The season 3 opener begins with Liz strolling to work when she is pleasantly surprised to see Jack pulling up next to her in a limo.  When he is asked by Liz how he managed to get out of his government job Jack responds vaguely that he's not at liberty to say due to it's classified nature, well at least until Cheney dies which will be a long time. Once again solidifying the proof that Dick Cheney is more machine than man since as Jack puts it “he is made almost completely out of metal”.  However, Jack's returned and is determined to get his old job back. Liz informs him that today a home evaluator from the adoption agency is coming to assess her and that she is determined not to screw this one up.<_o3a_p>

By offering his assistance Jack confronts Devin Banks and his lack of leadership with the company.  Pointing out several of Devin's business mishaps since Jack's departure one of them being a theme park fire that failed to destroy anything that it was suppose to.  A nice little jab at the real Universal back lot fire that occurred earlier this year.  Convinced that he has everything under control Devin offers him a job with the company in the mailroom. Without any hesitation Jack takes the offer.<_o3a_p>

Liz meets with the home evaluator played by guest star Megan Mullay, but unfortunately no matter what Liz does to appear as the perfect candidate for adoption everything seems to fall short of ideal, especially how many hours she puts in at work leaving Megan Mullay's character, Bev wanting to see what Liz's work environment is like. Hoping to have the support of her co-workers Liz tries to disguise the appearance of her chaotic work environment as one that would be a picturesque setting for this hopeful mother.  Asking them to take down any pornography and anything weird they may have lying around.  Of course we all know that with this cast of characters this will be far from the truth.  <_o3a_p>

While attempting to put things straight in the office Liz is approached by Jack regarding Cathy Geiss' inappropriate interaction with him after he delivered her copy of Soap Digest.  "She touched me, she touched me in my swimsuit area”, says Jack. Wondering how far he will have to go to get his old job back he ponders allowing Cathy to take advantage of him. Should he be more like Devin or continue to work up the corporate ladder the hard way, which strangely enough seems easier since Jack has now already been promoted twice since the beginning of the show.<_o3a_p>

Bev shows up at the NBC studios for a tour of Liz's work environment and interviews her co-workers to get a better idea of what type of person she is.  Instead off the wall stories are exchanged that have absolutely nothing to do with Liz.  When Frank is interviewed by Bev he decides to tell her in detail about a video of circus accidents and in particular a scene where a lion goes nuts on an older clown.  To Liz's embarrassment he does this interview while wearing a derby hat that says "Horny".  Jack interrupts Liz's assessment to inform her that he doesn't have much time. Devin has completely lost his mind and wants to shut down the company. Now Jack has to do the one thing that will put him back in his old job. He has to go take one for the team and bang Cathy.  <_o3a_p>

Tracy shows up in the office and begins to hand out gifts to the people who helped make his X-Rated video game possible.  Frank is given a pair of golden nunchucks.  While touring around the studio Bev is struck with in the head by the nunchucks knocking her unconscious.  Upon awaking Bev has no idea she was in the middle of Liz's evaluation and thinks she just got the office.  "DO OVER, I GET A DO OVER", declares Liz as she frantically rounds up everyone in the office to make things right. In hopes of saving Jack from the career mistake he is about to make Liz barges into Cathy's office to prevent Jack from sleeping with the CEO and begins to act out as if the office was the setting of a soap opera scene for Cathy’s amusement. The episode ends with Jack grabbing his seat back on top as Cathy’s personal business advisor without him having to end up banging his way up the ladder.

Rock Solid

Trying to condense this much action into a review is like trying to get a hyperactive child to sit down and focus on an episode of Antique Roadshow. 30 Rock definitely didn't skip a beat from the season 2 ending to this season 3 opener.  Tina Fay and Alec Baldwin definitely didn’t disappoint. There were so many memorable lines from this episode.  The one that sticks out the most though is Jack describing the idea of Cathy’s underwear being like “Dora the explorer panties that were clearly made for an obese child”.<_o3a_p>