This special Valentine’s Day episode of 30 Rock begins with Liz Lemon and last week’s crush Dr. Baird bumping into each other in the hall. They discuss when they should meet again for their first official ‘date’. Liz suggests Saturday and Dr. Baird agrees, only after announcing that Saturday is Valentine’s Day. 

Jack and Elisa sit on Jack’s couch and feed McFlurry's to each other. They liken each other to a Mcflurry: one of the tastiest desserts on the planet. Jack says the only better dessert is served at New York’s finest restaurant: Plunder. He informs Elisa that he has made a reservation for two at Plunder for Valentine’s Day. Elisa is disgusted and tells Jack that they must go to church on Valentine’s Day instead.

Frank tells Kenneth that he has to take care of a blind woman for the day. She is a beautiful redhead and Kenneth immediately falls in love with her. He is at a loss for words.

Liz tells Jack that she accidentally made the date with Dr. Baird on Valentines Day. She says that is way too much pressure for a first date. Jack tells her to cook the meal at home, saving the embarrassment of being out on the town together. Jack informs Liz about his dilemma with Elisa, and commits to going to church with Elisa early, hoping they can hit up the scrumptious dessert at Plunder later on.

Kenneth admits to Tracy that he is in love with the blind girl. Tracy intentionally trips the blind girl and as Kenneth helps her up, he is at a loss for words. Tracy pretends he is Kenneth and, in a Kenneth sounding voice, asks her on a date for V-Day. She accepts. 

Liz and Dr. Baird eat stew at Liz’s place for V-day. They both like staying in and Mr. Baird compliments Liz’s stew. Liz’s breast falls out of her blouse, and Dr. Baird informs her of this unfortunate side effect. Too bad for us – we don’t get to see her boob. Baird goes in for a kiss but Liz runs to the bathroom. All the stew made her have to poo. Dr. Baird opens a window and that causes the bathroom door to fly open, exposing Liz on the pot crapping. Then, Dr. Baird’s ex-wife calls and tells him that she is dropping off their daughter, Bridget, to stay for the weekend. Baird informs Liz that Bridget is a bit of a handful. He suggests they get all the embarrassing stuff out in one weekend. Liz agrees.

Jack is in church with Elisa. She has already caught him on his phone during a prayer. She says the before they leave, he has to go to a confessional booth and confess all of his sins.

Kenneth and Tracy take the blind girl out on a V-day date. The blind girl doesn’t know Tracy is there; he is just pretending to be Kenneth’s voice. He is saying all the right things. They take her to dinner at the studio, but convince her they are actually at a fancy French restaurant. She is fooled and fairly smitten with Kenneth/Tracy.

Jack starts to argue with the father during confessional. He starts describing the sweet feel of a woman’s breast and the father can’t deal with the description and runs out of the confessional booth. Elisa is pissed at Jack.

Liz catches Bridget drinking wine while Dr. Baird is out of the room. She tries to remain calm and hopes Dr. Baird’s daughter will like her. Baird comes back into the room and announces they all must go to the hospital; his mother has taken a turn for the worst.

Tracy and Kenneth’s date with the blind girl is going splendidly. They even get Jenna to sing for them.

Jack and Elisa start to fight and scream at each other. Elisa says that all Jack cares about is money. Jack says he has never believed in any of this ‘church stuff’. Elisa runs off, telling Jack that he blew it. Jack doesn’t seem to care.

Liz, Dr. Baird, and Bridget all go to the hospital where they meet Dr. Baird’s sister. She is a bitch to Liz. Dr. Baird leads Liz to his mother. As Dr. Baird leaves the room, the mother, who is senile, informs Liz that Dr. Baird is actually his grandson. The woman says Dr. Bairds sister (the aunt) is his real mother. She then dies right in front of Liz’s eyes.

Jack finally gets to go to Plunder by himself, but he can’t bring himself to taste the dessert without his beloved Elisa.

As Kenneth/Tracy are leading the blind girl away from the dinner, Kenneth comes clean. Kenneth finally can talk and tells her that she is the most lovely person that he has ever seen. She is struck by his words. She begins to feel his face but quickly stops and realizes how ugly Kenneth is. Kenneth gets dumped hardcore on V-Day.

Elisa is in church and as they pass around a collection plate she sees a McDonald’s gift card and is reminded of Jack. She runs to the nearest McDonald’s and finds Jack already standing in line. They want to hold each other as they both eat McFlurrys. They reconcile and kiss.

My Two Cents

It was quite the lovey-dovey episode. It's Valentine's Day, what do you expect? Also, have you folks seen this gem? Salma Hayek talks about her greatest assets. Awesome.

Recap by Recently Job Entitled Mitchell Cumstein