Bauer's been exposed. The CDC all dressed in their HAZMAT suits take Bauer, and tell him to get undressed. The scarred and naked Bauer gets sprayed down and scrubbed by the team while they take some tests.

Meanwhile, Almeida and the bioweapon are dropped in StarkWood via helicopter. Jonas tells his bioweapon specialist to hurry up on getting the darn thing activated, 'cause the Feds "are going to be coming with all they got." He then walks inside where Almeida is getting interrogated. He asks him about what the FBI knows about the weapon. Almeida stays strong. Then his top aide tells him that they should probably dispose of the weapon before the Govvies come in and expose them for everything they got. "I think you're just trying to save your ass!" Jonas says.

The CDC tells Bauer that he has an airborne virus, and he orders them to deliver him as evidence to FBI.

Olivia and her mom get together and talk about who's going to fill Ethan Kanin's position. The President asks her daughter if she would be the provisional Chief of Staff, "Livvy, I need someone I can trust...You're not going to say no to your mother, are you?"--"Of course not." Then Moss gives a call to President Taylor and tells her about Jack's innocence and the possibility that StarkWood was in on these terrorist attacks. The stunned President orders the Cabinet to convene for an emergency meeting.

At FBI headquarters, Moss visits Agent Walker and tells her about how Bauer was right all along, but that he was exposed to the bioweapon. Walker starts crying, she's stunned. But then she gathers her composure..."When are we moving on StarkWood."

Olivia goes up to the Agent that protected her when Juma took over the White House, Aaron, and asks him to be her new secret service agent. He tells her he's retired, but she won't take no for an answer.

At the Cabinet meeting, they go over a possibly strategy on how to take down StarkWood. The head of the CDC tells that the virus inside the bioweapon is from the Congo, and causes dementia, physical degredation, and eventually death over a matter of about 2 days.

A bloodied Almeida is facing the evil Stokes who’s about to shoot Almeida, but then he gets shot in the back by Hodges' aide! He unties Almeida and they head out of the interrogation room into the StarkWood building.

Bauer, out of quarantine, meets up with Walker, who doesn't accept the fact that he's going to die in 2 days. Walker comes into the where Bauer puts on some real clothes. She sees his gnarly scars, and tells him she heard the police report from the cop at the docks that Bauer saved.

Almeida and Greg walk to his office where he gets a phone call from Hodges. He tells Jonas that Stokes is still alive and that he should give him a little more time. Jonas tells him to pick up the pace on whatever he's doing and meet up with him ASAP. Greg hangs up the phone and tells Almeida that he can get a safe line going to hook up the FBI.

At FBI headquarters..."Larry, we got Tony Almeida on the Phone." says Janis. They connect the phone call. Almeida tells Larry that he's got to offer full immunity for Greg and he will reveal where the weapons are. Larry says that he's got to ask the President before they make any negotiations.

The President is watching footage of people that are affected by the virus as tested in Sangala. Olivia walks in, terrified by the disturbing imagery on the TV. The President says that she didn't do enough to hold back StarkWood from going absolutely crazy. Then Moss calls up the President and asks to grant Greg immunity so they can proceed with locating the weapons. "Agent Moss, you have my direct order to proceed on StarkWood." Says the Prez as she signs some papers, and so Greg tells the exact location of the weapon. The Feds start to move out.

Bauer runs up and asks Moss if he can join the fun, but Moss denies him. "I need my best men out there Bauer, and I can't risk having you get sick out there." Bauer looks down, "you're absolutely right." For once, they agree.

Greg pulls up to the place where the weapons are, and distracts the guard while Almeida stabs the dude and takes his gun. They enter into the warehouse. Greg leads him to a window where he shows Almeida the exact warehouse Hodges and and the weapon reside.

A helicopter flies towards the warehouse. Moss connects up with Almeida as his eyes on the ground. Then Moss calls up StarkWood and tells them that they have an executive order from the President to search one of the buildings. The guy in StarkWood's air traffic control tower hesitates, and then complies.

Moss and his team land their whirlybirds outside the warehouse that Greg told them about, blow up the door, and head inside...


Greg was lying! And Almeida ain't happy in the least. He grabs him, but Moss tells him to stand down. They cuff Greg, who still has full immunity from the Pres. The little punk has a look of no regret whatsoever.

"Looks like little Greg bought us some time." Hodges tells his guys. They are actually in a warehouse on the other side of the complex. Moss and his team leave the empty warehouse and find themselves completely surrounded by Hodges' men. Stokes drives up, gets out, and Moss yells at him to stand down. "We are here to search for the bioweapon!"--"That's an absurd claim, and we will do anything we can to protect our private property from a hostile gov't takedown." And with a defeated Moss surrounded by insane patriots with a bioweapon full of a Congolese death virus, the clock strikes Midnight.