Tranquilizers, Freaky Friday, Olympic Tetherball, and Oprah Winfrey. Liz tells Jack that she has to fly to Chicago for jury duty. Convinced that it won’t take long to not be selected as one of the jurors, thanks to her Princess Leia costume, she tells him that she will return in no time.  This is fortunate for him because he has found himself in the middle of an Olympic controversy worse than doping.

Tyler Brody, the US silver medalists in Olympic Tetherball is stepping up and is about to speak out that it was all rigged. To Liz’s surprise Jack informs her that there were several Olympic games that were fake and that they did it purely for ratings.  <_o3a_p>

On her way back from Chicago Liz takes some tranquilizers given to her by Jack. Unfortunately right after taking them Oprah sits in the seat right next to Liz.  Completely overwhelmed by this momentous occasion Liz uncontrollably blurts out to Oprah about some of the more embarrassing moments in her life including: her troubled adoption, loosing her virginity at 25, and not receiving her September issue of O magazine.  Also during her encounter Liz informs Oprah of the drama at work between Tracey and Jenna over the sales of his video game.  Tracey is now counter suing Jenna for defamation and the problem is getting worse.  Oprah graciously offers to come by the studio while she is in New York to help reconcile their differences.<_o3a_p>

Jack on the other hand has been spending time trying to control the fake tetherball situation.  Unfortunately Kenneth overheard the discussion between Tyler and Jack and now he has to try to convince his simple outlook on life that sometimes things like this happen.<_o3a_p>

Liz returns back to the studio to find Jenna and Tracey in the middle of a social experiment.  They have both reversed roles in life.  Tracey is now dressed up like a white woman and Jenna has no taken the persona of a black man. Liz urgently tries to get them out of their ridiculous makeup get things back to normal for the promised appearance and moderation of Oprah Winfrey.  Ironically though we find that the Oprah Liz was talking to wasn’t the Oprah millions of Americans tune in to each day. The pills that Liz took while on the plane made her hallucinate to the point that a middle school class vice president named Pam was her iconic hero.  Surprisingly though Pam wasn’t the “real” Oprah she was able to get Tracey and Jenna to reconcile their differences.


Over all this episode though funny did not hold it’s own compared to last week’s. The story line was way too fast even for 30 Rock's comedic standards.  The side story between Jenna and Tracy has gotten really old offsetting the balance between Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin’s story lines.  Oprah’s guest appearance was entertaining but for the most part filler for the story.  Hopefully next weeks episode will pick up some of the slack.<_o3a_p>