I have to admit I had high expectations coming into the mid-season finale. Every week there's a bomb explosion, gun fire and robot to robot combat, so what could they possibly do this week to make it stand out and leave me in anticipation for the hiatus to be over.

Episode 13: Earthlings Welcome Here
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You saw that right, ALIENS. Sarah makes her way to a UFO Convention and stumbles upon a  support group for abductees. She is singled out by the hypnotherapist leading the group and Sarah in her ever blunt manner gets to the point. She is in search of  the ever aloof three dots, the same dots that have been seen on UFO's. She opens up to the tent full of people and explains that she has been having nightmares about these dots, to the point that her son is even doubting her sanity. Sarah, without any answers, makes her way out of the tent and to a booth where a man is selling pictures of the California drones. It spikes Sarah's interest because the drones,if you don't know what that means then obviously you never watched X-files; the alien space crafts have the symbol that has been plaguing her. She questions the very knowledgeable man; he better be careful when you know to much you die! That's what I've learned from this show. She questions him on whether or not they could be government air crafts, but he shoots that down like it was the silliest thing he ever heard. He does tell her that the symbol has been reported being seen on the hull of the space craft and has been documented on the Abraham blog. Is that a shout out to bloggers? Sweet! Its when the space loving man mentions the words metal hyper alloy in reference to the government secret project that Abraham claimed to be working on, does Sarah's face get that determined light behind her eyes. She asks him where she could find Abraham but he tells her that he stopped blogging six months ago. The man then goes into his preachy stance of her type, that laughs at the UFO freaks and you can almost see Sarah suppressing the need to roll her eyes as the little man walks away. Just when all hope is lost, an Angelica Houston look alike comes out of nowhere and asks her if she's looking for Abraham.

On the road Sarah gives her teenage savior of mankind a call to see if he is doing OK. He asks her if she is on her way home and of course she tells him that she has a hot lead. He kind of laughs at the fact that she could find a lead at the Flying Saucer Convention (his words not mine) but Sarah doesn't laugh, she actually seems a little hurt by the way he reacts. Angelica takes Sarah to her trailer out in the middle of nowhere. Its pretty much how you would expect a trailer of someone who is obsessed with UFO's to look like. There are pictures and maps all over, even the ceiling, its a small space. Angelica gives Sarah the run down on this Abraham blogger; his real name is Alan Park, masters from MIT specialization in LIDAR! Sarah in her bad ass way knows that LIDAR stands for light detection and ranging, even Angelica seems impressed. Sarah knows this because its main application has to do with Robots. The ladies then sit down with a cup of tea, they discuss life, the search for answers and solitude. They seem like they could be bonding over their obsessions with robots and little green men but then the subject quickly changes to Abraham and its back to business.

We find the two ladies at a diner, the last place that Abraham was seen, having a piece of pie. Sarah looks impatient. She tells Angelica that she has no interest in little green men but just in the drones. Angelica tells her it all goes back to Abraham and then she gets up to go to the bathroom. Sarah takes a look around the diner, focusing in on the waitress before she looks up to where Angelica was sitting. Instead she sees herself with a knife spinning in front of her with the words NO FATE carved out on the table. She looks away fast and turns back to find herself gone.Next thing we know Sarah is kicking in the door of the women's restroom. Angelica with mascara running down her face rips off her wig and exclaims that she is Abraham.

At the UFO trailer, Abraham aka Alan Park comes clean. He shows a picture of himself to Sarah to prove that he's telling the truth. Of course that's not going to cut it, so Abraham spills it all. The only reason that he masquerades as a man was because his life was in danger. He doesn't know who he is hiding from, just that after he went to work for an aerospace company, things changed. They paid him well, cars, houses but he never knew what project he was working on. He was given just a small piece of the puzzle. The small piece was so unlike anything he had ever seen that he started blogging, trying to find out if anyone knew anything about it. That's when his apartment was broken into and out of nowhere his brakes went out, sounds like a page out of Sarah Connors life.

Sarah asks the question, that I was wondering. If he went to the extreme to hide his identity, then why trust Sarah? He says that he knows that she knows something and that's worth the risk. Sarah wants proof and Abraham tells her he has a piece of the metal, that he was working with, but its not safe. Sarah takes out her gun and says "It never is" and Abraham climbs in the car.

A storage unit, that's where Abraham takes Sarah, but of course when he locates the safe and unlocks it, its empty. Sarah looks fed up and storms out of the storage unit. Abraham runs after her telling her it was there, when a motorcylce gun toter starts shooting at them. They duck and Sarah jumps right back up, shooting at the rider. The rider flips into the air but before Sarah can reload her gun, the rider gets away.

At the UFO trailer Abraham is yelling at Sarah, calling her a seeker, a solider, while Sarah is busy getting her weapons together. Sarah tries to ignore him, asking him what he knows, who he was working for, about the symbols, but Abraham is stuck on his tirade. He gets on Sarah's last nerve, when he says that he maybe a man masquerading as a woman, but she's a woman who lives as a man. Then he looks at Sarah with disbelief, that after the near death experience they just went through, she can act like nothing has happened. Sarah has become hard, robotic in her life just going through the emotions, no feeling.

After all has calmed down,Sarah and Abraham take a seat outside the trailer. Abraham tells Sarah that THEY did kill him. They killed Alan Park; he was glad because the life he lead before held no meaning. Sarah shares with Abraham that she used to be a waitress and THEY killed her too. Sarah tries to delve more into what Abraham knows, but the Company he worked for kept him in the dark.

This leads them to the hypnotherapist, that Sarah met at the UFO Convention. After Sarah bursts into the Doctor's house,she agrees to put Abraham under hypnosis. Sarah in her sly manner drops a listening device into Abraham's purse and goes to wait in the car.

First of all Hypnotherapy looks so easy to do. It takes barely a minute for Abraham to go under. He begins to tell his story as Sarah listens in her car. A police car drives by and Sarah ducks, that may have been why Sarah didn't see the gun toting rider from earlier go into the doctors house. Its not until Sarah hears gun shots does she know anything is wrong. She's too late to save them or go after the rider.

Its good to know that Abraham's death wasn't totally in vain. Sarah is able to follow his story to a warehouse outside the city. Sarah with her gun in hand makes her way into the warehouse, she encounters a man who claims that he is with a heat and air company. She looks away from him for one second, but that's all it takes. He shoots her in the leg! Before he can finish her off, she grabs the gun from him and shoots him in the chest. We have seen Sarah walk away with gun shots, but this one has her hallucinating within seconds. She sees her solider self kneeling down before her, a knife spinning in front of her. She then sees her waitress self, standing in a light and reaching out to her. Sarah drags herself outside, where she sees a drone, in all its mechanical glory. She then passes out and it makes you think, did she really see it or did she just want to believe?

John's a painter and its about time. The savior of mankind can't be sleeping in a room designed for an 8 year old boy, its just wrong on many levels. So with the help of a very enthusiastic Riley John is prepping the room for paint. Riley sends him an award winning smile, but its no Oscar for her, because John can tell something is bothering her. She kind of tells him the truth, about her flip out at her foster parents house. Its just enough for John to believe and then Cameron walks in the room. Its a showdown! John makes some sort of excuse about needing her to get paint, but she shoots that down saying she has a job to do. He tells her to do it from the other room, which she obliges, but only after she stares down Riley.

If you ever wanted to know what Riley would look like as a cave woman, no need to wonder anymore. In a flash forward, we see future Riley scrounging around the tunnels. Future Jessie comes up to her, brushing Riley's ratty brown hair from her face, commenting that she really is a pretty girl and asking her name.

We find out that Riley and Jessie made their jump to the past together. Jessie brought Riley to the hotel room. Riley,with dirt on her face and under her finger nails, fluttered around the room, smelling flowers, touching pillows, in a state of shock and wonder. Jessie brushed Riley's hair and then tucked her in,making it easier to understand why the bond between them is so strong.

Back in John's room, Riley and John are small talk flirting. Its when John reaches over to take a piece of wallpaper out of Riley's golden locks, does everything shift. He sees a bruise on the side of her face and John is ready to kill whoever put it there. After he finally believes her, that it wasn't her foster dad, she leaves the room. Riley goes to the bathroom and while she's looking into the mirror she flashes to when she first sees John. She is sitting with Jessie in a car, in the school parking lot,waiting for John to show up. Riley asks Jessie why she picked her, but Jessie never answers her. They spot John and Jessie opens the door for Riley.

Riley leaves the Connor's bathroom only to be confronted by Cameron. Cameron asks her what happened to her face. Riley becomes flustered and quickly answers that it was a door. She tries to get past Cameron, but the robot is too quick for her and stops her, when Cameron comments on her star tattoo.  She ask Riley if she can see it and before Riley can say no, Cameron has her wrist. I totally thought there was going to be a bar code there and I was saddened when there wasn't, not even a remnant of it. Those robot eyes would have totally detected it. John comes to the rescue and Cameron acts like her and Riley are best friends, just dishing on the latest tattoo trends, expect Riley looks like she is about to have a heart attack and Cameron is throwing daggers with her eyes.Cameron then turns around to John and tells him that they need to talk. Riley makes a quick exit back to the bathroom. She looks into the mirror again, it must be a magic flashback mirror and it takes her back to Jessie's hotel room. Jessie is surprised and not to pleased to see her. Riley is apologizing and Jessie is closing window shades so that they aren't seen together. Riley explains that she has nowhere to go, but Jessie tells her that she can't be here either. Riley has been kicked out of her foster home, because she hit her foster mom after she flipped out. She has been thinking about everything and she needs Jessie to talk to. She wants to know, instead of another foster home, that maybe they could be roomies. Jessie responds by slapping Riley, that's where she got the bruise. Jessie reminds Riley that they are not here to be best friends; they are here because they are on a mission, to keep John away from the "her". The magic flash mirror loses its magic and Riley is back in the bathroom.

Meanwhile Cameron is telling John that Riley is lying. He looks royally annoyed, he better be careful, he does that look so much that his face just might get stuck like that. He tells Cameron that she freaks Riley out and to stay away from her. He doesn't take Cameron up on her offer to get the truth out of Riley.

He goes to the bathroom door and knocks, but there is no answer. She doesn't respond to him when he calls her name, so he orders Cameron to open it. On the floor of the bathroom Riley is squirming around, blood coming from her wrists. John gathers her in his arms and Cameron looks like she was kind of expecting it.

Robot Daddy
Ellison has turned down Weaver's offer to teach John Henry morals. I would too, look at what happened to the last guy. Weaver tries to reassure him that it wasn't murder. She needs Ellison to foster John Henry's moral development and he would be the perfect candidate because of his religious beliefs and paternal instinct. She explains that the program, Cromartie is no more and is now just a puppet body, for the program John Henry. She hands him a remote, that has the power to turn John Henry on and off, demonstrating that he would ultimately have the control. She offers him the opportunity to teach John Henry right from wrong again ,but Ellison walks out without answering.

He meets up with an old friend from his church choir. He asks his old friend if he remembers that he comes from a big family, 7 kids. He goes on to tell him that his ex-wife and him used to talk about how many kids they were going to have, but it all changed. When Sept. 11th happened his wife declared that she couldn't bring any kids into this messed up world,but it was too late she was already pregnant. He didn't find out until she had already terminated the pregnancy. His old friend said that he had called him for guidance, if didn't have to with Lyla, did it have to do with the child. Ellison seems kind on taken aback by the question but shakes his head no.

We find Ellison in a middle of a game of chess with John Henry. Ellison asks him about Dr. Sherman and if he misses him. John Henry says his absence stunts his growth. Ellison goes into a lecture on the value of human life. It goes over the robots head because he can't see why it matters, whether we live or die, all humans die eventually. Ellison agrees with John Henry, but tells him that human life is sacred, which makes John Henry go into the text book definition of sacred.

Ellison asks John Henry, if he knows why human life is sacred? John Henry answers in the expected robotic way and without a bat of an eyelash, Ellison dismisses his answer and tells John Henry that we are God's creation, that is why human life is sacred. John Henry asks Ellison if he is one of God's children. Ellison tells John Henry that they will be figuring that out.

It's getting weirder and weirder by the episode, and I am loving it. Does this mean I am a freak? Well then tattoo it on my forehead and I will wear it proudly. It just seems that the more answers we get, the more question come with it and at this point I am questioning everything. It seems like nothing is off limits, aliens space ships are even connected to Skynet. So in reality this story can go anywhere. Sweet! Thats what I like about TSCC, you never know where its going to take you. I am just sad that we have to wait till Feb to see if Sarah dies. Yes, Yes I know she's the main character so its most likely that she won't, but Riley could. I guess we won't know for sure till Feb 13th. Mark your calendars!