Sean and Janis are hot on the case of hacking into the interface and hopefully finding out where Dubaku is targeting his next attack, and tracking the van that took the Matobos. Sean questions Larry Moss' ability to further lead this investigation, after his crush Agent Walker was apparently murdered.

Bauer and his team successfully follow the van and find out Dubaku's evil lair. They get the blueprints for the building, and Bauer asks Agent Walker for her help. Meanwhile Ule Matobo and his wife are brought into Dubaku's lair. They talk about the rightful leader of Sangala, and Dubaku insists that Matobo tell him all of his political friends so that he can dispose of them.

"i'm inside approaching the front desk..." Agent Walker walkies Bauer as she walks into Dubaku's building. Bauer, Almeida, and Buchanan are on the roof, in an apparent death from above technique. Walker opens the door for the team. They begin their infiltration of the lair. The team hops into a crawl space above Dubaku and the captive Matobos.

Kidron, Ohio. Janis and Sean come across this town as they try and hack the CIP module. It turns out there is an insecticide plant there! She calls up the supervisor Mr. Brunner in Kidron, telling him that there may be a problem. He tells her that 3 safety valves have already failed. "I have reason to believe that there may be a terrorist targeting your factory," Janis says. Brunner tries to shut if off, but can't. Janis alerts the President.

Taylor is getting ready for a speech informin the American people about the issue at hand, while Ethan and his aide talk about the strangely unreachable Henry Taylor as being the only one that can defer the President from deploying troops in Sangala. Then they inform the Pres. of the target in Kidron, and how 17,500 people are projected to die.

Brunner heads in to the main tank room in Kidron to try and manually release some pressure to buy time. He gets some help in the form of Janis to override the routing board. The gas will also be released in the tank room, putting Brunner's life in danger. They turn some valves, and the gas starts to blow into the room.

Dubaku and his team are 7 minutes away from their attack, but then they get some footage from their hidden camera on the rooftop, showing Bauer and Almeida ready to infiltrate. Dubaku decides to put the attack on hold, thus canceling the CIP modules intrusion, until they find a new lair. But then Bauer and his team come roaring in, in textbook two pronged formation.

A massive gunfight goes down, much in favor of Bauer, Almeida, and Buchanan. Walker shoots down Dubaku's aide as he tries to take away the Matobos, the CIP device has apparently been destroyed, and Dubaku has gotten away.

Back in the tank room, the pressure has dropped, but Brunner isn't doing too well. Bauer and his guys are searching for Dubaku, who comes upon Latham. "I will kill your daughter in front of you and your wife's eyes if you don't do this..." They kick in the door to find Latham just standing there. "I'm sorry..." He has some wires dangling...A BOMB! They dive out of the room as Dubaku pushes the detonator. They are all ok. Still can't find Dubaku. They leave for the safe house before the cops arrive.

Mr Brunner didn't end up so well. He died bravely and Janis intends on calling his family to inform them of his honorable death.

"It turns out a crisis has been diverted." Ethan's aide tells Pres. Taylor. But they don't know how or why, so it's not fully conclusive. Ethan then approaches the Pres. about her husband's obsession with Roger's death. She's disturbed by the news, but even moreso the fact that he can't be found anywhere. They put out an APV, and Getch's counterpart in crime gets the message and calls his phone. Taylor picks it up and sees the name 'Vossier.' He walks towards the door and opens it a crack to see Vossier running towards the door with a gun. He runs back inside but is captured by the evil Secret Service agent, who is about to blow the first Dude's head off, but gets a call. From Dubaku (who's on a public bus or something-WTF?). "Don't kill him, bring him to me." Dubaku tells Vossier.

Back at the safe house with the Matobos, they decide that they need some help, so they call up the White House. Matobo and Pres. Taylor get on the phone with each other. They agree on a solo meet up.

On the way to the White House, Tony states that he will not be able to accompany them, as they will arrest him on the spot. Bauer begrudgingly accepts, and they leave. BUT Tony has a strange look in his eye as he watches them leave. He's totally going to screw them over later, no doubt.

Dubaku arrives at his modest apartment when the doorbell rings. An innocent little American girl is there telling him that he must come over for dinner to eat lasagna? Looks like Dubaku has a little girlfriend on the side. He calls up Vossier and tells him to bring Taylor up to his place. "What are you going to do to him?" --"...Just make sure you weren't followed..."