"I got you into this, and now I'm going to get you out." Sean tells his blonde mistress. She's in on the aide of Dubaku from the inside, and she looks a little stressed out. Sean assures her that he'll take care of it.

Walker and Bauer are begrudgingly tossed into cop cars. Walker starts to express major concern for Marika. "She was are only assett" Bauer says. "She's a human being!" Walker retorts.

Marika arrives at Dubaku, who opens the door, and drags her out of the car. "How could you do this to me?!" She tells him about how the FBI revealed all terrible things Dubaku had done, but he denies them as being lies pinned on him by his enemies. He convinces her to still come to Sangala with him, and cornered, Marika agrees.

Walker and Bauer are released by the cops, and told the whereabouts of Marika before her phone was destroyed. They get a lead on the getaway car from street cameras, and speed towards the location.

A radical car chase insues--Bauer rallies over a park, almost nailing a hobo--Dubaku takes notice of a speeding car on their six, "FBI! GO! GO!" they start to speed weave through traffic--and then a 'Zippy Cab' pulls right in the way, halting Bauer and Walker. Dubaku speeds away, but then Marika puts on her courage pants and grabs the driver's face. Their car crashes, flipping into the air a thousand a time and landing on its side. Walker and Bauer race towards the crash. The driver gets out, and then gets capped by Bauer. They pull out an unconscious Dubaku, and an apparently dead Marika.

At the Hospital, Madame President is briefed about the success of the troops in the Sangala by Ethan. She's none too interested, but rather disturbed about the fact she didn't believe her husband. "This could have been diverted..." she says. Bill Buchanan comes in and tells them about the capture of Dubaku, and tells them to go back to the White House as a precautionary measure while they find out who's corrupt. I dont know, but I'm getting a little shifty eyed about Buchanan, he seems too robotic and calculating for his own good...

At the crash site, Bauer tries to get some answers out of Dubaku before the paramedics take him away. He threatens Dubaku's son, who starts to say something about a list, but then goes into cardiac arrest. They get the paddles out, but notice some kind of metal plate in his abdomen. "Cut him open" Bauer orders with a gun pointed at the paramedic. Bauer reaches in there himself and pulls out a digital storage device. He calls Moss and tells him that the device is on the way.

Sean was listening in the whole time. He meets his mistress, Erica, in the women's bathroom. She freaks out about the whole situation, but Sean tells her that they just have to crash the servers, and everything'll be alright. They kiss, and leave the bathroom.

Chloe gets the drive. It turns out it has an auto erase function that only allows them one time and one time only to download the list. Meanwhile, Sean walks into the server room. "Where have you been?" Erica asks. "Taking care of something." She succeeds in reformating the server and erasing all the files. Sean tells her what a good job she did and all that shit then BANG! He shoots her in the stomach. He watches her die, and then uses the gun to shoot himself in the arm. As Moss and Chloe barge in, Sean convinces them that he didn't know anything and that he followed Erica and yada yada yada it wasn't him. They believe him.

While Sean and Moss are in the infirmary, Moss lets him on all that has happened. Then he gets  a phone call--Chloe has somehow decrypted the files, they have the list! Moss stupidly tells Sean this news. They split up. Sean grabs his jacket and races to get out of the building, but not before Moss and some agents catch up to him. Moss grabs him and slams the weasel into the wall, "You better give me some answers!!"--"I'd like to speak with my attorney." I hope Sean gets a good old fashioned Bauer interrogation! 

At the hospital, Marika's sister comes in a gives Walker a hard time for not protecting Marika. Then Bauer comes in and tells her that they found the list, that it's over. Walker gets all emotional about letting Marika die. Bauer tells her she died bravely. Walker still won't let it go. Bauer tells her to get it over it or quit. Walker slaps Bauer in the face a bunch of times yelling "do you feel this!?" Bauer embraces her. Tells her she'll get over it, and not to pull a fucking gun on him ever again unless she intends to shoot. She said she did. Bauer exits. This is some kinky shit!

Madame Pres. and her saucy daughter Olivia meet up. She tells her about everything that's happened, but Olivia's still bitter about everything. Bill Buchanan takes the Pres. aside and tells her that Bauer and his team recovered the list, and that it's all over. She's relieved. He also says that she should help out Bauer with the whole testimony thing, and she says she'll do the best she can. 

Everything's great! But there's more than 12 hours left, so what the hell is going to happen?!?!

Bauer relaxes on the steps of the Capitol, looking out towards the sunset. Tony Alameda sits down next to him. Uh oh. "There's gonna be another attack" Alameda says. He says that General Juma is planning an huge attack on a site of high importance, and that Senator Mayer's chief of staff, Ryan Burnett (the guy who was talking to Dubaku and Sean before) is head deep in corruption. "I need you Jack." Can't the guy get a rest? "Meet me on the intersection of 1st and Constitution if you're in." Of course he'll be there!

Ryan is called into Senator Mayer's office. He says that the President wants to talk to him in the White House about Jack Bauer. He tells Ryan to come along with him, and he agrees. As he's grabbing his laptop, he gets a text message: 

"Units in place, operation on schedule"

Awww shiit. They gonna blow up da White House!