Bauer, fresh from a seizure, is getting pumped with drugs to get him back to normal. He barely manages to tell Agent Walker to get an APV out on Tony Almeida, and she puts one out. Cut to Almeida, who walks up to an FBI vehicle, shoots two guys in it, and steals the whip.

Bauer returns to a bit of normalcy. "Tony was working with Galvez all along."--"Are you saying that Tony killed Larry?"--"...Yes." Bauer then goes into a self agonizing rant about how it was his fault all this happened.

Almeida pulls up to an undisclosed motel. Knocks, and Galvez lets him in. Galvez hands over the canister for money. But as Almeida looks into the backpack with virus box, Galvez pulls a gun. "Who's the buyer?"--"You don't want to do this." Then Almeida chucks the bag at him. A fight ensues. Alemida manages a pretty awesome kick to Galvez's teeth. And then starts suffocating him with the shower curtain, yelling "Where's the canister!"

The President gets an apologetic call from Bauer and Walker. She's none to happy, but says the Hodges was saying something about a bigger organization, and though bed-ridden, is still alive. Bauer persuades the Prez to let him interrogate, and then begrudgingly accepts.

The lady impostor who breached the White House to give Hodges the pill, visits Almeida, who's got some gnarly plans. He wants to take the canister and finish the job once and for all. "Ill contact the group..." lady impostor says, a with a bit hesitance.

Olivia Taylor walks into the Oval Office and bitches to her Mom about the Hodges ordeal. "He killed your son! My brother..." But the President, fights back the water works and carries on. Hodges is their only hope now.

Impostor lady gets on computer/phone with a circle of 10 or so people, a secret society of sorts, to discuss whether or not they should use the weapon. She says that they will pin the attack on some random Middle Eastern guy, and it will be flawless. A vote is called between all the members of the group. Unanimous. The attack will carry on.

Bauer visits Hodges, who is dying to commit suicide. Bauer lays it on, "You're already dead, just give us the information and you will be dead forever, and your family will be safe." Hodges then goes on about numerous private military corps, with a vision greater than the U.S. gov't. All these companies were planning a huge attack on the American people so that they could get contracts in order to 'protect' the same American people they were trying to kill. Wtf?! Bauer demands names. Hodges only knows an intermediary woman that was the link between them all.

Bauer tells the President that they should reinstate the CTU servers so they can get some fresh leads ASAP. She ok's it. "We're gonna need an analyst who knows all this stuff already." He calls up Chloe, and asks for help. "Send a car," she says, crying. She wakes up her husband and tells him to take their son and get the hell out of dodge.

Bauer's shooting up like Broadway whore. He walks into a meeting at FBI. Basically, Almeida and this unnamed woman are about to gas up thousands of people with a deadly nervous system eating virus. Chloe arrives, and gives her unwavering support for the investigation.

Almeida and the lady pulls up to the guy they're going to frame, an innocent Pakistani man who takes care of his little brother and couldn't be any more harmless. Another cars pulls up behind them, "about time" says Almeida. A crew prepares to raid the house.

Meanwhile, Olivia Taylor, who wants Hodges dead, calls up an old friend who may just grant her wish.

Back at FBI, Janis Gold starts whining about the CTU servers are against the Bill of Rights and everything. Bauer then steps in and fucking yells her in face for a good 30 seconds. He then walks off, looking like he might seize up again. The whole department looks at him. He's starting to lose his mind.

Almeida and the team shut the lights off at the house, and then grab a hold of the man they intend to frame. Almeida holds a gun the guy's head, "Say a word I shoot a bullet right through your brain." 4 o'clock baby.