Liz Lemon walks into the studio and a new, handsome intern hands her a report. The intern tells Lemon she rocks, and high-fives his other intern buddies. Jack explains to Lemon that the new interns are former investment bankers. He says they work like hell and don’t have any sort of real world experience. Where can I get a stockbroker intern?

Elisa’s (Selma Hayak) grandma is coming to get a tour on the office. For som unknown reason, the grandma doesn’t like Jack.

Liz is upset because she is getting someone else’s mail. Jenna looks through the mail and announces that the mail is coming from Liz’s neighbor. And it looks like he is a doctor. Liz wants to meet the doctor after seeing the three Netflix movies he has rented: Muppets, Caddyshack, and a documentary on how to make pie.

Jack gives Elisa and her grandmother a tour of the NBC studios. It is obvious the grandmother wants nothing to do with Jack. Both Jack and Elisa are at a loss; they can’t figure out why she doesn’t like Jack. The grandmother stops the tour in order to watch her favorite Mexican television novella – Los Amantes Clandestinos. The show is based around a horrible villain named Generalissimo. As the grandmother turns to Jack to give him a stink-eye, Jack notices that he looks exactly like the Generalissimo.

Tracy arrives at work and is cornered by the new interns. They are like star-struck frat boys. They invite him out for drinks after work. He agrees and the interns tell him to get ready to drink a whole ton of beer.

Liz goes to her doctor-neighbor’s door to find out if he is ugly or not. After a kooky looking weirdo answers the door, the real Dr. Drew Baird comes through. Drew apologizes for the smell; he has been baking. Liz wants to eat him.

Elisa doesn’t want Jack to come to her family events. Jack knows it is because he looks like the Generalissimo and he vows to change that television show to get her grandma to like him. 

Liz announces to Jenna that he is in love with Dr. Drew Baird. She stole more of his mail and took a picture of him. Kenneth tells them all to keep quite because Tracy in hung over. Tracy says he spent all night drinking scotch and going to a Ranger’s game. He takes some pills that the new interns gave him to try and ease his headache. The pills are actually roofies. As he passes out he announces that he must keep drinking with the new interns in order to keep up his cool image.

Jack calls Elisa and Liz into his office. He bought Los Amantes Clandestinos and plans to kill off the Generalissimo. He wants Liz to write the new episode. Elisa fills Liz in on the horror that is the Generalissimo. Elisa says he has been stealing love letters from a poor Spanish girl and adhering to them in order to trick the girl into liking him. Elisa says stealing letters is the worst thing any human can do, but this gives Liz an idea. Liz knows the doctor likes dogs because of his letters, so Liz goes to the doctor’s house and pretends she has a dog that ran away, enlisting his help.

Liz and Dr. Baird are in the streets looking for Liz’s fake dog. Liz wants to give up and go get a drink with the Dr. Baird. He says he can’t because he recently got a divorce. 

Tracy begrudgingly takes shots with the new interns. He looks like hell and wants to die, but is not willing to give up his party-boy persona.

Jack and Elisa watch Los Amantes Clandestinos. Jack has written the script so the Generalissimo gets shot and killed. But when the scene is supposed to arrive, the Generalissimo avoids the bullet and drinks a potion that he says will cause him to live forever. The generalissimo apparently ignored Jack’s script and is taking control of the show.

Jack goes to the set of Los Amantes Clandestinos and talks to the actor who plays the Generalissimo. The actor says he will not be killed off. Jack tries to reason with the actor and tells the actor he is doing all this because of a girl’s grandmother. The actor says he will not die, but he will change his character so that all old Mexican women will love him.

Tracy and Kenneth try to come up with a way to get the new interns out of the studio. All this partying is killing Tracy.

Liz tries to trick the doctor again. She says she is having a party to introduce him to the building, but when he shows up to her door it will be just the two of them. The doctor comes over and is confused why no one else is at Liz’s house, but agrees to one glass of wine. However, right as her plan is about to take hold, the crazy man who lives with the doctor brings a dog to the door. The dog looks exactly like Liz’s fake dog that she lost. Liz has to pretend it is her dog.

A hilarious montage ensues where the Generalissimo seduces grandmothers with cheap coffee and lottery tickets, and Liz seduces the doctor.

The doctor and Liz are about to kiss but Liz’s fake dog is barking and ruins the moment. She puts the dog in the other room as the doctor takes two of Tracy’s roofies, thinking they were aspirin. Liz comes back into the room and the Dr. falls, knocking over Liz’s purse. All of his mail falls out and he realizes that Liz has been stalking him.

Elisa’s grandmother now loves Jack. She  makes just one request: she wants him to change the some NBC shows around because they are too sad.

The doctor comes to Liz’s door and brings her some mail that was dropped off at his house by mistake. He says that judging by her mail, a relationship between them would have actually worked, if she didn’t lie to him first. Liz wants another chance, saying weirder stuff has happened. Just then Tracy can be seen on the TV announcing to the world he is restarting Leehma Brothers. Also, the Today show ends with pictures of Mexican babies and mariachi music. The doctor agrees to give Liz a second chance.