Jesse refuses a cheap prison shanking on his boy Badger.
The next day Badger is set to sell out the fake Heisenberg. Hank is watching. Fake Heisenberg is late and Badger starts talking to the wrong guy. So Walt has to create a distraction while Jesse tells Badger to stop fucking up. Walt has a pretty funny interaction with Hank for the distraction. Anyway, the fall guy falls and Badger gets set free.
Hook up side note #2: Jane buys Jesse a mattress. Nice.
At the end of the episode, Saul tracks Walt down at his high school. At first Walt thinks that he is being blackmailed. But it turns out Saul is offering his legal help, saying if Walt wants to make more money and actually keep his money he should consider hiring Saul. It looks like we’re gonna have plenty of Saul Goodman in the coming weeks. This show just keeps getting better.
Recap by Mr. Mystery