On tonight's episode of 30 Rock we find Liz and Jack attending an exclusive dinner party hosted by Gavin Volure, the ex-CEO of a company called Sunsteam.  Jack describes Gavin as god like, but now a reclusive.  After introducing himself to Jack and Liz they are surprised to see that the host of the party Jack has been in awe about is actually the person playing piano behind them. Gavin Volure (played by Steve Martin) informs his newly arrived guests that, "because of his extreme case of agoraphobia and debilitating wealth he is forced to bring the world to him." 

How It Went Down

Meanwhile at the studio Kenneth wonders why Tracy is still at work.  Tracy nervously tells Kenneth that his sons Tracy Jr. and George Foreman have been acting very strangely as of late. He doesn't know what his kids are doing, but he knows they are up to something.  He thinks that it has something to do with all of the new money coming in, especially from the life size Tracy Jordan sex doll. 

Believing that Gavin is now out of the game Jack is offered to invest into Gavin's new company involving wind power and bandwidth in the Chinese market.  Comparing this venture as the best day of his life to the day he was pulled on stage to dance at a Bruce Springsteen concert Jack eagerly agrees to the investment. It appears that the future is looking bright for Jack and he is on his way to being among the ranks of the most powerful business owners in the country.

The next morning Liz arrives back at the studio to a phone call from Gavin telling her he had a wonderful night and wants to invite her back to his mansion this time as date. Tracy is sitting in front of the TV in his dressing room flipping through channels when he comes across a TV special on the Menende brothers murders.  He quickly realizes that this is what's going to happen to him if he doesn't do something to prevent his sons from killing him.  Jack approaches Kenneth to find him folding clothes in the middle on the office hallway.  Kenneth tells Jack that he has taken on some extra work to make some additional money to send back to the farm.  Intrigued by how much money Kenneth has saved from this Jack offers to invest the money into Gavin's new company. On his way to the elevator Jack runs into Liz where she informs him that she has been invited on a date by Gavin.  Unsure of what will come out of this Liz states that all she wants is to be able to skip past all the introductory dating and relationship involvement and go 12 years in where you do nothing but sit around together and watch TV and have absolutely no physical interaction.

While being given a tour of his house Liz asks Gavin how dating him will work. Due to his extreme agoraphobia Gavin states that they can never leave the house basically leaving them with not much to do except sitting around watching TV, reading celebrity gossip and eating. Also because of his phobias they can never be physically intimate. Wondering what woman would ever want such a life Gavin is unaware that he has just painted the picturesque relationship for Liz.

Later at the Jack's office Kenneth comes in to contribute another 10 dollars to his new found investment.  With both men being excited about their new future Jack calls his broker to see how their investment is coming along.  To their amazement we find that the company Jack and Kenneth have bought into is now gone.  The account has been closed leaving the two of them high and dry. At the same time after spending a lovely day watching Canadian MTV Liz is about to leave Gavin's when suddenly he locks his assistant in a room and suddenly tries to make break for it.  He informs Liz that he actually doesn't suffer from agoraphobia and that he is in fact under house arrest for tax fraud and arson and his assistant is really a U.S. Marshall keeping tabs on Gavin's every move.

Shocked by the events Gavin's Liz returns to the office to tell Jack what his friend has been up to.  Determined to fix everything Jack is going to face Gavin and get their money back. Gavin informs Jack that he has spent all of his investment money on disguises, Sunstream was actually a company that never really did anything, and that his house is owned by the government and he shares it with other white collar criminals. Even after all of the lies though Gavin says that he never meant to hurt Liz.

Wrap Up

While waiting for his sons to come and Menendez him Tracy is overlooking the strategically placed Tracy sex doll in his bed from his closet.  One of his sons come in to tell him about this scary dream that he had where his dad was going to get so rich and leave his family.  Saddened by what he hears Tracy realizes how much his sons love him and now knows that he has been overreacting to how his children have behaving.  But he doesn't leave this new found realization unwarned.  He tells his son that if anything ever happens to him they will go to jail.

The next morning Liz is surprised to see an escaped Gavin dressed as a handy man sneaking around the studio trying to convince her to run away with him. Liz refuses to run off with Gavin so he decides to climb up into the rafters and jump. Tracy is able to save the day by using his Tracy sex doll to play body double to distract Gavin as he sneaks up behinds and subdues Gavin from attempting to take his own life.


This episode was what 30 Rock has come to be known. it was full of twists and unexpected turns that made the show fly by and leaving me wanting more.  Tracy Morgan definitely stood out among the regular cast with his Menedez side story, however where the episode really shined was in it's guest star.  It was great to see Steve Martin playing a character that was rooted in his early works along the likes of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Hopefully in the future there will be room for a returning role for Martin as Gavin Volure or at least a better role for him period in anything.