This week’s episode opens with our star, Liz Lemon, carrying an armload of packages to the 30 Rock building. Kenneth offers to help her with the packages, and she confides in Kenneth that she is starting fresh. She bought all the fixings necessary to get her life in order. Suddenly, she gets hit by a biker. She now knows this will be the worst day of her life.

Liz comes into the studio, distressed. She calls the morning meeting and asks everyone to ‘be cool’ for the day--she doesn’t want any problems. Frank comes out of his office with no pants on, and Liz reprimands him. Liz’s assistant Cerie informs Liz she has jury duty. This day is definitely going to blow.

Jack brings Liz into his office to have a talk with Tracy and Jenna. Tracy and Jenna made a mockery of themselves while hosting New York’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. Jenna passed out on live TV because she has been working double shifts between TGS and her movie about Janis Joplin. Well, not really about Janis Joplin because they can’t get any rights to use her name or songs. When Jenna passed out on camera Tracy dropped the F-bomb. Tracy says it’s a wonder he hasn’t cussed on live T.V. before. Jack informs Tracy that he has to pay a $50,000 FCC fine. Tracy says that kind of money is just peanuts for him, and he will easily pay the fine. Liz orders Jenna to go see a doctor about overworking herself and lack of sleep.

Tracy and Jenna leave and Jack says he wants to have a calm day at the office. His invention, the mini-sized pocket microwave, is coming out soon. He wants to relax as this invention reaps in billions in sales.

Jenna gets some advice from Dr. Leo Spaceman. He tells Jenna that she can burn the candle at both ends. He lets her in on a little experiment involving, “awake pills” that he is conducting. He says he needs some human test samples and gives Jenna the pills.

Liz prepares to go to jury duty and the office asks who is in charge while she is gone. She says nobody is in charge, because they can’t handle that responsibility. On her way to the elevator, Tracy stops Liz and tells her that he has enough money to cuss on the air as much as he wants. He can just continue to pay the FCC fines. This is his dream come true. Liz also bumps into Jenna and she seems oddly hyperactive. As the elevator doors are closing, she sees that Frank is not wearing any pants. The office will fall apart without her.

Liz tried dressing up as Princess Leia to get out of jury duty, but it doesn’t work. The judge orders her to stay. Meanwhile, Dr. Spaceman notices his lab tests with the “awake pills” make the mice extremely thirsty. Cut to Jenna guzzling a bottle of water.

Jack pulls the office together to rename the mini-microwave. He says that the micrwave was named something offensive, which would cause them to loose the European market. He says if this microwave is named correctly they can capture the holy-trinity of demographics: college boys--morbidly obese and homosexual .

Liz is stuck at jury duty and puts and calls the office. Kenneth informs her that everyone is going haywire. She tells Kenneth to try and keep things under control, and hangs up. Kenneth interprets this to mean he has been put in charge, and he promptly orders all women who are menstruating to leave work immediately.

Dr. Spaceman notices weirder habits that his mice are showing. Jenna is very attracted to windows and is having difficulty filming her Janis Joplin movie.

Liz comes back to the office and runs into Jack. He says he ordered everyone in 30 Rock, including all the writers for TGS, to come up with a name for his microwave. Jack tells Liz she is in charge of writing the entire script for the upcoming show. Jack also tells Liz to deal with Tracy, who is running amok on national TV. He is swearing every chance he gets and it doesn’t matter because he can pay the FCC fines.

Liz goes to Tracy’s office and pleads with him to stop swearing on TV. She tells him that the sponsors are dropping off, and how this will ultimately hurt the crew. Tracy complies, however he finds a way around swearing on television programs. He decides to buy airspace so he can swear during commercials instead.

The writers can’t think of a name for the pocket microwave.

Liz goes back to the courtroom to watch the trial. It is about a crazy woman who burnt her office down in order to start fresh. The woman says she burnt the office down to start a, ‘new beginning’. She claimed she would rise out of the ashes like a phoenix. Liz has her interest piqued, and briefly contemplates doing this to her office.

Finally, Kenneth comes up with a name for the pocket microwave. He names it the Fun Cooker. Meanwhile, on TV, the network issues an apology for everything Tracy has been saying on the air, lately. But, Tracy comes on immediately after the apology as his own commercial. He says he would never apologize.

Kenneth runs into Jenna right before this week’s TGS is about to go live. She seems more than frazzled. The show comes on live and everything hits the fan. Dr. Spaceman runs out onto the set and starts hitting Jenna’s head against a desk, trying to get her to fall asleep. He yells, “ you must sleep or you will die”. Tracy prepares to moon the cameras and right before he does so he yells, “here comes my Fun Cooker!” Kenneth must have heard him say that before. The skit is going horribly so Liz frantically orders the engineers to cut to commercial, but once again it’s Tracy Jordan showing the world his ‘Fun Cooker.’ For Liz, this has been the worst day ever.

Liz is upset at how bad the show went. She orders everyone into a room so she can reprimand them. Before she enters the room herself, she lights a match and briefly contemplates burning 30 Rock down, so she can start fresh. But, she blows the match out and throws it behind her head. However, it catches fire on dirty laundry.

Everyone thinks Liz tried to kill the staff, so they are all really nice to her as they leave the office. Jack informs Liz that the whole staff is terrified of her. He says not to worry, that they both had a rough day. He hands her a ‘Fun Cooker’ and she goes home to soak in the tub and eat microwaved ham.

Recap by Mitch Cumstein