The episode begins with some goons dragging out Henry Taylor from the trunk of a car. While that's going on, Dubaku is out and about in the public, listenning to President Taylor give a Press Conference over the TV. He walks in through a convenient store, and down into another, much seedier hideout, where he finds Taylor sitting in chair, gagged. "Does your wife love you? For your sake, I hope so."

Matobo has been brought in secretly to White House to meet up with the President, along with Bauer and his crack team of ex-CTU'ers. The Prez is still continuing with her invasion of Sangala, "I wan't an explanation and I want it NOW." The Prez asks Bauer and his team. They warn her that there exists massive corruption within the system. FBI Agent Walker backs up Bauer and the team as well. Then Dubaku calls.

"This is President Taylor."--"I have your husband." Dubaku says. He orders the President to withdraw troops before 4pm, and hand over Matobo, or her husband will die a slow, painful death. To show he's for real, he orders his goons to start cutting off one Henry's fingers, with a bread knife. Gnarly! Suddenly the Prez is starting to show a little worry, but she's assured by Bauer that his team can find Taylor. She puts them on the job.

Bauer and Walker go into a room to plan their strategy. There's a little bit of sexual tension! Walker calls up Larry Moss, who's stunned that his love is still alive. They talk about the compromised situation at the Bureau, how they need to keep things on the DL, and how Moss can secretly help them. They agree to meet up at the Capitol reflecting pool.

Sean is a little pissed that he's kept out of the loop. His mistress asks him if they are going to hook up tonight, but Sean's too preoccupied to give a damn. Janis comes up and tells him that he's being way to obvious with his lover, and that he needs to get his head on straight.

At the reflecting pool. "I thought I'd never see you again." Moss tells Walker. Bauer cuts the shit and asks about Agent Getch's phone records. Moss tells him that he called Vossler, the special forces agent who kidnapped Taylor, and happened to work in Sangala, making connections with Ike Dubak. They agree to split up and hit Vossler where it hurts, his family. "The rules are what make us better!" Moss yells to Bauer as they split, "Not today." Bauer exclaims. Cue driving music soundtrack.

Back at the new evil headquarters, Dubaku gets a phone call from his cute, innocent girlfriend. His voice changes and he suddenly becomes all lovey-dovey, but he tells her that he can't make the dinner she had planned for them. Marika's her name, and after she hangs up with Dubaku, her handicapped sister warns her of Dubaku, expressing her disapproval.

Bauer gets a call from Moss telling him exactly where Vossler is...he's on his way. In the meantime, Walker walks up to Vossler's house, his wife answers the door with a baby. "Can I help you?" Agent Walker draws her gun and barges in, "Just shut up and you just might live through this."

Vossler's baby starts crying, and Mrs. Vossler tries to comfort her, but not without Walker pulling the gun and threatening to shoot. She's pretty intense, totally Bauer's style and all. She orders Mrs. Vossler to cuff herself to the coffee table. The annoying baby continues to cry.

Bauer hones in on Vossler with the help of Agent Moss, and at the last minute T-bones him, drags him out of his car, and demands some answers. He gets Walker and Vossler's wife on the phone. The wife is totally going crazy, and Walker goes over the the baby and looks like she's strangling the baby, who's crying like crazy. Vossler breaks and tells him the position of Henry Taylor. Walker picks up the baby gently and brings it over to Vossler's wife, who calls her a monster. Mr. Vossler then decides to pull a knife on Bauer, which ends up right in his chest after a brief struggle. Bauer always wins a knife fight, ALWAYS. He walks back to the intersection where he smashed into Vossler, and comandeers another car by force.

He speeds on towards the storefront where Dubaku's headquarters lay below. Walker is informed of Vossler's death, and is deeply disturbed. Bauer reminds her of all the help that she's been throughout the day, but she basically says that she's going to be done with this intense FBI work after they have finished their mission.

Sean approaches Larry Moss and tells him how he's apprehensive about this whole situation. He feels like something's being held behind his back. Moss denies everything, and gets a phone call from Walker. He walks into his office with a suspicious look from Sean. He could be the rat, but it just seems to easy for him to be the guy...Anyways, Walker fills Moss in. He's a little pissed with Bauer, but stays true to staying quiet about the whole matter.

Dubaku gets a call from Marika's sister. Turns out she knows that he's a fraud, and is upset that he's deceiving her sister. She tells him to break up with or she'll open the whole wide open. He hangs up the phone and leaves the headquarters.

Walker pulls up to the storefront where Dubaku's headquarters are, Bauer's speeding towards it as well. Buchanan warns Bauer that they have precious little time before Dubaku's get antsy about not handing over Matobo at the meet up site outside a power plant. The driver there stalls as much as he can, and then is ordered to get the hell out of there. Too bad there's a guy with a rocket launcher who nails the delivery guy (and apparently Matobo). KABOOM!

Bauer and Walker make their way into Dubaku's headquarters, managing to a pretty good job of not getting shot and capping pretty much everyone. Except for one guy who gets shot, but manages to hobble over to where Henry Taylor was being held. Even thought Bauer pulls an awesome shot laying on his side shot, the goon gets a bullet right in Henry Taylor's chest. Bauer rushes over "Get an ambulance!!!!" He yells to Agent Walker.