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Dubaku is still out cold in the hostipal. A laundry man gets past security, pulls out a syringe and injects Dubaku with a drug that makes start to convulse severely. Cut to a shot of General Juma who has a statement playing on a CNN-like channel, preaching his country’s victory ove the American invaders. "Find him, wherever he is," the President orders. And wait! There’s more…

Juma is standing right outside the reflecting pool! He’s in battle fatigues. He gets a call from the laundry guy at the hospital. "Juma’s dead, I injected a catastrophic dose." He dies. Walker’s suspicious…

At FBI hdqrs, Larry Moss gets the troops together and tells them to start rooting the rats out. Bauer contacts Chloe, and tells her to remove Mayer’s corrupt aide Ryan Burnett from the list so that Bauer isn’t interrupted by the FBI.

Burnett calls Juma and tells him hold off the attack for little while he tries to get out of D.C. Juma’s not happy, but obliges for the time being. Ethan Kanin meets up with Senator Mayer to try and look the other way when it comes to Bauer. Mayer doesn’t back down–he wants Bauer (‘a thug’) to go down, hard.

Meanwhile, Jack breaks into the White House, judo chops the guard next to Bill and ties him up. He looks up his computer, finds where Burnett is, and puts Bill in a sleeper hold. Bauer can’t trust anyone at this point.

Moss gets a call from Walker telling him that Dubaku is dead. After she gets off the phone with him, a security guard tells her that they found the guy in parking lot, and Walker gets on the case.

Janis walks into Chloe’s and tells her she found out that a name had been deleted. Chloe stalls, but calls Jack soon after and says that she can’t hold her off that much longer.

Burnett makes a call to Juma saying that he can go ahead with the operation, he heads into his office, where soon after, Bauer breaks in and shoots a tazer at him. "We got some talking to do." Finally an interrogation!

Janis walks into Moss’ office and expresses her aprehension towards Chloe O’Brien. She recorded the phone call Chloe last gave Bauer, where it sounds like their in cahoots against the White House.

Mayer talks to the President in the Oval Office. She’s still standing by him. "Pardon Jack Bauer, and you’re opening the floodgates." Moss interrupts the meeting between the Pres and Mayer and tells them that Bauer’s inside the White House interrogating Burnett.

Bauer keeps asking Burnett about the attack, but he’s withstanding Bauer’s questions. Bauer then aims the tazer at his throat. Burnett squeals about Juma and his Presidential guard outside, with the operation already under way. Then the Pres. pages Bauer form outside. Telling him to open the door, or they’ll blow it down. Bauer tazes the phone, and continues to interrogate Burnett, and then BLAM! The door blasts open.

They get Bauer away from Burnett. He tells them that they don’t have too much time, and they need to act now. Mayer expresses his disgust for Bauer and tells him he’s done. The Pres. and Kanin step out, where Ethan tells the Pres. to trust Bauer and start acting, these terrorists have after killed her son and possibly her husband. She walks back into the room, "Take Bauer away, he’s under arrest." She demands to talk to Burnett alone.

She tells him that he’s facing charges of treason, one of the highest crimes in the country. "Tell me everything you know." the Pres. demands. She offers him complete immunity in return for information. He tells her he wants his right to attorney. "I have no problem using the death penalty with you."–"Give me my lawyer." What an ass.

Walker follows the lead on the car, where she finds a bunch of troops heavily armed at an import/export building. The she sees who she believes to be Juma. She calls Moss and lets tells to get over there yickity split. The troops move out. Walker follows. They board a small boat (much like Almeida’s from the one of the earlier episodes), and it pulls away. Walker starts running towards the boat, jumps off the pier, grabs hold, and pulls herself up.

Buchanan wakes and calls Almeida. He’s none too happy about the fact that Almeida didn’t tell him about the fact he knew about Burnett’s involvement with the terrorists.

Walker makes her to a window where she spies on Juma and the troops. "You all have your assignments," Juma says, "may God be with us." Some get on scuba gear and jump off the boat, while Walker goes in checks out some of their plans. She turns a few pages and finds a picture…of the Whitehouse! Dubaku’s son, who doesn’t know yet of his father’s murder (which was basically adminstered by Juma) sees her. Walker runs out the room and jumps off the boat, swimming her heart out for the shore. Dubaku Jr. shoots at her, unsuccessfully and then chases her via boat.

The Scuba divers make their way to some sort of rock wall, and one of them pulls out a drill. They start drilling. The White House is going down baby.



Juma’s Scbua team makes drills through and they find themselves in some sort of undergounnd cavern beneath the White House. "Let’s move," says Juma.

Walker sprints away from Dubaku Jr. and is picked up by a local ranger. "There’s gonna be an attack on the White House, tell FBI immediately!"–"I’ll do it right…" But then Dubaku Jr guns him down and further pursues Walker.

Juma and troops get to a gate where they start welding it away. Juma calls a guy, who’s seemingly on the other side, in disguise as a worker. He had to stab some innocent guy so that Juma and his men could get in safely. They get past the security laser beams and into an underground cellar underneath the White House. They track the Pres., who’s in the Oval Office.

Above ground, one of the guards is stabbed, and another is shot with a silence weapon. Juma says they have nine minutes to find the Pres before the Secret Service make their rounds. The team continues to gun down like half a dozen people, including the Pres. speech writer while trying toe find the President.

Dubaku Jr. catches up to Walker and holds a gun to her head. She tells him quickly that Juma killed his father. He doesn’t believe her, and they get into some fisticuffs, with Dubaku Jr. strangling her without seemingly any way out. But then he gets gunned down by Larry Moss.

Bill Buchanan gets a phone call from Moss saying that Juma’s men are targeting the White House. They order a lockdown, and Bill lets Bauer help them out. Buchanan takes the President’s locator device she has and starts running away from the Pres. Juma and his men, tracking who they think is the Pres., run into Buchanan. Juma spares his life and holds him captive. "We’ll need more hostages!" He says. They round up as many people as they can while still trying to chase down the President, who is being led to the White House panic room. Her and Bauer get there, and start to get shot at by Juma and his men. They safely make it into the room.

President Taylor’s daughter is in the building too, but she and her trusty secret service attendant are unable to get out, and are in hiding. Juma bluffs and says he’ll kill the President if the secret service don’t back down. They buy it, Juma wrangles up all his hostages outside the panic room. The White House is under control by a group of rogue terrorists….awesome!

Inside the panic room, they have a camera feed to the room outside. They see that one of Juma’s men has started decrypting the key pad for the room. Bauer quickly MacGuyver’s his way into the keypad and shuts it down before they can open the door. Juma’s pissed. "Find another way!"

The one and only Jon Voight is eating dinner by himself. He gets a phone call. "Put him on speaker." It’s General Juma. He tells Voight that he needs another way in, and if he doesn’t find another way in there, then Juma will deny him his ‘shipment.’ Voight tells him that President Taylor’s daughter is in there. Juma says his shipments on. They start looking for Taylor’s daughter.

Mayer talks to Buchanan and asks him if this all could have been avoided if he would have let Bauer interrogate Burnett. Buchanan doesn’t know what to think.

Moss and Walker try to convince the Vice President to allow them to launch operations on taking back the White House, but he denies them because they still can’t prove that the Pres. is in the Safe Room or not.

Taylor and her Secret Service agent are still trying to find a way out when one of Juma’s men stumbles upon them, shooting the agent. But the agent gets a few more shots off, killing him. He tells Olivia to use a flashlight in the room adjacent to signal agents outside that the Pres. is in the safe house. She starts to do it, but is caught by Juma’s troops.

Olivia is brought in the hostage room. Juma has found the cameras that they were using. :if you don’t open the door i’m going to cut out your daughters eyes one by one, and then cut off her tongue."

The president DEMANDS that Bauer open the door. Bauer resists, saying there is nothing he can do. She really means it though, and Bauer opens the door. She tells Juma to let everyone go now that he has her. Juma slaps her in the face–"You can’t order me around. Get the camera ready for a statement." He tells his goon. "What statement?"–"The last one you’ll ever make."

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