While Tony's sneaking around the base, he sees a truck pull in. He gets a call from Bauer telling him that the President has called off the air strikes for some reason, and that he's got to get out of there. Then Almeida takes a closer look at the truck, and sees that it's is a gas tanker holding would-be fuel for surface-to-air missiles. Bauer says he'll get in contact with the President.

Madame President admits that Hodges is blackmailing her with the missiles. Bauer explains how Almeida can get inside the bunker and blow up the fuel tanks with C4 he's got in his utility bag. At first she is ardently reluctant. "How long did they give you to live?" she asks Bauer. "They don't know."--"Then there's not much I can do to stop you." She hangs up.

Bauer takes that as a indirect order to go ahead with the plan to have Almeida go in, and so he transfers the order to Tony, who has the utmost confidence in himself that he can complete the mission and blow up the missiles and bio-weapons. He holds up one Hodges' goons, and heads down into the fuel tanks.

Hodges visits the President at the White House. He denies any involvement with General Juma, and he says that StarkWood needs to be more involved with America,  like a "5th branch of the military." The President takes the ambitious proposal that Seton hands her about StarkWood's future with the American government with a stern look of disgust.

Almeida manages to get the C4 attached, and as he heads back up to the surface, the goon lands a swift kick that sends the detonator flying into a grate, and then manages to set the fire alarm, which in turn starts the missile countdown. Almeida gets the goon on the ground, punches him, and narrowly gets a hold of the detonator before the missiles can launch, successfully blowing up everything.

Word is spread quickly to the President, who swiftly orders for Hodges arrest. "You haven't seen the end of this..." says Hodges. "What do you mean?"--"You'll see..."

The President calls Bauer and tells him that she is deeply indebted to him and his team, and that she would be glad to pardon Almeida for his past issues. Bauer isn't doing too hot; his memory is starting to fade, and asks to leave so he can figure out what's going on.

After the hot CDC babe tells him that the virus is manifesting itsel faster than expected, and that there's not much they can do. Only the experimental stem cell treatment would work, and it just so happens (much to Bauer's chagrin) that his daughter has been trying to get a hold of Jack since his hearing. Agent Walker has brought her into the building, and at first Bauer is outraged that she brought his daughter into this. But then he eases up, and asks to see her.

Bauer walks into the room where she's waiting. "Daddy..." She tells him that she tried everything to get in contact with him. Bauer wanted her to stay out of his business. She says she grown up, and that she doesn't want to lose him. They hug, and then he gets a severe pain in his side. "Baby, please...you need to go!" Bauer says. And so she leaves.

One of Hodges' goons who managed to escape shoots an FBI agent in a car, but then is caught in the act by another agent. "Drop the bag!" The goon drops it, and the agent looks inside. It's another canister of the bio-weapon! The agent calls up Moss and tells him whats up, but then gets a boot to the face, and a few gun shots to chest. The goon gets away. It's still on.

Janis Gold gets a track on the StarkWood goon who got away with canister. The helicopter with Moss and Almeida gets a visual and pulls down to try and track by foot. Almeida and Moss get in a gunfight with the goon, who gets a shotgun blast off on Moss. He's down, and Almeida goes over to help him. And as the goon sneaks up behind Almeida's back, Tony looks back and holds out his hand. The goon quickly lowers his gun. "I'm sorry Larry." He the snuffs out the wounded Moss and kills him. Almeida! You Ass!