The 3rd hour begins with Ike Dubaku sending a personal threat to the President Taylor. He threatens Madame President with thousands of innocent lives, while he wants the President to hold back on invading his country.

Meanwhile, an angry Larry Moss, Renee Walker and an aviator clad Bauer take Almeida into custody, and agree there's a traitor amongst them. "From now on, keep me in the loop!" a jealous Moss proclaims. Janeane G. awkwardly asks to lift up Almeida's shirt while she affixes nodes to his chest to prepare for the interrogation. A stone-faced Almeida looks ready for anything Bauer brings at him.

Back with Dubaku and Emerson in their high-tech hideout. Ike is getting antsy to stretch his terroist muscles against The Americans, for the invasion is still on.

Begrudgingly, Moss lets Bauer in to interrogate Almeida. "You want to explain to me how you're still alive?" he asks. "You're wasting your time Jack, Juma has the money to pay for the modulator, and he'll pay it." Then they start screaming at eachother and Bauer throws the table! "Where is the device?!?!? this is your last chance... Where is it!?!??!??" Tony post a Jack Bauer strangle hold.

He calls a phone number and reaches a man with a voice changer. He recites deep sky and the man removes the voice changer. It turns out to be Bill Buchanan, a former member of the CTU along with his old sectretary Chloe O'brien. They agree to meet up.

Henry and Ethan meet up in the White House. They talk about Henry's son suicide being the result of indictment for insider trading. Henry still finds his son's suicide hard to believe.

The President needs to pull back troops by 1:00 pm (in 2 episodes!). Now there's two impossible choices. Withdrawl and risk thousands of Sangalian lives, or press on and risk American blood.

Back to Bill and Chloe. Apparently Tony is not a terrorist The American gov't is corrupt with Juma proponents, and Tony is undercover trying to weed out the mole. Now they just have to get him out of FBI headquarters. 

Henry gets a phone call from Samantha. Turns out Roger didn't commit suicide after all, he was murdered. They agree to meet alone.

Tony's interrogation continues with Moss showing Almeida pictures of genocide in Sangala. He holds solid and warns of impending disaster on American soil.

Janis Gold goes in to a secret computer area to find that Sean Hillinger, her sketchty coworker, has been accessing secret files. But watch out! He's in there with her, and he explains that he accessed the databases b/c he's worried about his wife, who is up in the sky.

Renee comes in to see Bauer sign some papers and be removed from the assignment, she even wishes to put in a good word with the justice dept. But Bauer (who trusts her!) puts her in a sleeper hold, "Don't fight it," he growls, and he grabs her earpiece and gun and gets ready for Tony's extraction.

Bill's on his way to the FBI headquarters to pick up Bauer and Tony. Bauer disarms and pistol whips Moss, then teams up with an apologetic Almeida to escape FBI hdqrs. Chloe guides them, but her hack of the surveillance cameras get fixed by Janis and Sean, and the alarms start to ring.

The pair, with dozens of FBI agents hot on their case, make it out to a parking lot roof, where Tony jumps off onto a car, and Bauer hotwires a nearby car to fly off the roof and escape into Bill's blue van. "What the hell is going on?" Bauer cries. "You'll find out soon." Buchanan replies.