The paramedics rush down to the basement of Dubaku's hideout. Henry Taylor is bloodied and barely able to move. Jack calls the President, "we have your husband, but he' taken a gunshot wound to the chest." He assures her that Dubaku has no other means of leverage, and that he's on the way out of the country (yeah right). Although there's a lot !@#$ going down in the Oval Office, the Pres. decides to go be at her husband's side. Buchanan gets some serious security clearance from the Pres. "Whatever it takes, I want that sonuvabitch found!"

Dubaku visits his girl Marika at her diner, and he reveals that he's an illegal who needs to get the hell out of dodge. He tells her that they have tickets ready to go, and that Marika's sister will join them in a few days. Dubaku asks, "say you'll come..."--"...I'll get my things." He calls his sketchy travel agent/possible CIA insider to arrange a meetup so he can get his tickets back to Sangala.

Moss calls Walker. He tells her that Vossler's wife complained to the FBI about a crazy agent holding them hostage at gunpoint. He questions her about her Bauer-like actions. She assures him it was purely a means to an end, and that no one was hurt. Moss slams his table. Bauer catches Walker talking and looking in the mirror starting to cry. "You ok?"--"...yeah, I'm fine." "Good, cause we got a lead."

Chloe gets dropped off at FBI headquarters. Buchanan gave one hell of a reference for her while meeting with the Pres. "I just have to find who's on Dubaku's payroll, then I'll be home, ok?" She tells her husband. Chloe walks into FBI with some shifty eyes from Janis. Moss takes her into a separate office to set up shop, and asks her about Bauer. "He's the most honorable, trustworthy man I have ever met."

Dubaku meets up with his travel agent. He sees through the weasely little man, who says that if he is put in any danger whatsoever, he will drop all the names of the people that helped him out to the state department.

At Marika's apartment, she and her sister get into an argument about her beloved 'Sam.' As she's about to burst out the door, Bauer and Walker knock down the door, "FBI-GET YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR HEAD!" Bauer asks them if they know Dubaku, which they deny, until he pops a picture of him on his phone. Marika still denies it. "Why are you lying to me!?!?!?" Bauer yells. "He's everything to me..." He tells her that he's a terrorist threat to the U.S., she and her sister are stunned.

President Taylor walks into her husbands room, who needs five hours (aka five episodes!) of surgery. The prognosis isn't looking too good for Henry Taylor. "Mr. Buchanan, I need you to do something for me." She asks him to find her estranged daughter, and he complies.

Marika is stunned that she is dating the "Butcher of Sangala." She gets a phone call from Dubaku, and starts freaking out, but picks it up. "You sound strange," says Dubaku. "You ready to go?" A car has been scheduled to pick her up outside of her place. Bauer says that Marika's got to go with Dubaku so that they can follow them. Marika complies. "It's the right thing to do." She's totally gonna screw 'em over. The sisters have one final hug while Bauer gives Marika's SSID # to Chloe so they can track her. Janis' is apprehensive...

The suacy, business minded Olivia Taylor is approached mid meeting by secret service. She's none to pleased, but she's informed that her dad has been shot and is the hospital awaiting surgery.

Janis blackmails Sean with knowledge of his little trist with the blonde acros the office, for higher security clearance. "You're a little bitch, know that?" Sean says.

Marika heads downstairs to get in her pickup car. "You FBI, you keep her safe, ya hear?" Walker nods cautiously. (Marika's totally going down!!) Marika gets in the car, drives away. Bauer and Walker follow the car with Chloe's help. Janis walks into the server room and hacks into the mainframe, seeing the crew follow the car, and when a man walks in the room, Janis pulls the thingy getting her access, and the transponder goes down for a second. They know that someone logged in without permission.

Suddenly the Metro PD is chasing Bauer and Walker, and they corner them, order them to get out of the car, and arrest them. Bauer demands Moss get rid of this order, but it turns out it came from FBI. WTF?! Then Sean gets a phone call, from that weasel travel agent with Dubaku. He's the mole! He tells the guy that he ordered the arrest for Walker and Bauer, and that FBI was following them. The travel agent in turn calls up Dubaku and tells him that Marika was helping the FBI get to him. The stunned "butcher of Sangala" tells him in a cold, quiet voice, "I'll take care of it."