Bauers on the move. Police are every which way. He elbows the window of a car, hotwires it, and screeches of in a vintage Mustang that happens to have a laptop in it.

At FBI headquarter's, Chloe's husband asks asking Janis what happened to his wife, Chloe. She tells him that she has been apprehended on charges of collusion and can't be released.

Moss then gets on the line with Janis and tells her about Burnett's murder, and that Bauer got away. She puts out a 100 mile radius APV on Bauer. Walker then goes up to Janis and gets filled with the recent news of Burnett's death.

Bauer gets on the phone with Walker, and asks her to get an ID on the guy that killed Burnett. He grabbed a CD with surveillance of the hospital room and sends the image to Walker, who agrees to get the ID.

Quinn calls up Jon Voight (who will now be referred to as Jonas Hodges) and tells him that Bauer got away from FBI.  Hodges is none too pleased, and after hanging up the phone, firmly tells his apprehensive aide that what they are doing is fundamentally necessary, and that the death of a single human is tragic and painful for him. The shipment's still on.

Walker gets back to Bauer with a positive ID. Turns out Quinn is mercenary that frequently works with the Starkwood Corporation doing covert ops. Walker tells Bauer that Senator Mayer is the guy to talk to, as he was investigating this shady corporation. She agrees to get the Senator's 10-4 for Bauer.

Moss walks into Walker's office. He tells her to go home and get some sleep. He leaves and tells Janis to record Walker's phone history. He knows she's been talking with Bauer.

In the Oval Office, the President gets some advice from her newly appointed daughter. She tells her to have a statement about the victory over tyranny, an the President complies to put it into her speech.

Kanin then comes int the office and tells the President what happened with Burnett, who's stunned with Bauer's apparent role in the murder, and by the fact that Bauer knew of more inside people that were threatening the country.

At FBI headquartes, Walker tries to get out, but is stopped by Moss. He orders her to tell him where Bauer is, but she holds strong. "How much are you willing to give up for Bauer?!"--"Do you really think he's guilty after all he's done today?"

Senator Mayer then pulls up to his house, and heads inside. It's quiet and he seems tired. But something's wrong..."Hello...?" Then Bauer appears from behind a door. "If you want me dead Bauer, youre just going to have to kill me."--"I would have killed you a long time ago, SIT DOWN."

They talk about the Starkwood Coporation. Mayer tells him that the privatized mercenary business is indeed shady, but that he doesn't know of any terrorist activities linked in with Juma, Sangala, or Burnett. Bauer orders him to open the files he has on Starkwood, and Mayer begrudgingly complies.

The President walks out to give a televised statement on what has happened. She's greeted by a standing O. Then, a journalist approaches Kanin during the speech and asks about Bauer and his the murder of Burnett. He offers no comment, but then heads over to Olivia, and asks her why the hell she leaked confidential info to the press. She denies it but, Kanin gets more serious, grabbing her and loudly whispering "Do you have any idea how much this is going to harm your mother?!"--"Get your hands off me Ethan." She briskly leaves.

Janis is unable to break the code that Walker put on the location of Bauer's next destination. Only Chloe or her husband has the skills to break the code. Moss and Janis go to Chloe's husband and blackmail him, promising Chloe's release if he agrees to help. He confidently breaks the code and tells Moss that Bauer headed to Blaine Mayer's place.

Bauer's looking up the files, when Mayer asks him if he has any regrets. "Of course I do." He tells him that he regrets his family getting killed, but doesn't regret what he's done to secure the nation's safety. Then, Bauer finds an instance of an apparent drunk car crash, but then finds Quinn in the background, the obvious culprit. They both figure out that Starkwood joined forces with Juma so they could test and develop a catastrophic big weapon in Sangala. Then the Police bang on Mayer's door. Bauer wants to escape, but Mayer convinces him that he can help Bauer out if he just trusts him to handle it. Bauer, not the trusting type, says nothing. "It's time to start trusting institutions that you have spent your life keeping safe." So Bauer agrees, and tells him to answer the door. But when Mayer opens it, he gets blasted to death via machine gun from Quinn. Bauer jumps out a glass door and starts running.

In the Oval Office, President Taylor brings in Olivia and asks her about the press leak. Olivia still denies and tells them that she found the guy who leaked the info. "It seems as though you were mistaken Ethan." Kanin leaves, defeated, but something fishy is going here, and Olivia looks guilty.

Quinn follows Bauer via blood trail to a construction site with a trailer office. He steps inside after noticing a slightly ajar door. But then he hears an engine start up. Bauer has commandeered some heavy machinery, which he uses to flip over the trailer. Quinn is a little turned around, but heads out through the window. Bauer then jumps on Quinn and they have a solid hand to hand fight. After being thrown by Quinn, Bauer grabs a shiv and throws into his chest, then gets up, and uses a 4x4 to knock him down. He flips the bloodied body over, "You're dying, tell me where the weapon is."--"It's already here..." Quinn says in his last gasp.

Bauer takes Quinn's phone and sees a text message that says where the weapon may be. "Port Alexandria." He quickly calls up Tony Almeida and tells him to meet him there with weapons and some surveillance equipment.