A Good Opportunity

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It’s business time once again from the Middle-Earthian duo Flight of the Conchords. Season two starts off with a meeting between Jemaine, Bret, and their manager Murray, who is more invested in hitmaking machine "The Crazy Dogs" (who have such hits as ‘Doggy Bounce,’ ‘Doggy Dance,’ and ‘In the Pound’) than the struggling Conchords. They fire Murray, who in anger double stuffs Jemaine (‘stuff you Jemaine, stuff you Bret, and stuff you again Jemain’), and proceeds to burst into operatic ballad after they leave. The poor guy feels rejected, ejected, and unprotected like a baby in the snow.


After a small show at a bar, Murray tries to explain how he helped them out, but is pushed aside by a sophistiacted duo from the Great Expectations agency. They want the boys to write a jingle for one of their products, and assures them that they will be shitting money if they agree. Bret and Jemaine call an emergency meeting, and decide to do it. They will be writing a jingle for an organic toothpaste meant solely for women.


In their apt., Bret and Jemaine begin writing the jingle. ‘What do women like?’ They answer with concepts like weaving, men, women’s rights, and wrestling in cooking oil on a plane.


The Conchords revisit a disheveled Murray in his office. They explain that managing themselves has been easier than easy, and he explains that the Crazy Dogs have ripped off a 30 year old Polish song and is being sued Repo men then come in and start taking his stuff (a $10,000 gift from Tori Amos). The duo meet Mel (their biggest fan) outside. She’s a kook, and is protesting the Crazy Dogs scandal by burning all their CD’s on the sidewalk.


At Dave’s pawn shoppe, Bret and Jemaine ask how to make to deals, and learn the subtlelties of Dave’s double down technique, which they excercise with success at a meeting with the Great Expectations ad people. They also get to appear in the ad. But they need to work on their song, which is 18 min long and entirely incohesive.


The duo notice that Murray is parked outside Dave’s pawn shoppe, and step into his car which he’s living in. He begs the guys to take him back without success. At the video shoot, the Conchords appear costumed as toothpaste as they sing their tune:

You are a woman you wear womenswear

You have breasts and longish hair, oh yeah

You’re kind of fun you’re just everywhere, but you’re still very rare, oh yeah (?)

You’re a woman and you love to weave

You’re a woman you have women’s needs

I know you love women’s rights

You’re a woman with teeth, now take a bite

Of Femident Toothpaste, yeah

For feminine dental care, oh yeah

Of Femident Toothpaste, Femident, Femident,


In the makeup room, the two from the ad agency congratulate a job well done, and ask them to prove their eligibility to work. They don’t have green cards and admit to being illegal aliens. They call up Murray and ask him to bring their passports and some green cards to the studio, which he agrees to. He walks back into the New Zealand consulate, into his office, and hugs his desk. He then meets Bret and Jemaine at the video shoot w/o passports and green cards, and the duo, clueless on how to deal with the situation, rehire Murray. He tells them to run for it, so they pile in Murray’s car and leave. After applauding his own managerial work, he explains that they have guardian angels watching over them. The camera pulls up and shows Bret and Jemaine as angels. They sign off the show by signing a song about angels doing it in the clouds.

A so-so behind the scenes of upcoming East Bound & Down followed.

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