Walt’s cancer is getting worse. He realizes that he’s gonna have to cook like crazy to make sure his family is provided for. After the cost of laundering his money, orchestrated by good old Saul, he’s only got 9 grand. So he and Jesse lie to their respective women and head out to the desert with plenty of Funyons and drinking water for a weekend long meth cook off.

After a nice little drug making montage they come out with about 42 pounds and they stand to make over half a million bucks each. They’ve still got a little methylamine left so they decide to take break and head into town for a grand slam at Denny’s. But it turns out old Jesse left the keys in the ignition and the battery died. So they try to jump the Methmobile with a generator. But the generator catches fire. And then Jesse dumps their cooler of drinking water on the flames. The fire’s out but they are fucked.

They call Skinny Pete who agrees to come pick them up. After waiting for hours they decide to call Skinny again and it turns out he got lost, then Walt’s phone dies. Oh crap.

The next day Walt is up early trying to manually recharge the battery. Walt’s not doing too hot and Jesse figures out why Walt was so eager to cook such a great quantity. Anyway, they finally try to start the RV and it fires up but only for a second. To make matters worse Walt has stared coughing up blood and seems to be getting worse.

At their lowest point of desperation they finally come up with an idea. They’re gonna build a battery out of household products. They’re gonna straight MacGyver it. So using a sponge, copper wire and some galvanized coins and washers they build a battery. And presto, the Methmobile fires up and they are good to go.

Walt, Skyler and the rest of the gang are back in the doctors office. And it turns out his cancer is in remission and his tumor has shrunk by 80%. Truthfully not much happened in this episode it was mainly just Walt and Jesse sitting in the desert. But it ends with good news about Walt’s health and potentially a lot of money coming in on the horizon.

Recap by Mr. Mystery