Angie and Henry start to talk about having another kid (and, I suppose by inference, Edward does too), but neither half of the personality is too excited about the idea. Edward and Raymond must also capture a corrupt military leader from the Congo and deliver him to justice at the International Court in the Hague, but they discover a hostage in the process, who claims to once have worked for Edward's company.

Episode 8: Love in All the Wrong Places
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Where the hell are we?
Henry wakes up in the middle of a hostage situation where the captors have decided to execute a hostage, an American, so that the Americans will take them seriously.  They drag him out into the yard and point a gun and camera at his head, filming what will be his death, right before the scene cuts off as Henry shouts in fear when the man holding the gun cocks it.  Some subtitles flash across the screen “72 hours earlier…”  Really?  Another intro scene where we’re given an “exciting” setting where someone nearly dies and then the show spends 45 minutes explaining how we got there?  Nice.

The Congo Conga

After showing us a scene with a shadow that we’re probably right in assuming is Edward/Henry, sneaking under cover of darkness into a fancy villa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, we flash to a different scene where Trumbull explains their next target: a vicious African leader named Kabako who has used mass rape as a tactic of war – and their mission is to capture him and bring him to justice at the international criminal court in the Hague.  Then we hop back to the Congo scene and find Raymond and Edward approaching the villa together.  Basically, Trumbull and Mavis explain in between the infiltration shots of Raymond and Edward how they got there in the first place – would have worked better as a voice-over – why do we need to keep on flashing back to the past?  Trumbull finishes explaining and smiles.  “Any questions?”  Back in the Congo, Edward and Raymond knock out a few guards and Kabako himself after they sneak into the house, coming across some hostaged American citizens on their way out, one of whom begs them to take him with, a man who claims he was once with the very company that Edward works for.  Due to a little thing called gunfire interrupting their pleasant conversation, Edward has to flee, promising the man, Alexander, that he will return.  Henry and Raymond escape.

This is a load of Trumbull

Edward wakes up to find Henry’s wife is just as horny as ever, who points out to him that the kids are increasingly gone, and it’s making her sad, springing an Episodic Plot Point up in the form of them having another kid.  Edward tells her he’ll think about it, then heads off to work at the agency to be debriefed on what to do with Kabako now that they have him captured.  Norah volunteers to interrogate the prisoner, but Trumbull assigns Edward instead.  That issue over with, Mavis points out that they still need to form a second mission to recover the hostages – apparently Alexander was an actual agent of the company who went missing after a plane crash two years ago.  Trumbull decides against it – after Edward and Raymond had left the building, it was evacuated, so the intel on the hostages’ location is nonexistent .  Edward claims he can get the information from Kabako, and Norah, having analyzed Kabako as a supreme narcissist, decides to help Edward by dressing him up as a two-star general so that Kabako will respect him more and be more likely to tell him the location of the hostages.  Norah talks to him over a tiny radio in Edward’s ear to help him during the interrogation.  On the other side of the glass, Mavis comes in to inform Norah that she knows she’s sleeping with Edward.  Norah nods and seems a little off-put (which gives her a chance to pout her sexy lips), before we jump to Kabako telling Edward about the pleasure of raping a virgin in explicit detail.  Edward can’t take it and freaks out, pushing aside the table with violent force and nearly choking Kabako with rage.  Wait, so now Edward has a heart?  After being a selfish bastard for seven episodes he’s suddenly a guy with a  conscience who looks back and wants to rescue hostages and nearly loses his lunch over some description that would barley make a PG-13 rating?  Something tells me Edward would be able to stomach this more than he does.

Baby on board; Edward and Henry, not so much
After the failure in the interrogation room, Trumbull orders that they deliver Kabako to the Hague immediately, no more questions asked.  Once he’s out of the room, Mavis promptly tells Raymond and Edward otherwise – that they’re to do whatever it takes on the plane ride to get the hostages’ location from Kabako.  Out in the hallway, Norah and Henry get a moment that’s actually kind of sweet – he asks her where she thinks this relationship with Edward is going, and she nods.  “I guess that makes m the other woman.”  Henry’s interrupted by a phone call from Angie and heads up to his “real” office to talk to Angie about the two potentially having another kid, and Henry is just as “hesitant” as Edward was – “Kids?  Uuuh, no thanks.”

Some slight turbulence
On the plane, Raymond calmly pulls out a needle containing a chemical that will slowly and painlessly suffocate Kabako – Henry freaks out when he sees Raymond inject the needle into Kabako’s neck, of course, and looks for the antidote until Kabako finally confesses – but the chemical was a fake-out, and Henry’s freaking out is part of what sold the whole thing.  Back at the company, Trumbull discovers what has been going on behind his back – and rebukes Mavis soundly for it., ordering her to terminate the operation immediately.  After he blinks out, Mavis calls Raymond and Henry to inform them that the party is cancelled – but both Raymond and Tom decide to pretend they’re getting bad reception so that they can go save the hostages anyway – without any air support or soldiers to help them. Back at the company, we find out that Mavis and Alexander, the hostage, used to date (whoa, drama) – and Mavis smirks at Norah knowing what’s going on between the therapist and Edward.

Hey, this looks familiar…
Right back where we started (don’t you just love it when a 45 minute show makes you feel like you’ve been sitting still the whole time?), Henry is spotted by hostile enemies (is that redundant?) and taken to be tortured.  Flashing to the past, we see Raymond and Edward Tony putting together a Big Fucking Fun to use in the Congo – hey, cool, it can even see through walls!  And apparently, if Henry ingests this milk-like substance the gun will be able to differentiate his heat signature from others – his will be purple.  Raymond waits in the bushes, watching with the gun and waiting for Henry’s heat signature to pop up – as Henry meets the hostage he came to rescue, Alexander.  Guards come in soon after and drag Henry outside to be shot, while Raymond waits impatiently for Henry’s purple blip to make a guest star appearance on his gun’s monitor.  I guess it does, because just as Henry’s gonna be shot Raymond shoots down the guy about to kill him, then clears the way of enemies as Henry rushes back to rescue the hostages – and Raymond must be using Windows because his system fails at exactly the right moment in time for a suspenseful commercia break, before the show comes back and Raymond fires off a bullet that actually speeds down the length of the concrete wall (okay, even I have to admit that that was a pretty awesome stunt), saving Henry, the hostages, and, incidentally, the day.  Back in the US, as the hostages and the agents get off the plane, Mavis wags her finger at Henry while thanking him at the same time – not going over to greet her long lost love.  Henry asks her if she thinks she’s made the right decision, and she can’t seem to come up with an answer.  Henry returns to his house to find it full of his kids and his kids’ friends – and decides that he’s going to try to have the baby with Angie, whether Edward likes it or not.  Edward, later on that night, we assume, wanders down an apartment hallway and greets an angry Norah at her door, who becomes slightly less angry when he offers flowers and sex.  If only it were that easy.

This may be the best episode we’ve had in the series so far, which isn’t saying much, but it should still be worth something – though Edward all of a sudden developing a personality doesn’t really work, we may as well go along with it and enjoy, and for what it is, it works – Edward’s no longer an intolerable asshole – he actually has goals, worries, and a strong moral sense of right and wrong.  His relationship with Dr. Skinner becomes progressively more interesting with each episode (if even if it gets more and more silly at the same time), too.  That, and Henry isn’t an incessant whiner – he’s becoming more competent on missions, and less of a pain to listen to.  I won’t go into all the usual problems this show suffers from, aside from mentioning that all the regulars pop up: bad acting, terrible dialogue, and mediocre action. (But that bullet trick was amazing.) You know what to expect by now.  And though we won’t get to see how the whole “baby” thing pans out over the next few episodes due to the show’s cancellation, it was a plot point that might have gone somewhere, and shown Henry finally finding a way to stand up to Edward, but this will have to do for now.

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