It's midnight baby, and Moss, Almeida and their team of FBI agents are stuck in a sticky situation, cornered by Hodges and his goons. A truck pulls up and out steps Jonas himself, "I want you off my property." He starts yelling at them and denies any such bioweapon on the grounds of StarkWood. "You've got 5 minutes to get you and your helicopters out of here." Renee was on the other line listening to Hodges' rant, and she runs over to Bauer for some advice.

He makes a call to Doug Knowles, a higher up employee of StarkWood that he knows might be willing to cooperate. He calls him up. "Things are out of control," says Knowles. He agrees too help them find the weapons might be.

"Lets show our guests the door," Hodges slimily says to his goon. Bauer gets on line with Larry Moss and tells him that they need to create a diversion so Tony can escape and find the true location of the weapon. Moss hangs up, walks over punches and punches a testy Seton, giving some time for Tony to escape while grabbing a utility bag from one the FBI agents. While exploring StarkWood, he meets up with Doug Knowles.

"Jack, you all right?"--"Yeah..." But Bauer doesn't look good. He' fighting back a killer Congolese virus that drives you crazy and then kills you within a day, and only he could win.

Bauer phones up the President, telling her that the FBI didn't find the weapons, but that they hooked up with Knowles and are on track to actually finding the weapons. He then advises a surgical air strike. She agrees. Olivia gets a phone call whilst this happens. It's the journalist that she leaked the information  to before. He's insistent that there must be WMD, but Olivia denies everything. Then he ups the ante and threatens to bust the story of her ousting Ethan Kanin. She heads to the hotel where her journalist love interest is staying.

Almeida and Knowles get some instructions from Bauer and make their way towards another warehouse. Tony and Knowles are held up trying to unlock a keypad. Luckily, a keypad unlocker thingie was in the bag that Almeida snagged when he escaped from Hodges and his men earlier. While its hacking the keypad, a hummer on the prowl pulls up. Knowles and Almeida take cover, but then Knowles just gets out and flags the hummer. Although he proves his huge part of the company, they insist that he come with them. Almeida cracks the code and sneaks in. The FBI just needs a visual from him, and a confirmation from Bauer.  But then Bauer steps aside, and then collapses over a cubicle and starts convulsing.

Hodges tells the guy who captured Knowles not to interrogate, but to simply put him in his office, he will visit him later.

Olivia visits her journalist hookup at the hotel with her secret service agent, who's none too pleased with this shady hotel business. She confirms the reality of the WMD, and then after a little push and shove, divulges everything to him. StarkWood, the bioweapon, where it is, everything. Then she says the President is ok'ing an air strike on StarkWood, but that there's no way in hell he can divulge it. He says he has to. But then she whores herself out to him so he'll keep his mouth shut.

Bauer gets a shot 'masking' his symptoms from the total babe CDC worker that hosed him down earlier. She tells him that there's an experimental procedure at a University nearby that may be able to cure him. But he doesn't want to, and he even doesn't want to let his daughter know, much to Walker's chagrin.

Back at StarkWood, it seems some guys are onto Almeida. A small SWAT team closes in on him, but he hides, and then strikes; Kicking one guy and punching another, putting them both out of commission. "I just want to get this over with..." He cuffs the two guys to a railing and continues his search for the bioweapon. He enters an elevator, which takes him down 4 stories to an befor unknown basement, where he gets the visual on the canisters. Bauer confirms, and tells him to get the hell out before StarkWood turns to dust from the air strike.

Hodges visits Knowles in his office, defending his ways. He claims that the country he has protected for more than 30 years, is now waging war against them by trying to dismantle them. Knowles protests Hodges' decision to wage a war against his own country. "A little loyalty, isn't that what I deserve?" says Hodges. Then he just goes ahead and repeatedly bludgeons Knowles with a glass whiskey container, and tosses him off a high balcony, killing him. Hodges gets a phone call from Seton saying the F-18's are on the way and Hodges tells him to get a phone call ready for the President.

Olivia straps on her bra and gets ready to leave, but the journalist goes back on his word. But Olivia hits back with some footage on her phone of the couple doing it! Booyah. Then the President calls Olivia and tells her to get her ass over to the Whitehouse, the F-18's are en route! They got bunker bustin' missiles with phosphorous inside to incinerate any trace of the virus.

Jonas Hodges succeeds in getting a private, proprietary line hooked up with President. Hodges tells her that StarkWood has a bunch of missiles loaded up with the bioweapon, aimed at major Eastern seaboard cities. He wants to have a meeting in the Oval Office to discuss the future of his business. He hangs up. The President races over to abort the mission, just in time.