The cops are at Senator Blaine Mayer's house collecting evidence, but Moss doesn't need any evidence, he concludes that Bauer's the culprit. He calls up Ethan Kanin. "It's Sentor Mayer, he's dead."
"What?!?!" Kanin replies.
Kanin, flabbergasted at what has happened hangs up the phone and slumps in his chair.

President Taylor calls up her husband, who is awake and seemingly doing alright. She tells him that Juma and Dubaku are dead, that everything's over, and that Olivia has joined the staff. The first man is relieved. They hang up.
Kanin walks in. "He's expected to make a full recover! Maybe, just maybe this day will end on a positive note," says President Taylor.
Yeah right.

Kanin tells the President that Senator Mayer has been apparently slain by Bauer. President Taylor can't believe it. Then Kanin says that he has to step down because he couldn't do enough to protect the President from the shitstorm that happened only a few hours ago.
"I'm a liability to you now...don't let me sink your agenda."
"OUR agenda, Ethan..."
"Trust me, it's the right thing to do, please accept my resignation."
She tenderly touches his hand, and he says he have a letter for her in the morning.
He'll be back. No doubt.

Bauer and Almeida arrive at the port and scope out the situation.
A lowly guard talking to his pregnant wife on the phone hears some rumblings off in the distance. "Let me call you back honey..." He walks over and Bauer grabs him, with a gun to his head. "Take us to the customs office."

Jonas Hodges gets on the phone with his aide. He tells him that Bauer has obviously killed Quinn, and that everyone should be on alert. But the plan is still on.

Hodges meets up with a huge board of corporate heads. He bitches about the loss of military contracts and how the administration wants to take out StarkWood, etc. He gets some guff from one of the board members, whom Hodges takes outside for a private chat.
Hodges and him discuss Mayer's death.
The angry board member asks if Hodges had any part in the murder, who denies it, but says with a super evil face that maybe StarkWood should get into that business.

Bauer and Almeida get into the computer room and unsuccessfully hack into a  database. He rips the tape off the guy he took captive. The guy, "Karl," tells Bauer that he agreed to look the other way for these guys who said they were smuggling in electronics from South America. Then Hodges' aide calls Karl and tells him to open the gate for them. Karl doesn't want a thing to do with these super terrorists, but Bauer tells him that he and Almeida need Stokes and his men to go through that gate so they can follow. Karl's all like, "Whoa whoa." But Bauer tells him he's a part of this mess whether he likes it or not. Karl makes Bauer promise that they have his back, so he can raise his family and all that. Bauer looks over to Almeida, then back to Karl and says, "Yeah, we got your back." Karl heads out to open the gate.

"What took you so long Karl?" Hodges' main man Stokes asks.  He can apparently read right through Karl. "Why are you so nervous?" Stoke orders him tells him to get inside their car while the drive to crate with the bioweapon in it.

Olivia walks into Kanin's office and apologizes for the harsh words she had with him earlier. Kanin gives her some advice. "Ambition can be a valuable quality...but unchecked, it can unhealthy, and dangerous..." He says goodbye and leave the office.

Olivia gets on her phone and calls up the journalist who approached Kanin before with the leaked info. Olivia was the rat after all! She tells the guy that Kanin is resigning, and also that Bauer killed Senator Mayer. What a scoop! She asks him to make sure none of this stuff gets near her Mom, and he agrees. "What about that dinner you promised?" the journalist asks. "Just get to work on the 11 O'clock news," Olivia says, and hangs up.

At Mayer's house, the evidence starts to prove more and more that Bauer didn't kill the Senator. He calls up Agent Walker and asks more about what she and Bauer talked about before. She finally fesses up about Quinn and StarkWood and everyhting. "Thanks Agent Walker," Moss exclaims.

Hodges' crew of cronies arrive at the container. Bauer and Almeida are right on their ass. Almeida wants to leave and get surveillance gear, but Bauer is worried about Karl. One of the cronies takes Karl to supposedly give him his payment, but instead just wants to cap him. The goon aims the gun at Karl's head, but then Bauer takes out the goon, much to Almeida's chagrin. Karl is super grateful, and runs away. "We have about 30 seconds."

Bauer and Almeida get into position, while Stokes orders the guy to load the crate with the bioweapon onto a truck. Then Bauer gives the go ahead, and a firefight ensues. The guy in the crane loading the bioweapon gets shot, but still manages to load the cargo onto the truck after ramming the crate into some others on the transition. Bauer tells Almeida to cover him while he goes for the truck. He runs through the fire, unscathed, climbs up a few crates, and jumps on the truck as it tries to escape. He pulls the Ol Indiana Jones trick-- punching him the face and throwing him out the cab.  Bauer then calls up Almeida, but he doesn't answer. He has gotten caught by Stokes and his crew.

In the truck, Bauer calls Larry Moss and tells him to get some of his men out to the port ASAP and to bring the CDC as well. Moss begrudgingly complies, and they hang up. While driving in the big rig, Bauer hears an alarm sounding. He stops the truck and gets out, looking into the punctured crate of the bioweapon. One of the tanks is broken, and leaking! Bauer opens up the rear hatch, climbs in, and turns of the tank. He leaps back out, and tries to make for the cab of the truck when bullets start to rain in from above. It seems as though Stokes and his men have comandeered a helicopter from the port. Bauer has to take cover across the street as the cars with the bad guys pull up and blast some more bullets Bauer's way. The helicopter lifts out the bioweapon from inside the crate and heads off.

Bauer calls up Moss and tells him what went down. "A bioweapon?!?" Moss asks, stunned. "Do you have any proof?" Bauer replies, I'm all the proof you need...I was exposed to the gas."--"We'll be there as fast as we can..." Bauer, looking worn out and defeated, sits down next to the truck and waits for the FBI.