Larry Moss demands a broader search for Bauer and Almeida during a speech to his whole department at FBI techno-thief headquarters. He's also starting to lose it over the possibiliy of Walker's death.

Buchanan and Chloe arrive at Walker's temporary grave to unbury her. She's not breathing. "Get the adrenaline!" They pierce her heart with it, and she wakes up.

Bauer asks Emerson how he got Almeida out of CTU. He explains this story about how Mr. Anderson intentionally missed his artery as he was injecting him with poision, and that Emerson's role was cultivate Almeida into a vengeful machine to use against Bauer. Almeida starts crying? Talking about brothers (he and Emerson) taking care of eachother? Lame.

They get to the drop off point at an airport hangar where Emerson disarms Bauer and holds a gun up to his head. Almeida caps the other guy, and after an intense "take the shot!" sort of thing, Tony shoots Emerson dead.

Buchanan tells Walker that she has to remain 'dead,' so they can figure the whole thing out and get to the bottom of the corruption in D.C. Bauer asks a confused Matobo for his help, and Dubaku tells his assistant to basically tie up loose ends with Emerson's team, and that he thinks the President will only act when American blood has shed. Dubaku sets his sights on D.C.

Ethan keeps trying to tell Taylor to withdraw forces. He just doesn't stop! Little weasel. Something's going down with him later in the season, thats for damn sure. 

Bauer tells Matobo that he has to be taken custody by Dubaku in order to get him. Out of regards for he and his wife's safety, he absconds. Then his wife gives him a quick pep talk, and they agree to do it. Tony seems disturbed by Emerson's death, but he hides it from Bauer, who you know you can't hide anything from.

As Dubaku orders a plane to do his willing, he calls the White House. President Taylor takes the call. She assures Dubaku that they have taken his demands very seriously, but he denies it. "Look outside the southwest window" Dubaku orders. Two planes collide into eachother, exploding. "Do what I say, or 10,000 more americans will die."  Finally, something huge happens!

With her cabinent in a meeting room, her team insists that Dubaku will fly planes into nuclear plants and shit. But Taylor still sticks to her guns and decides to ride out the storm. One her cabinent members, in an outrage, leave the office because of Taylor's decision. She explains to her cabinent that the office of President is meant for the good of the world, yaddah yaddah yaddah. She pumps 'em with a passionate speech about America's resonsibility. "We're in for some tough times ahead, lets make sure we're ready."

Buchanan and Chloe arrive at the bunker with Walker. Bauer asks Walker if she's ok. "What do you think Jack, you shot me and buried me alive." Hilarious! Anyways, Chloe affixes a transmitter to Matobo's teeth, and Walker refuses to believe that most of D.C. is corrupt. She asks him if he really believes his 4 person team  can really get to the bottom of it. "There's no question, we have to."

Tim and Ethan meet up to decide how to get Pres. Taylor to rethink her agenda. They allude to using Henry Taylor. Cut to Sam's apt. Samantha walks up and into the room where a paralyzed Henry Taylor is standing. Nick is waiting. "Oh Mr. Taylor, what are you doing here...Mr Taylor...are you alright?" Then SPLSSHHHH Nick stabs her in the back. She falls to the ground, Nick looks at Henry, then stabs her dead a bunch more times. Gnarly!

Ethan calls Nick and tells him to get Henry out of there. Nick looks a little anxious, he lies and says Henry was inside meeting with Mrs Morton alone. Then he hangs up, and plants the knife in Henry's hand, who shows a little movement as Nick walks away. He looks pissed.

Back at the hangar, a car from Dubaku drives in. (A spiffy Escalade). The dude walks out and only Almeida awaits. Tony explains that he killed everyone else so he could take all the money. "Diamonds?" he asks. "Matobo?" the guy retorts. They take the couple out of the van, and then try to cap Almeida. But Bauer's way ahead of them, shooting the guy who was trying to blast Tony. A strange interraction occurs where the bad guys realize Almeida isn't messing around. They leave with the couple. "Get everyone to move out..." Bauer tells Chloe after Matobo and his wife leave in the van.

Meanwhile, Nick affixes a noose at Sam's apt. But Taylor has gotten his strength back, and starts strangling his captor. They struggle a little bit, and then cascade over a banister and onto the floor below. Nick apparently didn't take the fall too well, and dies. Taylor's stunned as shit to what happened.

Inside Dubaku's headquarters, the slimy Frenchmen sounding African pronounces the President as being not only stubborn, but insane. He tells asks his computer guy what's up. Turns out they are pinpointing a small town in Ohio that looks to have a nuclear reactor. "Casualties will be high, sir, around 18,000." Dubaku coldly proclaims, "begin."