This episode starts with Jack and Elisa on the street buying a hot dog. Jack spots a man juggling with his change and his baby. Jack is disgusted, saying, "that used to be a man."  Elisa gets mad at Jack and confesses to him she wants kids someday.

Jack goes to Liz for advice. Jack says Elisa wants to know, "where this is all going." Liz says chicks just want closure and a sense of purpose. Jack says he wants closure too and confesses to Liz that him and Elisa haven't had sex yet. Elisa is waiting for a commitment first. Liz tells jack to be honest, and only promise commitment if he is ready to devote time to the relationship. Liz rubs it in Jack's face that she has had sex two more times then him in 2009.

Tracy is going to be on Larry King Live. Liz and Pete try to remind Tracy to plug the television show, but he won't remember. Pete gets a phone call from Liz's phone; which is impossible because Liz is standing right next to him. Instead, it's a Taxi driver who has found Liz's phone in his taxi. The taxi driver asks Liz why Tracy Jordan's phone number is in her phone, and she explains that she works with him. The taxi driver thinks Liz is rich and blackmails her in order to get the phone back. The taxi driver wants $800 dollars for the phone.

Elisa comes into Jack's office with a caricature of her on a skateboard. She says she is leaving to Peurto Rico, unless Jack can commit to something serious.  Jack tells Elisa he loves her. Elisa is happy. Before she leaves his office, Elisa hints at this being a special night--a hint for sex.

Tracy is on Larry King Live and recounts the entire plot of the movie Teen Wolf. Suddenly, Larry cuts to breaking news of the Asian markets in turmoil. Tracy predicts that the collapse of the Asian markets will send the US markets into a downward spiral. He says New York will be in turmoil in the morning. He predicts a New York of the 1970's.

Jack gets in the elevator on his way to meet Elisa and runs into Jorganson. Jorganson is flustered with the Asian markets. Jack could care less, he is going to meet Elisa. Liz is in the elevator and Jack gets a call from Liz's phone. It's the cabi. He tells Liz he found the special ,"naked picture," of her on the phone. The cabi wants more money in order for Liz to get the phone back. She agrees and tells him that she is going to pick the phone up shortly.  

Liz tells the writers she is going to get the phone and she wants one of them to go with her. No one but Kenneth wants to go.But, before Kenneth goes, he makes Liz promise they are friends. He would only do this for a friend. She promises and they are on their way to pick up the phone.  

Tracy warns New Yorkers to prepare for the Thunderdome, because that is the new law of New York.
Kenneth and Liz get off the subway in Queens and Kenneth gets graffitied on by some hoodlums. Kenneth says he is scared and doesn't want to risk his life for a cellphone.  Liz convinces him to continue along by lying to him. She says there is a song on the phone recorded by her dead grandmother. Kenneth is inspired, and promises to get the phone.
Elisa and Jack finally make love. Suddenly, Jorganson and Jack's business cronie break into the apartment and tell Jack about the Asian markets. They say they can't contact Giess, the head boss, and that Jack is in charge. Jack is reluctant to leave Elisa, but sees the amount of money the company stands to lose and decides to go. Elisa seems pissed.
The writers are watching Larry King. Tracy says to freak out. Withdrawl all your money and hide it. Tracy says he hides money at work and the writers look for it.
Some kids steal Liz Lemon's purse while her and Kenneth are walking to get the phone. Kenneth finds a picture of Liz's grandmother on the ground and figures out she has been lying to him. She tells him the truth about the nudie pic on her phone. Kenneth says friends would never lie to other friends. Liz tells Kenneth that maybe they aren't friends. Kenneth leaves, upset at Liz. Liz is left on her own.
Jack is back at the NBC office with his business cronies. They contemplate taking Tracy's advice and selling all of their assets. Elisa bursts in the office and yells at Jack. She says he never loved her. Jack tries to tell her to go back to his apartment. She throws his keys down and tells him she is going to Peurto Rico, and the relationship is over. Elisa says Jack blew a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Tracy says on Larry King Live that he has hid money insid 30 Rock. The writers get wind of this and run to his office, trying to find the money. Finally, after not much success, Pete calls up Larry King Live and asks Tracy where he has hid the money. Tracy says he hides it in the safest place at 30 Rock. The writers have no idea where that is.
Jack and his cronies finally get a hold of Mr. Giess. Giess has a prerecorded videotape message of himself from the 80's. The message claims capitalism is dead, and that the cronies should leave and be with their loved ones. Giess explains that love is the only thing that matters. Jack seems inspired. He runs out of his office to find Elisa sitting on a curb. Jack tells Elisa he wants to get married. She agrees and says she wants a huge ring.
Liz finally meets the cabi. She explains that she can't pay the ransom for her phone because her purse was stolen. Kenneth comes back to help her out. But, neither of them have money to pay for the phone. Meanwhile, the writers are freaking out, they want to find Tracy's money. They call Tracy again and he reiterates that the money is hidden in the safest place at 30 Rock. Kenneth sees this and realizes he is the safest place at 30 Rock. He feels around in his jacket and finds Tracy's money. They pay the cabi and get Liz's phone back. Kenneth and Liz are friends again.
The next day, the markets are fine. The media says it was all fear-mongering, mostly caused by Tracy Jordan. Elisa gives Jack a tape that says she isn't ready to marry him. She is going to Peurto Rico to think things through. Another great episode of 30 Rock concludes.
Recap by Mitch Cumstein