30 Rock Recap: Apollo, Apollo

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This episode begins with Liz unpacking her new running shoes. Jack calls Liz and tells her she is yet to RSVP to his 50th birthday party. Meanwhile, on television, Tracy is announcing to the world that it is his dream to go into space. He will finance the trip if anyone is willing to shoot him into space. Liz has to deal with this, pronto.

Dennis Duffy suddenly bursts into Liz’s apartment and tells her that he is going through a 12 step program. He is a recovering sex addict. He is at step nine, the step where he needs to apologize to everybody he has wronged. Side note: For all you Seinfeld fans, you know step nine. Dennis apologizes to Liz for sleeping with her, thus subjecting her to his web of treachery. Liz doesn’t care, she just wants Dennis out of the room.

Liz asks Jack if he knows about Tracy trying to get into space. Jack says he has a google alert for everything titled “Tracy Jordan ridiculous disaster”. They have to stop him.

In the mean time, Jack is preparing for his birthday party. His mother sent him old videos from some of his previous birthdays. One in particular, Jack gets so excited while opening a birthday present, he throws up. Liz says she has never gotten excited enough to throw up, but she does pee her pants. She calls it “Lizzing”, a combination of laughing and wizzing.

Liz encounters Jenna rehearsing for a Peter Pan skit. She is going to be lifted into the air with a dolly, and Liz holds her phone. While Liz is holding the phone, Dennis-the-douche calls Jenna’s phone. Liz picks up and pretends to be Jenna. Dennis apologizes to fake-Jenna for sleeping with her. Liz is horrified. Jenna, Liz’s best friend, slept with Dennis also.

Liz and Jack try to convince Tracy to go into space. Tracy says he has dreamed about it since being a child. Jack, extremely nostalgic because his birthday is coming up, promises to help Tracy live out his dream. When they exit the room, Jack tells Liz to build a fake space launch in order to trick Tracy into thinking he is going into space.

Liz confronts Jenna about Dennis Duffy.  Jenna apologizes, and they vow to not let the incident hurt their friendship. They decide to go give Dennis a piece of their minds.

Kenneth drops some presents off at Jack’s house. Jack is drinking and seems depressed. He wishes he could see the world through Kenneth’s eyes, and take joy out of the simple pleasures in life. Cut to a POV shot from Kenneth’s eyes. In his head, everyone is a Muppet character.

Jenna and Liz confront Dennis at his horribly placed cappuccino machine venture. Jenna confesses that she and Dennis had sex on Liz’s bed. Liz tries to keep her cool, but is clearly upset at Jenna.

Adam West gives a brief speech at Jack’s birthday. When Jack was 10, he made a list of things he wanted to accomplish before he turned 50. One of the things on the list was to be friends with Batman. In order to complete the list, he had Adam West come to the party. Adam West introduces a clearly distraught Jack as Jake Doherty. Jack takes the mic and tells everyone at the party to go home.

Liz shows up to Jack’s house to find Jack watching the old video of his 10th birthday. Jack wants to be that happy again. He figures he can recreate that happiness by figuring out the gift that made him so happy he barfed. Either that, or he will Benjamin Button himself.

Tracy prepares for his fake space launch. They tell him he needs to wear a blindfold in order to protect himself from space germs.

Liz watches Jenna rehearse for the Peter Pan skit. Before Jenna is lifted by the dolly, Liz notices her harness isn’t secure. Liz decides not to tell her, punishing her for sleeping with Dennis. She falls and breaks her leg. Jenna is pissed at Liz.

Jack finds the toy that made him happy enough to puke. However, the Apollo toy doesn’t have the same effect on Jack that it once had.

Tracy blasts off in the fake rocket ship. Tracy is so excited that he “Lizzes” in his pants. He is finally in space. Later, he talks to Jack and Kenneth via webcam. Tracy says if everyone in the world saw what he saw, there would be peace. Tracy’s vision of the world is a world where everyone looks like Tracy. Jack says that will never be, and the shot cuts to a first person view from Jack’s eyes, and everything has dollar signs. Everyone sees the world differently.

Liz feels horrible for making Jenna fall, and wants to make it up to her. But nothing seems to appease Jenna’s anger. Finally, Liz tells Jenna she can tell the writers about the phone sex video commercial she was in back in Chicago. Jenna runs to the writers room. Apparently, Liz was so bad at acting she only managed to get one commercial gig, trying to be all sexy for 1-800-OKGIRLS. The writers quickly find the commercial online and hook it up to the computer. It shows a noticeably younger and more disgusting Liz, trying her best to act sexy. The writers crack up. Jack comes into the room and bursts into laughter. He hasn’t laughed this hard since, ohhhh-nnoooo, he pukes on Kenneth. Actually, Liz says he “Jacks” on Kenneth.

Jack is done vomiting and he is refreshed and happy. He thanks Liz, he doesn’t know what he would do without her. Jack feels like a kid again.

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