President Taylor is bleeding from the mouth after the swift slap from General Juma. Her daughter, crying, tells her how sorry she was for being a little brat. Juma's goons then drag away the President.

Bauer whispers to Buchanan. Apparently there's an oxygen feed coming from the safe room, and if sparked, could blow away some Juma's men and give some time to get the President out.

"I'll read your statement," Taylor says, "but you have to release some hostages first." Juma surprisingly complies, takes one of the hostages, brings him to his feet and then caps him right in the head. Shit! Juma then demands the President do the statement. "The world is waiting Madame President."

A live feed straight to internet, broadcasts Taylor's statement. She says that America's at fault, that it's a criminal act of opression from a power hungry country, etc.

Meanwhile, Bauer gets ready to make his move. But Buchanan tells him that Juma had been talking to an outside source, and that he's the only guy who can find him. Without waiting any longer, Buchanan makes a dash for the safe room, grabs a Juma goon, takes his gun, and fires it.


A gunfight then ensues, with Bauer gunning down at least a hundred guys while hiding behind a dead carcass. The secret service agent guarding Taylor's daughter before, grabs the President and her daughter and waits for safety. After saving Senator Blaine Meyer's ass, Bauer gets to Juma. He's on the ground, wounded. "Don't you move!!!" But Juma reaches for his gun and Bauer pops him full of lead.

After the gunfight, the President has been safely secured, along with her daughter and the hostages. Bauer looks over to Buchanan, who lies dead on the ground, sacrificed for the good of America.

"Thanks to a lot of brave people, we are safe," Taylor reassures her Daughter. "I don't want to lose you again"--"You won't."

Bauer is sitting on ground mourning over Buchanan's death. "It was supposed to be me..." Agent Walker tries to reassure him. Bauer says, "this isn't over yet." He heads over to Larry Moss and tells him that the President probably still isn't safe, and that Juma had real time intel from a guy on the outside. Bauer wants to interrogate Ryan Burnett again to find out the rest of his story, but Moss doesn't want to do it. He orders Bauer handcuffed at brought to FBI headquarters.

Walker, a little disturbed by Moss' decision to cuff Bauer, approaches Ethan Canin and tells him about the intel learned about the Juma's intel on the outside.

In Jon Voight's office, he gets word from his assistant that the President isn't dead. "You go to admire that bitch, she doesn't go down easy," he says. Though Juma's dead, everything is still on with the 'shipment.' He tells his assistant to sit down and grab a drink and says, "let's to pin down some targets."

Canin calls up Moss and orders him to send Jack Bauer to interrogate Ryan Burnett. Moss complies, unwillingly.

While figuring out what her next move, President Taylor meets up with Ethan Canin. "I feel like I just woke up from a nightmare," Taylor says. She also tells Ethan that she wants to bring on Olivia as personal aide. Canin expresses some apprehension, but the President doesn't care, she wants Canin himself to offer Olivia the position in the Administration. He agrees. (Something screwy is afoot...)

After Moss and Walker share a little drama over the decision to have Bauer interrogate Burnett, Moss suspends Walker and climbs in the helicopter with Bauer, who watches it all go down from afar. He tells her that Walker is the best agent he's got. Some kind of  love triangle stuff going on here, Bauer

At Jon Voight's headquarters, (still don't know his fictional name) his aide tells him that Bauer is on his way to Burnett. Voight isn't happy, but his aide assures him that he has a guy, named 'Quinn' on his way to take care of Burnett. "Oh, he's good," Voight says.

A sketchy looking fake doctor (presumably 'Quinn') comes into a random room with an older man, who he chokes out. He leaves the room, the nurses at the front desk fleeing to attend to the dead old dude. Quinn hacks into the computer and gets the location of Burnett uploaded onto his portable computer mapping module thingy. He heads out, and slides up into a duct on his way over to kill Burnett before Bauer can wring out the truth.

After meeting up with Agent Pearce, the secret service guy who took a bullet for her, Olivia is approached by Ethan Canin about the new job. She's pleasantly surprised by the offer, but derides Canin for being a part of an administration that was corrupt enough to let the White House ge taken over by a bunch of terrorists. He's stunned by her display of disrespect, but she continues confidently, saying that she's not going to stop until she finds out who the rat is. (It's got to be Canin!)

Back at the hospital, Bauer's ready to go. Moss tells him not to lay a finger on Burnett.  He's going to be watching  via camera from outside. Meanwhile, Quinn is positioning himself. Bauer starts in, telling him Juma's attack failed. He gets his belt out. Quinn cuts out the audio, and pauses the feed to look like Bauer's regularly talking to Burnett for the feed outside Moss' watching. While Bauer starts yelling at Burnett, a canister falls the ceiling followed shortly after by Quinn in a gasmask. Nerve gas spills through the room, paralyzing Bauer. While he's down, Quinn slits Burnett's throat, and places a knife in Bauer's hand in an attempt to frame him. He escapes from whence he came.

Bauer comes to as the camera feed returns to normal, making him look guilty of murdering Burnett. Moss quickly orders an APV on Bauer, while Jack goes through the duct to try and pursue Quinn. He calls up Moss and tells him was set up to distract the FBI from the threat. He hangs up before Moss can convince Bauer to give himself up. Bauer escapes from the hospital, hot on Quinn's trail.