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Agent Walker is pissed that she got played Bauer, and promises Larry Moss that she’ll find him and bring him in. Tanner, the sniper, is about to wake, and will be interrogated for more answers. President Taylor gets on the phone with Larry Moss, and she’s not happy that they let Bauer and Almeida out. But theres still a decision to be made about whether or not to pull out of Sangala.

Bill leas Tony and Bauer into the CTU batcave. There’s some explaining to do. Tony was injected by Emerson with a compound that kills you, but makes you able to recusitate. He was employed Emerson because of grievance aginst the U.S. gov’t. And now he has to be put back undercover to investigate the ‘pervasive’ corruption thats exists. The team is back together, and Bauer insists they are his only trusted friends. Tony calls up Emerson, and they agree to meet up with him and Bauer.

Back to the white house. Henry convinces his unwilling Secret Service agent to secretl drive him to the meeting with Samantha.

Sean gets a phone call from his wife who’s on the airplane. She’s worried as hell and it makes Sean even more on edge.

Tony and Bauer arrive at David Emerson’s place. They take Bauer downstairs while Emerson has a one to one with Tony. He can’t have Bauer alive, he’s too much of a risk, so he hands Tony a gun and tells him to kill Bauer. But Bauer’s way ahead of the curve, he knocks out one of the henchmen and uses the other as a body shield. Emerson and Tony come down and aim their guns. Bauer tells him he’s got nowhere else to go. "Shoot be if you don’t believe me," he says. The henchmen, released, urges Emerson to shoot, and he does, except he caps the henchmen, and gives Bauer a gun.

Sean calls the FAA and uses Larry Moss’ name to ground his wife’s plane, which the FAA agent on the phone agrees to do.

President Taylor is still trying to to decide what to do. She doesn’t want another Bay of Pigs style incident, but she’s getting closer to pulling out her troops to save America from a massive terrorist threat.

"No hard feelings Jack," Emerson says to Bauer. They have a quick one on one establishing loyalties, and then Emerson gets a fax ordering them to deliver a package (in the form of Sangala Prime Minister Matobo) to certain death.

Henry and Sam meet up. She reveals, to the risk of her own life, that Roger was killed because he knew of someone in President Taylor’s senior staff that was investing heavily in dictator Juma.

Walker and Janis Gold visit a barely alive Tanner who refuses to give any answers. Walker wants Janis to stall Tanner’s legal team while she tries to pull some Bauer-esque tactics on him. "Tell me what you know."–"I’m not going to tell you a damn thing…" Then Walker jams a gun into Tanner’s throat. No dice. THEN she kinks his air tube. (Srsly, you know Bauer and Walker are going to hook up later). She walks ou knowing what Bauer and his crew are going to do.

But it’s too late. Bauer, Emerson and Almeida arrive guns ablazin’. While Matobo goes into a panic room, Almeida and Bauer need to try and figure out a way to smoke ‘em out before the FBI arrives.



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