This newest installment of 30 Rock starts with the end of 30 Rock’s fake sketch comedy show. Everyone is clapping and joyous because the show is over. Frank asks Liz Lemon if she wants to join the writers at a bar. She says no because she will go to a donut shop instead. Pete knows that Liz is upset and asks her about why.

Before Liz can answer, Jenna runs up to Liz and asks why Tracy got more lines in the show than she did. Jenna doesn’t get the response she desires and claims she hurt her ankle. She is faking the injury to get attention.

Jack is still at the office after the show. He tells Liz he's committed to Elisa, and won’t do anything involving other women while she is away. He sees the writers leaving to go to the bar and Jack follows them. He knows there are no women where those writers are going.

Liz and Pete are at the donut shop. The donut shop girl is pregnant. Liz is getting a dozen assorted donuts to eat at the shop, and Pete realizes she wants to stay and talk to the pregnant teen. Pete bails from the donut shop and leaves Liz alone with the girl. 

Jack is at the bar with the writers. Frank and Jack talk about how they never have had a father figure in their lives. The writers are going to watch a movie at Lutz’s before the night is over and they invite Jack to tag along. They go to Jack’s place instead.

The teen donut shop girl talks to Liz about the horrors of her boyfriend who impregnated her. Liz asks her about the plan behind the baby. Will she give it up for adoption? Liz is laying the seed to be the cool adopting parent that the girl is friends with. Like in Juno. Kinda.

Frank and Jack and the writers watch a fictional movie starring John Lithgow and a sasquatch. John Lithgow forces the sasquatch to go into the wild, even though he is friends with the sasquatch. A heart-wrenching tale. Jack and Frank cry. They bond over their lack of a father figure, and vow to help each other out. Frank announces he never intended to be a writer, but always wanted to be a lawyer. 

Meanwhile, Tracy tells Kenneth he doesn’t have a birthday. He says he was born at Yankee Stadium and no one ever knew his birthday. Kenneth says everyone deserves to be surrounded by people they love on their birthday. Kenneth announces he will throw a birthday party for Tracy.

Jack runs into Frank and they pick up where they left off in the male-bonding. Jack tells Frank he called in some favors and Frank can resume his law studies at Columbia University. Frank is grateful. 

The donut shop girl, Becca, goes to visit Liz at 30 Rock. Liz hired her as the show’s new youth consultant.

They are planning a big party for the actress and Kenneth wants her to share a party with Tracy.

Jenna talks about her upcoming birthday party that Kenneth is planning. Kenneth tells Jenna that it will a joint birthday party, coupled with Tracy. Jenna agrees but is clearly upset.

Becca asks Liz if she wants to adopt this baby. Liz says yes. They sing a song to celebrate.

Pete says Liz shouldn’t be becoming a mentor for Becca. He warns Liz that this is a natural thing that parents go through, and Liz shouldn’t disrupt the cycle.

Kenneth throws Jenna and Tracy a joint surprise party. Tracy is overwhelmed and his happiness completely overshadows Jenna’s party.  At the party, Frank is all dressed up. He announces going to law school.

Frank runs into Jack and invites Jack to dinner at Frank’s mother’s house. Jack agrees, and couldn’t be happier that Frank is going to law school.

The next day, Tracy is upset over his birthday. His wish hadn’t come true.

At the dinner and out of earshot of Frank, Frank's mom slaps Jack around. She tells him that Frank’s father was a lawyer. He is now in hiding because of the mob. She says if Frank goes into law, the mob will surely kill him. She tells Jack it is his job to get Frank out of this mess.

Becca’s ex-boyfriend comes to 30 Rock. Liz is stressed she will loose her not-yet-born adopted baby. Jack explains the story of the sasquatch and John Lithgow to Liz. Sending him back into the forest because out of love. Sometimes you have to free the things you love. Liz doesn’t get the story.

Jenna is in a wheelchair. She wants attention that she didn’t get at her party. Kenneth is clearly more interested in Tracy’s wish than in Jenna. Jenna says no one cares about her. Tracy wished for Jenna to get better and when she stands from the wheelchair, his wish comes true. This makes Jenna happy because someone cared about her. 

Liz finds Becca’s ex-boyfriend, Tim. She is about to tell him to scram but runs into John Lithgow. She takes this as a sign. She tells Tim that he needs to take Becca back and raise the kid.

Jack pulls a John Lithgow on Frank, also. He tells him he can’t go to law school. He sets Frank free, in a way, by making him go back to his writer’s desk.

Tim goes to see Becca. They make up. Liz is upset she can’t keep the baby but knows she did the right thing.

Jack and Liz are drinking wine. They are both upset, but take solace in the fact that they did the right thing. The episode ends.

Frankly, I would have liked to have seen more John Lithgow. And more of that sasquatch.

Recap by Mitch Cumstein