On this week's episode of 30 Rock Liz and Jenna's old roommate Claire (played by Jennifer Anniston) comes to visit. The two of them are happy to see her, but not all excited to spend their nights partying it up and getting crazy with Claire like they did back in Chicago. As Liz puts it they are frankly getting too old for this.

Tracy walks by Kenneth and notices that he is upset about something and asks him if there is anything that he can buy that will make him happy.  Turns out besides changing Kenneth's uniform back to the way it was before he would love to see the series ending to Night Court that should have been made with Harry and Christine married and living happily every after, but sadly that love story was left untold.

 Liz comes into Jack's office to discuss the show's new review in Variety.  Jack tells Liz that he ran into Claire and he thinks that she is very pretty.  Liz abruptly stops Jack and informs him that her friend is beyond crazy and he should stay far away from her.  Jack tells Liz that he wishes she would have told him that an hour ago.  To Liz's amazement Claire walks out of Jack's restroom straightening her dress.  Shocked by this Liz repeatedly tries to tell Jack that he is making a huge mistake if he continues to interact with Claire.

Back in the studio Tracy guides a blindfolded Kenneth to one of the sets.  To Kenneth's sweet surprise he is greeted to some of the original characters from Night Court, Judge Stone (Harry Anderson), Mac (Charles Robinson), and Christine (Markie Post). Tracy has staged a production for Kenneth so that he can have the proper ending to the show that he has always wanted.

Later that evening at a fundraiser for a fundraising foundation Jack is embarrassed by Claire's uninvited appearance and impromptu rendition of Marilyn Monroe's Happy Birthday song.  Realizing that Liz was correct about his involvement with Claire he sees that the situation has now officially gotten out of control and he now needs to cut his romantic prowler loose. Jack meets up with Liz back at the office to figure out how he can get out of this.  Liz attempts to keep Jack separated from Claire by agreeing to go "clubbing" with her in order to distract Claire from Jack and to keep Jack from what Liz has deemed his junkie fix.

 Back at the studio Kenneth and Tracey are producing Kenneth's dream ending to Night Court. Unfortunately tensions still flare up between the remaining cast of the show and at this time it seems that it will be an impossible quest to film Harry marrying Christine as Kenneth always imaged the finally being.

 Liz's attempt to distract Claire has failed.  When Claire fails to show up at the club that Liz and Jenna are meeting her at Liz calls Jack to warn him that she thinks Claire is inside his house.  As she is telling him to get out Jack turns around to find Claire standing behind him dressed as a French Maid holding a dinner tray.  Jack once again falls for Claire's seduction and ignores Liz's warning.  Having given up on Jack, Liz is now done with trying to help him out of this crazy situation.

The Wrap Up

At the end of the show we find Tracy and Kenneth's Night Court reunion a success leaving Kenneth feeling vindicated for the mandatory change in his uniform and Tracy feeling good about his kind deeds.  Jack's involvement with Claire leaves him being bailed out of jail by Liz giving him the sobering realization that the real New York municipal night court is nothing remotely close to the once aired TV show.


This episode was funnier than the last one, however with guest appearances happening one after another it seems that the show is riding more on the wacky characters being played by the guest stars more then the actual show's stars themselves.  The secondary story with Kenneth and Tracy was a cute and silly way to be a side gag. All and all I give this episode a B+, but a little extra credit for having an appearance by Markie Post making it an A-.  I had a little crush on her when I was a kid back when Night Court was still on the air.