This newest episode on 30 Rock begins with Liz Lemon telling Kenneth she is ducking up town to have lunch with her boyfriend, Drew. Initially, Kenneth is confused; Liz Lemon doesn’t normally have many boyfriends. But yes, to Liz’s delight, she is still dating Drew. Tracy tells Kenneth he wants jerk chicken and pictures of pregnant women in their bikinis. Kenneth already has these items ready, he always knows what Tracy likes. Jack asks Liz how Tracy’s mood seemed. Jack is negotiating Tracy’s new contract and is a little nervous.

Liz walks down the street with her boyfriend. Everyone they pass compliments Drew, including Calvin Klein, who wants Drew to be the next underwear model.

Liz arrives back to the office and tells Jack that her and Drew went to Plunder for lunch. Jack is blown away that they actually got a table at Plunder, the swankiest restaurant in town. Jack thinks that Drew lives in a place he calls, ‘the good looking bubble’. He tells Liz that people who are good looking, like Drew, don’t face the realities of life. Jack shows Liz a picture of himself from when he was in college, saying that he used to be in that bubble, too. 

Jenna announces to the crew that she is cutting her hair. She is jealous of Tracy, and tired of the fact that he is getting most of the media’s buzz. She wants to cut her hair on the Today Show as a publicity stunt.

Jack and Tracy negotiate Tracy’s contract. Tracy easily accepts a slight 3% increase in his contract. Jack is relieved, he thought it would be a hassle to get Tracy to sign onto a new contract. Jack announces to the room that Tracy has so much money already, Tracy would never need to work again, if he didn’t want to. Tracy thinks about this for a second and decides this is a good idea. If he doesn’t have to work anymore, he won’t. Tracy quits.

Liz and Drew play tennis. Drew claims he was a tennis star in college, so he will go easy on Liz. They begin to play and it quickly becomes clear that Drew wouldn’t have made a middle-school tennis team, much less a college team. A hilarious montage commences in which Drew is horrible at everything he does, but he thinks he is great. At one point, he can’t give Liz the Heimlich, and he is a doctor. That beautiful bubble hasn’t allowed Drew to ever gain any real skills.

Liz tells Jack about Drew’s lack of skill. Liz claims Drew is,” even as bad at sex as I am”. Jack says no one has ever told Drew the truth. This is the danger of the bubble. Kenneth frantically tells Liz that Tracy quit. Liz is surprised and when she confronts Jack, he says he is handling the situation. 

Jenna gathers a crowd around her and announces that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. She wants everyone to describe her beauty. The crowd reigns sarcastic remarks.

Jack calls Liz into his office and tries to handle the Tracy situation. Jack introduces Liz to Rick from accounting and they call up Tracy. Jack tells Tracy that he has one of his childhood stars in the room. Rick from accounting plays Bill Cosby and tries to persuade Tracy to come back to work. The plan backfires, Tracy thinks Bill Cosby is a waiter from an Applebee’s (or restaurant like that) in the early 70’s that screwed him. Tracy doesn’t come back to work.

Liz and Drew go on another date. This time, Liz vows to make Drew go a typical ‘normal persons’ process of life. They actually wait for a table this time. And, Drew tries to order whatever he feels like at the restaurant, but can’t when Liz covers his face with the menu. Liz tells Drew he was in a beautiful bubble. Drew claims he doesn’t want to live life being coddled, and asks for Liz’s help.

Jack brings Tracy’s family into the office. Tracy Junior yells at Jack and tells him all the horrors of having Tracy as a stay-at-home dad. Tracy built a recording studio in the kid’s rec room. Both Tracy Junior and George Foreman want Tracy to get the hell out of the house.

Drew is trying to deal with reality, but is having a hard time coping. He didn’t get a free complimentary apple slice plate for lunch. Then, he plays Liz in tennis and Liz kicks his ass. Drew throws down his racket in disgust and calls Liz a cheating bitch. Maybe Drew couldn’t deal with a real life after all.

Jack realizes that there is one thing at 30 Rock that Tracy can’t live without: Kenneth. Jack wants Kenneth to stop giving into Tracy’s every wish. When Tracy calls from home, Kenneth pretends he is the new, British intern, Cranston. Tracy won’t be able to live long without his beloved Kenneth.

Liz pontificates perhaps she made a mistake with Drew. She liked Drew, why couldn’t he live a happy life in his bubble?

Kenneth has a hard time dealing with Tracy. He tells Jack he won’t sit by and watch Tracy die of dehydration, which will happen if Kenneth isn’t allowed to assist him.

Jenna goes on the Today Show and is prepared to cut her hair in front of the world. Right after the first locks have been cut, Katie Couric mentions to Jenna that Tracy quit TGS, and now she is the sole remaining star. Jenna freaks out, realizing that she no longer needs the publicity. She wants her hair back.

Tracy comes into the studio and sees Kenneth. Tracy is sad that his friend, Kenneth, never returned his phone calls. Kenneth can’t continue to be mean to Tracy and informs Jack that he will help Tracy out, even if he doesn’t work at 30 Rock. Jack says this is acceptable, but Kenneth will loose his position as a page. Since his primary job as a page was keeping Tracy happy, his services are no longer needed. Tracy can see that Kenneth is upset, and decides to come back to work. Jack managed to renegotiate the contract after all.

Tracy comes to the studio. Kenneth caves when Tracy plans to leave. Jack wants Kenneth to turn in his page jacket. He is firing him. Tracy says if he works their, Kenneth can work there. Tracy is back.

Drew apologizes to Liz for being a dick at the tennis match. But, he wants his old life back in the beautiful bubble. Liz can’t live with someone who wants that, and the break up.

P.S. There is a fantastic Christian Bale/Bateman joke in this episode. I suggest you check it out.