Matobo and his wife, locked into the safe room, hang tight while Jack, Tony, and Emerson try and figure out a way in. Agent Walker, fresh from interrogating Tanner, speeds towards Matobo's house. But Larry Moss calls her enroute, asking about her methods of interrogation. "So you tortured him?"--"I got the information we needed." He demands that she come back, but Walker's stubborn, and tells him that she's got to make things right.

 At Matobo's house, Emerson gives the Prime Minister 30 seconds to open the door before he caps his bloodied protector. He's about to blast his brains out, but at just the right time, a phone rings. It's the FBI. Now they know they have about 15 minutes to get Matobo out. Emerson pistol whips the captive proctector. Bauer insists he can smoke 'em out with a gas made from household items, and he gets the greenlight from Emerson.

Gas seeps through the ventilation (can't safe room architects figure that shit out by now?!), and they start coughing, and collapsing onto the floor.

Walker arrives at Matobo's. Gas keeps seeping through."I love you..." His wife crawls to the door and opens it. Both are spared. They grab the couple and head out the back to a yellow truck, with Walker seeing the whole thing go down. She gets apprehended, and brought to the truck. Bauer persuades Emerson not to shoot her, and forcibly cuffs her. "Shut up, or I will shut you up." (Best line of the season so far!) The drive away.

President Taylor decides to continue with military action in Sangala, much to Ethan's chagrin. "I can not, and I will not back down," Madame Prez says. Her Sectretary of State comes in and informs her of Matobo' abduction. She's stunned, but still sticks to her guns.

Some juicy love subplots--turns out Sean has a mistress in FBI headquarters, and that Moss is coming apart worrying about Agent Walker.

Back in the truck, Emerson gets a phone call from his antsy employers. They want them to hurry the hell up, and to get rid of Agent Walker. Emerson tells his driver to take detour to a construction site where they can toss out Walker's dead carcass. Bauer and Almeida get anxious...

Dubaku and his henchman, after hearing that President Taylor has not backed down, start considering a major terrorist action to get Taylor to back down.

Henry Taylor and Tim get into Samanthas apt. Things get interesting when Tim comes into from another room putting plastic gloves on. "You killed Roger!" Tim explains that Henry's son was getting too nosey and had to be dealt with. He poisons Henry with neuro-paralyzer jucie and calls his counterpart who is watching Samantha. They decide to create another apparent murder/suicide. He intercepts Samantha and takes her away. Henry is paralyzed on the ground, unable to do anything.

The truck with Bauer, Emerson, Almeida, Walker, and the Matobo's arrives at the construction site. "Get ready for the ditch." Emerson tells Bauer. He drags Walker out of the truck and walks her away to certain death. He shoves her onto her knees and pulls the trigger. The bullet grazes Walker, and she falls down as if dead. Bauer tosses her into a ditch. Looks like the fake murder was successful, until Emerson insists they bury the fallen FBI agent, so Bauer and Almeida completely cover her body with dirt.